Games Essay Examples and Topics

Media Arts: “L.A. Noire” Videogame

When Nintendo first burst onto the scene with their Nintendo Wii motion gaming console, video gamers heralded the coming of a new age of game playing. One wherein the player is not merely tapping away on the control pad, but actually participating in the action sequences of the game. It was role playing taking to […]

The Problem of Online Gaming in Modern Society

Online gaming is the bane of parents worried about video addiction and adults fearful that their bosses will figure out why they are so unproductive so much of the time. The games that are designed to sell are specifically crafted with all the intellectual resources available, to make people stay with them. They often provide, […]

Online video and computer games

Video and computer games emerged around the same time as role playing games during the 1970s, and there has always been a certain overlap between video and computer games and larger fantasy and sci-fi communities (King and Borland 2003). Many early games were solitary endeavors, but the past decade has witnessed a massive explosion in […]