World News Essay Examples and Topics

Readers and Online News Websites

Abstract This paper will be a case study of The objective will be to use this site to explore some of the factors mentioned above. It will show that the success of online broadcasts relies on more than just the readers. The paper will also take into account the thoughts of the readers on […]

Impact of Free News on Print Media and Readers’ Preferences

Abstract This paper answers the questions about implication of free news on print media with an effort of considering readers’ preferences, which are also a cause for emergence of free newspapers. The Effect of electronic media and availability of online news on print media and to what extent that will be a cause for the […]

News Stories Analytics

Newspapers are a means through which information is conveyed to the reader. However, there are different facets that are involved while conveying messages to the reader. The Washington Post is an example of a newspaper which will be used in this context for analysis with regard to “Philadelphia Escalated its Conflict with an Anarchist Group”. […]

Content analysis: Why is it that many US citizens are not well informed about international events

Media coverage of local and international events plays a critical role in reproduction, dissemination, construction and expression of prevailing perspectives and dominant ideologies when carried out without bias. Unbalanced treatment in the provision of local and international news by different sources of media as well as the perception of media on domestic news has drawn […]

The biggest news; the 9/11 attack

Introduction The biggest news event in my life still remains to be the September 11, 2001 terrorist attack. The Al Qaeda network orchestrated the bombing of the world trade center and the pentagon. This, according to me, is the biggest news event to date. This event was reported as described in this essay. Analysis Exposing […]

Virginia tech shooting

Introduction The story is about one of the deadliest and fatal gun shooting ever witnessed in the United States of America. The shooting led to thirty three people losing their lives and approximately fifteen people being injured; it took place on the April of 2007 at the campus compound. The incident took place in a […]

Virginia Tech Shooting

Introduction Virginia tech shooting was an incident that occurred in the year 2007 in which a number of students were shot dead within the premises of the institution. This paper seeks to establish the fact that “the media coverage of the event was considerably commendable since they dissented to the scene immediately and exposed to […]

How the range and value of news have been influenced by technological advances in news production

Introduction Since the fourteenth century when Johann Gutenberg invented printing, the media has gone through several technological leaps. The media world is one of the industries that rely very heavily on technology. The last one hundred years has seen the greatest advancement in technological and massive changes, with regard to, the production of news and […]

What Makes a Successful Situation Comedy?

Introduction A situation comedy is a comic television series composed of episodes or scenes involving similar group of characters dealing with an issue, abnormal situation and many other scenes that may arise1. The short form of situation comedy is sitcom. This is usually accompanied by jokes as part of a conversation. A successful situation comedy […]

In What ways, and to what extend has changes in Telecommunications changed the workings of the media industries?

Introduction All the media sub-sectors in the industry have remained affected by the steady evolutionary changes in information communication technology (ICT) in the last two decades through numerous ways including efficiency in operations, creation of revenue opportunities, or negatively through the delineation of traditional skill, and functions (EFI LW C, 2003). The new faces emerging […]

Media Management Norms in the Industry

Alabarran, Chan-Olmsted and Wirth (2006, 275) believe that media management stands alone as a distinct field of management for two major reasons. The first reason is the unique position that media organizations as well as their output occupy in the cultural and political life of societies and nations where they operate in (Cook 1998, 122; […]

The History of Print Media and its Competition with the Internet

Abstract Generally, the world remains surrounded by paper publications. However, people currently give minimal attention to the roles of print media and their significance throughout the history. Consequently, the present status and the future potentials of print media are unclear due to the emergence of internet and other relevant technologies. Observably, there is need to […]

The decline of newspapers in the US

Newspaper circulation has continued to decline over the years. Perez-Pena (2008) reports that newspaper sales in summer and spring have been falling by about 5% every year. This has caused serious financial strain in some newspaper companies (Pew Project for Excellence in Journalism 2010). Kirchoff (2010) states that eight major newspaper companies were declared bankrupt […]

How feature writers convey people’s affection by topical or news events

Introduction Feature writing in journalism involves coming up with an article that focuses on a specific person, an aspect of a major event and unlike news, it is normally written in an individual style. In addition, many feature writers normally rely on facts in their stories and work hard to ensure that facts presented in […]

How Fake News Use Satire as a Medium to Address Issues on Racism

Racism is one of the social evils that have been fought in the American society for many years (Amarasingam, 2011). Journalists have come out with ways of presenting fake news, especially through comedy shows in order to bring to light some of the injustices that have not been reported adequately by the mainstream newsrooms (Goodnow, […]

“9/11 and New York City firefighters’ post hoc unit support and control climates: A context theory of the consequences of involvement in traumatic work-related events” by Bacharach and Bamberger

Introduction The research article under consideration for analysis is by Bacharach and Bamberger (2007) titled “9/11 and New York City firefighters’ post hoc unit support and control climates: A context theory of the consequences of involvement in traumatic work-related events.” The focus of this paper is on scales’ validity, measurements, anonymity, ambiguity and response sets. […]

Media Change Triggering Social and Cultural Change – Foundations, Thinkers, Ideas

Living in the XXI century means being ready to the most drastic changes within the social, economical of financial sphere within the shortest amounts of time. However, it is important to realize that the change in media also allows for more opportunities for economical, social and cultural development. A fresh look at the changes that […]

The Use of Twitter in Newsgathering

Introduction In this portfolio project, there is going to be a discussion on the use of Twitter in newsgathering. This topic or media text is going to be discussed in relation to some issues and these include the rules/laws and policies that regulate the production and distribution of this media text, the influence of technology […]

Why an interview is generally invalid and unreliable

Introduction As a selection tool, an interview has been found to be unreliable and invalid therefore most companies end up employing candidates under bias conditions. This article will consider the reasons behind the fruitless efforts of interviews in giving accurate and genuine results. However the key to improving the reliability and validity of interviews can […]

Nepean Barrhaven EMC

Introduction Nepean Barrhaven EMC released on May 31, 2012 is the issue of a Canadian newspaper chosen for analysis. It is a community newspaper serving Eastern Ontario. The issue provides the weekly news of the community and of the country, much attention is paid to health problems. Advertising takes special place in this newspaper as […]

McJournalism in the UAE

Introduction The media has emerged as one of the most powerful forces in modern day due to the huge influence it has over the society. It is able to affect people since the reports it provides inform individuals and help them to gain new perceptions on issues going on around them. A person’s opinion on […]

Objectivity is impossible in journalism, especially in the face of atrocity and on a subject one is passionate about

Introduction Reputable journalists around the world desire to disseminate news in an unprejudiced manner. They focus on furnishing the public with information about local or international occurrences through minimal personal interference. While the virtue, of reaching this goal is reasonable, the feasibility of attaining it is another matter altogether. Challenges of striving for objectivity It […]

Unlimited Access by Journalists

Introduction The purpose of this case study is to critically evaluate the statement of whether unlimited access by journalists to the battlefield is important to good war reporting. The media with particular focus on journalists have become important sources of information on the current happenings that are taking place in various parts of the world. […]

Journalism, the First Amendment and Egypt

Abstract This essay analyzes the article Journalists Attacked by Mobs, Detained in Cairo, which was filed by the Associated Press and ran in the February 3, 2011 edition of the New York Times in the Middle East section (Associated Press 2011). Associated Press staff reporters from around the globe contributed to the report; journalists from […]

Sociological Aspects of the Article

The article written by Jennifer Saba describes the marketing strategies of the New York Times. It is stated that in the near future this organization will charge for full online access to the articles (Saba, unpaged). This article can be related to several sociological aspects: in particular, we need to speak about the so-called digital […]

The Newspaper Industry

The media which is commonly referred to as the fourth estate is one of the most dynamic fields. This is especially in the wake of technological developments and the availability of internet in virtually every household. The main stream media which is television and newspapers is now finding it necessary to make several adjustments to […]

“Paint a face” on the Audiences of Outdoor Magazine and PC Photo Magazine

Writing for a specific magazine, the writer should take into consideration many important details that will make it possible to create the article interesting for the readers. In other words, the writer should direct his writing on a particular audience. For example, writing for a professional magazine, the writer will choose topics relevant to the […]

The Analysis of a Photo

The article written by Sydney Smith (Smith, 2013) is aimed at discussing the fake photographs posted by a Chinese news agency called Xinhua. This organization published a picture depicting a Chinese politician on the cover of Time Magazine. The main problem is that this person was never featured in this publication. This image is an […]

The Impact of the Internet on Journalism

Introduction “The biggest challenge facing news-media firms today is the changing means of distribution of news through the news media platforms of the Internet and telephony, which deliver news…at a greater pace in more accessible formats and when consumers demand them” Freer (2007 p. 101). Freer’s words reveal that indeed the internet has an impact […]

TV News Role in Citizens Life

The media have a vital role in promoting the awareness of citizens by relaying valuable information regarding various events at multiple levels including the community, country, and world at large. The television is a vital means of passing this information through TV news. This paper attempts to address the concern of the quality of news […]

The onion set to hit Toronto Newsstand this week

Summary of the Article The article is a story about the U.S free humorous newspaper, “The Onion”, deciding to expand into the Canadian market. The writer seeks to establish from Steve Hannah, the president and CEO of “The Onion” why they have chosen Toronto city in their first bid to expand beyond the U.S cities. […]

Rupert Murdoch: The Cost Of A Good Story

There was a time in the history of news reporting when factual information and accuracy in information dissemination were of the utmost importance not only to the reporter, but to the reader as well. But as technological advancements such as 24 hour cable news networks, internet newspapers, blogging, and papparazi / ambush news reporting slowly […]

Personal Narrative: My Navy Boot Camp Experience

My summer of 2005, from June to August, was unique indeed: it was my first navy boot camp experience, so, there are lots of memories and emotions I want to share. It could happen that my personal experience can help another person to make one of the most significant decisions in his/her life and enjoy […]

Agenda-Setting Theory in Public Policy

Nowadays it is possible to find a few people who do not think that mass media affect, to some extent, public opinion. Admittedly, people find out about numerous events and phenomena from mass media. This assumption can be regarded as a basis for the agenda-setting theory. The theory’s major point is that mass media decide […]