Media and Society Essay Examples and Topics

What Was the CNN Effect?

Media has the ability to shape the public opinion meaning it influences the views, perspectives, and the reasoning of individuals in society. In many parts of the world, it has been utilized effectively to control the behavior of individuals in the sense that it determines what they consume in the market, the type of leaders […]

Media Convergence Effects on Journalism in Egypt

Introduction The media played an important role during the Arab Spring, and this showed the world the need to use various communication tools to influence people (Khalil 11). This part will present a general picture of the Egyptian Revolution and explain to the audience how the events of this period were disastrous yet unexpected. The […]

Aljazeera Satellite Media Channel in Saudi Arabia

The closure of BBC’s Arabic T.V station paved the way for the birth of Aljazeera Satellite Channel, which became operational in November 1996. BBC’s Arabic station ceased its operations in Saudi Arabia due to unfavorable political economy. The Saudi Arabia government was keen on suppressing information on the numerous cases of human rights abuse including […]

The United Kingdom Media Trends

Introduction The United Kingdom (UK) also referred to as Britain is made up of Northern Ireland and Great Britain; these landmasses are mainly bordered by large water masses, namely North Sea, English Channel, and the Atlantic Ocean. The only land border that borders the UK is the Republic of Ireland. In terms of its geographical […]

Mass Media Types

In contemporary society, people live under high pressure of different types of mass media. Men are surrounded by streams of data, and it is possible to become lost. It should be mentioned that the digital revolution also influenced the development of means of advertising. It is possible to say that advertisers now use different digital […]

Media Representation of Black Woman

Introduction African-Americans in the US have often suffered from negative stereotypes, as portrayed by different media outlets. Gedeon (4) says that common adjectives used by the media to describe African-American women include “gold-diggers,” “baby mamas,” uneducated, angry, mean, and unhealthy. These adjectives reinforce the views of a study conducted by Meyers (143), which sampled a […]

Challenges Facing Women in Sports Media

The suspension of Baltimore Ravens Running back Ray Rice for domestic violence involving his then-fiancé in July sparked a flurry of activity in various media platforms (Laird, 2014, par. 1). The bulk of the action took place and was covered by sports media. During this period, however, an unprecedented attack on female media presenters who […]

Media Industries Aggregation

Introduction It would appear as though the increase in conglomerates within the media industry is a natural result of market pressures. Some would argue that the economic benefits which accrue from such patterns are beneficial to stakeholders. However, a sociological analysis of the same phenomenon reveals the dominance of conglomerates places too much power in […]

The YouTube Media Channels Phenomenon

Introduction The YouTube channel has been in existence since early 2005 and has over the years been gaining prominence as more online users get to use it on their day-to-day activities (Elliott para 1). Owned by the leading global internet search engine Google, the YouTube website provides a platform for individual users to upload video […]

Mapping Digital Media in the UAE

Media firms in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) apply a range of business models, including subscription model, advertising model, and venture capital-fast growth-exit model. The subscription model is whereby users register for online services at a particular fee. It deals with premium content such as market surveys and business intelligence, which is inaccessible through all […]

Media’s Role in the Book “Mediated” by Thomas de Zengotita

Mediated is a factual book written by Thomas de Zengotita. The author holds a PhD in anthropology. Mediated was published in the year 2005. The book focuses on the impacts the press has had in the developed world (Zengotita, 2005). Other than presenting handy answers to tackle the infringement of too much media in our […]

Mass Media Effects and Evaluation

Purpose of Report The creation of new media has spawned quite a discussion both among average people and those who are somehow related to the new media content creation or processing. The arguments on whether new media does more harm than it changes people’s lives for the better will, probably, never cease to exist. One […]

The Oprah TV Show

Television talk shows began airing in the 1950s. One of the most influential and successful talk shows is the Oprah Winfrey Show that aired between the years 1986 and 2011 (Timberg & Erler, 2002). It is rated as the most influential show in the history of American television because of its wide viewership and great […]

How Body Image Affects Teens in Media?

Introduction In this modern era, most teens are exposed to a variety of media outlets. Different researches indicate that mass media such as movies, TV, the internet, and magazines pervade the daily lives of individuals, especially that of the teens across the world. Tiggemann and Slater (2013) argue that one of the effects of this […]

Media Influence on People

Introduction It is an unarguable fact that the media makes a significant impact on our life. The companies use it to promote their brands through advertising. The images of the perfect body, which they try to maintain in our minds, are aimed at creating the demand for their products. The aim of this paper is […]

Television Desensitizing of Modern Children

The norms and values of a person are shaped by various agents of socialization, such as parents and educators. Nevertheless, mass media also play an important role because they can set behavioral examples that can be followed by an individual. Moreover, their messages can be seen by millions of viewers, including children. Much attention should […]

Multi-channel Environment and Alternative Programming

There are three powerful forces that are shaping the cable TV industry. First, there is a powerful force coming from the owners and executives of cable TV networks. Second, there is an equally powerful force coming from the customers. Finally, technology is another important factor that is shaping the cable TV industry. An overview of […]

Digital Media Impacts on Television

Introduction In the past ten years, there has been an increase in the number of people who consume digital media content across the world. More people find it easy to interact and access different news, business, and entertainment content through various digital media platforms. Digital media can be defined as media platforms which are based […]

Newspaper Report and TV Report: Comparison and Contrast

A Pakistani girl known as Malala Yousafzai was shot by the Taliban in October. The extremist group opposed Malala’s activism in female education. Authorities flew her to Birmingham for treatment, where dignitaries from different parts of the world visited her. The subject of coverage in The Express Tribune newspaper was the British Foreign Minister’s (William […]

Jay Leno and Gabriel Iglesias: Comparison and Contrast

Two of the best comedians on global television at present are Jay Leno and Gabriel Iglesias; both have their TV shows that play during the much coveted primetime networking hosting spot as well as possess thousands of fans from around the world. Despite their roughly equal status as well recognized entertainers, when compared the best […]

Social Media and Democracy

Social media is a method of communication that uses the Internet or mobile phones to interact with people. It has reformed the mode of broadcasting messages to people all over the world. This social communication mode has been used by many countries and has enabled citizens to communicate and exercise their democratic rights. Facebook, Twitter, […]

Mixed Media Messages on the Body

Eating disorderliness has in the past been such a crisis in the public health sector. Vulnerability to the media (Internet, television, movies, newspapers, and magazines) is related to obesity and unfit body images which usually lead one to disordered eating habits. The media is one facility that is so essential in our day to day […]

Television Shows and Obscene Language

The media influences people’s consciousness significantly. People are inclined to react to the visual and audio television messages more actively than to the information presented with the help of the other media. That is why all the information discussed in television shows should be assessed with references to certain principles of censorship. Nevertheless, these principles […]

Societies’ Concern about Sensationalism, Media Ethics, and Practices

Abstract In the contemporary world, people handle things differently because of their desire to earn massive profits. The media executives aspire to generate huge profits, and therefore, they have taken a different approach in handling the junior journalists. Journalists, who ought to exercise an authoritative role in giving reliable information, are acting under the influence […]

China’s Media Regulations and Its Political Right to Enforce: Conflict with Foreign Correspondents

Abstract In China, foreign journalists are never given sufficient freedom to cover issues related to the state and government. Foreign journalists have always demanded for freedom but the government of China has been reluctant to grant them the right to freedom of the press. In China, the government has the right to enforce laws barring […]

Effective use of oral history in the media

Introduction Educating members of a community using oral history calls for presenting the narrative in a manner that facilitates insight since oral history is sensitive enough to be interpreted differently by the audience. Despite the fact that technology has influenced the modern journalists to focusing on the technological aspect of the media, the journalists should […]

The Media in Australia Today is Able to Make a Useful Contribution to the Reproduction of a Vital Public Sphere

Introduction The role of the media in societies has been analysed throughout decades. It has been acknowledged that the media has rather significant power over communities and societies. The development of technology has increased this influence considerably. Thus, researchers tend to focus on the merging of conventional (newspapers, radio, television) and new media (the Internet) […]

Media Complaints Cases

Introduction The public have a right to complain where thy feel that the press has intruded into their privacy. The cases are heard and decisions are passed. In this paper I will discuss three cases where the complainants felt that their privacy had been intruded by the media. The court had to judge on the […]

Is media an accelerator or inhibitor of development?

The media plays a major role in accelerating economic development by meeting and solving the problems of the citizens. The media promotes development via the free flow of data, increasing the government accountability and transparency, improving the implementation of public strategies and increasing the political consciousness of citizens (Pal et al, 2011). In addition, the […]

The mass media and war

Introduction The media play a key role in today’s wars and conflicts. It can either take one of two basic roles in a war and conflict situation. The media can decide to become actively involved in the war which can be of help when finding a resolution to the conflict or it can lead to […]

Media and the War in Iraq

Session A: Cultural studies The cultural studies approach to the effects of media and media related aspects suggests that there can be three main hypothesis and explanations. The first of such hypothesis uses capitalism as the basis of segregation of the society into subgroups and alienated groupings. These groupings are based on social economic ethical […]

Analysis of media coverage of president Obama’s activities

Introduction The topic of Obama’s media coverage has sparked numerous debates in several media houses in America. Many of these arguments have taken a comparative study between the previous regimes, for instance the Bush and Clinton reign. A comprehensive research has been carried out and divided into three categories. First was to establish if the […]

The Mass Media and War: Introduction to Human Society

Introduction The media plays a key role in today’s wars and conflicts. It can either take one of two basic roles in a war or conflict situation. The media can decide to become actively involved in a war – which can be of help especially when finding a resolution to the conflict, or it can […]

The Ethical Issues Brought about by the Astronomical Growth of the Media Sector

Ever since the end of the Second World War, the role of the media in society has increasingly become pervasive, leading various thinkers to question how far that influence goes. Whether in rich or poor societies, democracies or dictatorships, the media has become a very powerful tool for diverse interest groups pushing partisan agendas. With […]

Is the Media Really Causing a Bad Influence on Society?

Introduction Manohar (par 1) asserts that media is an inseparable constitute of the life of many teenagers. The forms of mass media that are an inherent part of teenagers’ routine life are many; including music player, mobile phone, computer, and television. The author further argues that owing to the current effects of media, the society […]

Media Industry News Analysis: Gasland May Take the Oscar

The role of media is crucial for human lives nowadays. Much time, efforts, and knowledge have been already spent to improve this industry, and it is hard to stop contributing such spheres like movies, literature, television, and music. The investigations of Deuze and Steward show that a variety of the existed media channels abilities influence […]

Media Industries Essential Economic Forces

The media industry is a very influential economic force in the modern society. Thus, very paramount to understand how they function in order to appreciate on how they influence and transform people. Media industry has several functions such as source of entertainment, informative and for passing news. Apart from those functions, the contemporary media has […]

Media, technology and global citizenship

There is definitely no doubt that current developments in information and communication technologies can bring about social change. This involves change in the way information is dispersed across populations. In my own opinion, I find the social change associated with current developments in information and communication technologies to be positive. Lack on information or inadequate […]

Misinterpreted role of the media

An Editorial Essay The most powerful tool that an individual can have to ensure quick solution of a problem is information. All our daily undertakings that contribute to the overall social, political, and economic development at local, national, and international levels depend on how well we are informed of the emerging issues (Stadler, Para. 2). […]

Media Ethics: Towards Employing Utilitarianism and Kantian Theory in Examining Practical Ethical Issues

In this era of global interactivity and extreme media scrutiny, real-life situations and instances of behaviour that raise ethical issues and moral dilemmas continue to reverberate across all civilizations in the world. The role of the media in disseminating information to people is legion, but arising ethical issues persist to put this important institution in […]

Censorship vs. Self-censorship in the News Media

Introduction Background of the study The mass media influences the social world in many ways through its outlets such as films, news, movies, internet sites, books, and newspaper articles. The media is perceived to represent the social world because it forms the basis of the values and beliefs held by many people as the social […]

Media and Our “Selves”: Discussing McLuhan’s View on Media

Though the definition of media does not arouse heated debates, its role remains an object of active discussion. We can find different approaches to formulating what media means in our life. “The media play a very important role in our lives. Media help fulfill two basic needs – they inform and they entertain”, says Helen […]

Effects of Violence Media on Aggression

Introduction Craig and Bushman (2002) conducted a study that confirmed studies performed previously regarding the effects of media on aggression and the behavior of children. Studies conducted from 1975 onwards suggest that violent media generates both long and short-term effects that tend to affect the socialization of individuals. Recent investigators observe that aggression increases tremendously […]

Converged Media

Digitization of information combined with increasing growth of electronic networks has created new opportunities in the media industry (Adams, 2013). Converged media is now a fundamental facet of life for a majority of citizens. With technological improvements in electronic devices and operations such as televisions, computers, tablets, mobile phones, and the internet, the audience has been […]

The Smurfette Principle in the Modern Media: Feminism Is over?

Coined by Katha Pollitt in the distant 1991, the term “Smurfette Principle” described the phenomenon of female characters existing in media for the sole purpose of being the male counterparts and having no identity other than that: “The message is clear. Boys are the norm, girls the variation; boys are central, girls peripheral; boys are […]

Understanding Media and Communication

Introduction Films are lengthy plays recorded on electronic devices, which focus on telling factual, mythical, tradition, scientific and fictional stories. A film results from the creative skills of the producer who writes the script that the actors follow while acting. Most films attempt to replicate real situations, which have transpired in the past. Conversely, music […]

Cons of the Media

Introduction The media also known as the fourth state plays an instrumental role in keeping the public informed of what is happening locally, regionally and even beyond the borders as well as keeping the other three estates of the government namely the judiciary, the executive and the legislature in check. Indeed, there is not another […]

Americanization of Global Media

Summary The boom in the global media in the recent years owes much of its success to the integration it has made possible on the cultural levels. The paper tries to gauge the extent to which media has become global with special references to the web based media and then takes up the Americanization that […]

News Media and Journalists Ethical Code

News writing is a stressful activity because a journalist must always be balanced, fair, honest, and transparent. The coverage of political events is even taxing because they generate a lot of criticism from the public and political leaders. In this case, a journalist should observe ethical codes of conduct to ensure that the news attract […]

The Mass Media is Harmful to Society

The effects of the mass media with the help of technology are negative in the society. The negative effects of the mass media range from erosion of societal ethics, impersonation, and terrorism activities among others. The numerous negative impacts of the mass media far outdo their benefits to society. The mass media, through various modes […]

Effect of Media on Owning a Home

Most people dream of owning a home before they retire. Therefore, they commit a significant amount of their resources to achieve this goal (McMichael, 2004). This desire results in a constant demand for houses in all classes of the society. In some cases, companies provide their employees with mortgage facilities while most banks provide loans […]

How our Culture is affected by the Media

The mass media has got a great influence on the cultural patterns of the society depending on the way respond to the influence. The role of men and women in the society has been greatly defined by the media and in the process affecting both intercultural and international communication. Many people across the world have […]

Media Control and Censorship of TV

Media control and censorship of programs shown on TV has been a common practice in the recent days. Media control simply means censorship of the information and ideas that are spread to the public through media outlets. Some of the ways through which media control is exercised include barring the display of obscene images and […]

The Impact of Media Bias

Introduction Media bias is a contravention of professional standards by members of the fourth estate presenting in the form of favoritism of one section of society when it comes to the selection and reporting of events and stories as well as the extent of coverage (Beach 1). According to the code of conduct of the […]

Values Portrayed in Popular Media

Introduction Background of the study There is no doubt that the means of communication and information flow have changed over the years. For instance, in the past, one could expect church sermons, political oratory, and the life-time knowledge of community elders to be the major sources of information in many cultural set-ups. However, as time […]

Envisioning the media ten years from now

Introduction Media has been in the forefront as far as communication is concerned for many years. Early inventors printed the first page ever more than five centuries ago. Since then, technological innovations have greatly improved printed and electronic media. Through the media, informing news, entertainment, education and even advertisement information gets to circulate in various […]

Mass Media Impact on Society

Mass media is the medium of communication intended for a large audience (Smith); it is a form of communication which involves broadcasting messages through use of the modern technology such as television, cable television, radio and print media among many other forms (Sauza). Additionally, today, the internet also falls under this category of the mass […]

The Effects of Media Violence on People

Despite the fact that there is some evidence that, lengthy exposure to violent media increases aggressive behavior in people, this exposure alone cannot cause people to become violent and aggressive for there is no established connection between violent entertainment and violent behavior. On the contrary, there is substantial evidence that violent, belligerent, and emotionally delinquent […]

“Mind over Mass Media” Steven Pinker Article in New York Times

Introduction Whether or not technological progress is a positive phenomenon is a controversial question. Much has been written and said about the effects of media and technologies on human performance. Steven Pinker’s article in the New York Times is a reasonable response to public concerns about technology, progress, and media evolution. According to Pinker, technologies […]

ESPN Sports Media

ESPN is the name of a United States media service that engages in covering sports news. ESPN online is one of the largest and most visited websites in the United States, and is headed by George Bodenheimer as the current president. The ESPN Sports became dedicated to sports in the late 70s. The ESPN sports […]

The impact of media on society

Introduction Media is one of the world’s power and force that can not be undermined. Media has a remarkable control in almost every aspect of our lives; in politics, social and cultural or economic welfares. Perhaps the best analysis of the impact that media has played in the society is through first acknowledging its role […]

Role of Media in Society

Introduction In today’s society, the flow of information among the citizenry plays an important role towards the development of an informed society. To this effect, the media has been instrumental in ensuring that the population gets current news and information on different issues affecting various societies. Arguably, without the media, the world would consist of […]

Media and celebrity

Introduction There are various people all over the world who have become popular due their utterances, beliefs or even political ambitions. The various activities undertaken by the various individuals in performing their day to day life activities are the major source of their celebrity. This is not usually the case as some people usually engage […]