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Media and Society Essay Examples and Topics

Media Release Objectives

The issue concerning the search for new means of promoting charity among the members of the modern society will also address the incorporation of the latest technology in the charity related processes as the means [...]

Fear from Media Reporting of Crimes

The biggest question is whether it is the fact that there are criminals all around us, or it is in the head. The role of the media is quite profound in this.

“Fake News” as a Public Policy Issue

This suggests that the news is not particularly news; they reflect and confirm the model of the world, where only deviations from it are significant, stopping the attention of readers.

Eating Disorders in Traditional and Social Media

One can argue that traditional media, through the depiction of ED stories, started the discussion about mental health, introducing concepts of anorexia, bulimia, and other conditions, often described in a negative light due to the [...]

Broadcast Culture Development: Participatory Culture

This paper defines the participatory culture and compares it with broadcast culture, indicates some factors that allowed for the spread of the participatory culture, and identifies some aspects of its impact on the society.

Violence in Media and Accepted Norm in Society

At the same time, these concerned groups represent the stratum that has the most power in influencing the spreading of media violence and mitigating its effects. The government can ensure that that rules and regulations [...]

Flawed Representation of Women in Media

In particular, modern movies and TV shows are often reviewed in regard to the way they portray women; at the same time, Hollywood is frequently criticized for the creation and maintenance of rather harsh conditions [...]

Consuming Media: Technology and Preference

In both old and new ways of consuming media content, the process is both technology-driven and consumer-driven, while the differences are found in the technology that altered the speed of accessing information and the ability [...]

Media and Its Delivery Methods

However, no alternative to this form of media existed before the invention of the Internet, which highlights the differences in the inter-generational use of media.

Journalists Role on the Public

Using the case of the United Arab Emirates, this discussion explains why journalists have a unique role in shaping the public's values and attitudes.

News Media’s Effects

That said, the social responsibility of the news media is based on the internal code of ethics of journalists and recognizing the fact that they are responsible for every story they make up and publish [...]

Media Ethics in the United Arab Emirates

The authors and editors must be moral in keeping the balance of morality and ethics. The ethical theory of virtue can be applied to both the content of books and media in the UAE.

Mdewakanton Sioux Indians in Media Representation

Ethnocentrism can divide the world into two camps, which are perceived as different by viewers; these camps consist of friends and enemies and lead to favoritism with regard to one of the groups and suspicion [...]

Polish Mass Media and Governmental Control

At the present day, mass media is perceived as not only the mean of communication with the help of which the transferring of information is realized, but also as the tool that aims to defend [...]

Global Communication and Media: China and Hollywood

The modern understanding of media and communication policies is directly linked to the phenomenon of the Internet that increases the amount, and the quality of misunderstandings and disputes about the way communication and media should [...]

Media as an Agenda-Setting Tool

The efficacy of the type of media used depends on a variety of factors that should all be analyzed to ensure that the most applicable choices are made.

Media in the Middle East

The extent to which the Islamic Republic of Iran exercises "unrivalled" media coverage is manifested by the creation of a monopoly by the IRIB.

Mass Shooting and Media Reporting Relationship

In the 21st century, one of the best ways to reduce the incidence of a mass shooting is to persuade mass media organizations from sensationalizing news coverage of this type of criminal activity.

American Indians in Mass Media Representation

In the mass media, the image of the Native Americans is primarily defined from the Western point of view and according to their ideologies and perspectives on the historical events and culture. And it may [...]

Media Study and Its Benefits for Students

The first argument in favor of studying media lies in the fact that the media itself is a multi-faceted notion that comprises an array of disciplines, such as video and audio production, advertising and marketing, [...]

Global Media Impact on Maronite Culture

In the article The Global, the Local and the Hybrid Marwan Kraidy discusses the impact of the global media on the cultural complexity of the Maronites, the Christian community in the Middle East.

Internet and Social Media in Egyptian Uprisings

Among the countries that have awakened to the augmentation of the Arab uprising in Egypt, which has proven politically influential towards spreading the conventional wisdom and mythologizing of the Arab Unity.

Media Studies: User-Generated Visibility by Singer

This focus presupposes a new dimension in media studies and research in which editorial decisions that lead to the incorporation of an item into the final product are accompanied by an increment or decrement of [...]

Social Media and Public Opinion

The issue under analysis is the influence of social media on public opinion and how it can be used by governments or different political powers to shape the beliefs of people and obtain the needed [...]

A “Stop Torture” Campaign

It should be noted that torture can be partly tolerated even by the governments of advanced countries that are deemed to be democratic.

Global Media Ethics Influence

The representatives of various media are supposed to follow certain ethical norms that affect the way in which they describe or discuss various individuals, social groups, and the trends that influence the life of the [...]

Disabled People and Their Portrayal in Media

However, when providing the images of the specified denizens of the population in the traditional setting with the intent to draw attention to a particular person, one faces the threat of underrating their abilities.

Culture Diversity in the Media

Similarly, to enhance the struggle of a daughter and a mother trying to come to terms with their lives, the film's director controlled systematically the pace and the tone of the film.

Media Construction and Augmentation of Reality

As an element of mass media, film transcends the simplistic definition of entertainment; the role film plays in the collective unconscious of a society remains decidedly more convoluted and multifaceted.

The World of Childhood and Media Influence

Through the analysis of the youth issues contemplated as multifaceted problems under the performance grouping, this paper addresses the issue of beauty products as portrayed by the media and the effects on the youth's or [...]

Post-Feminism in the Wonder Bra Commercial

The era of post-feminism is believed to start in the 1990s and it differs considerably from the times of feminism. In conclusion, it is possible to note that the advertisement of the Wonder Bra is [...]

Principles of Sociology: Consuming Kids

The paper will examine how marketers use culture and the socialisation process to influence the youths. The easiest way to achieve this goal is by intertwining real life tales of marketing to the lifestyle of [...]

Media Representation: Newsom’s & Gauntlett’s Views

Therefore, while both Newsom's argument concerning the biased representation of women in media and Gauntlett's concept of media being interpreted by people from the stance of their own convictions and morals, are flawed at their [...]

Public Relations and Cultural Intermediation

The significance of PR studies as such is both theoretical and practical; as for the narrow topic of the study, the primary importance of recognising PR as a cultural mediator, in the view of Edwards, [...]

Mass Society and Popular Culture Theories

Both the popular culture and the mass society are theories that are used to explain perspectives in media. For some scholars mass society is a menace since it can destabilize the differences established amid the [...]

The Media Industry in UAE

In a bid to improve the efficiency of the media industry and ensure that it abides by the law, UAE's government drafted a strategic electronic framework, which was to be used between the years 2011 [...]

Cultural Diversity in Media

Considered that posters have the capability to influence and shape peoples' perceptions, the portrayal of women as sexual commodities will affect the manner in which the society perceives and treats them.

Press and Politics Relations in America

An example of a study on the relationship between media and politics in the US is the research by Andrea Hickerson on "Media Use and Transnational Political and Civic Participation: A Case Study of Mexicans [...]

Media Role in Global Understanding and Cooperation

The increased global understanding and cooperation courtesy of media can be viewed from different perspectives as discussed in this paper. However, regardless of the view taken, media have increased global understanding and cooperation.

Communication and Media in the UAE 50 Years Ago

After several decades of working in the field of media and communications, he is able to evaluate the changes that occurred to media with the advent of the new technology and define the positive and [...]

Role of Media in the Modern Society

Despite the fact that the general meaning of this concept means whether the depictions of something is accurate, Stuart Hall argued that the concept of representation plays an active role that is related to the [...]

Transculturation Role in Media Translation

Also, it is necessary to mention that one of the reasons transculturation needs to be applied to media translation is that this approach has proven to be extremely successful and was met positively by a [...]

The Issue of Privacy in the Digital Media

From this point, consumption of the digital media is the complex process which includes the issues of copyright and privacy because people should be responsible for sharing the personal and copyrighted information, and web sites [...]

Digital Media in the Modern Society

With the advent of the digital era, it has finally become obvious how small the world really is and how easy it is to reach out to the people in the remotest corners of the [...]

Distrust in Media: Causes and Consequences

The media does not guarantee the provision of verified news resulting in a fall of public trust in media and a decline of confidence for institutions. The decision of whether to trust in media or [...]

Mass Media in American Culture: Influences and Interactions

The deviations in the day-to-day existence of people, connected to the propagation of mass media procedures and united with the communications alterations and advancements, underline the compound relations amid societies' lives and the mass media.

Newspaper Readership Decline Factors

Basing on the apparent trends of newspaper readership, the media systems predict that the future of newspapers seems untenable because of the increasing decline in newspaper readership.

Media Analysis: Jacob’s Cross

In the Jacob's Cross episode that was watched the following scenes that apply to the social justice theme were observed: This episode begins in the morning by Jacob calling his attorney and some other close [...]

Television Effects on Society

Nevertheless, the impact of television on children is the most dangerous because children have no abilities to assess the information presented in TV programs and shows critically.

Wikileaks Reports and Their Influence

Interviewing is a research methodology where the researcher reaches the target population through either by phone or in person to get the research information.

BBC and Fox News Reports Comparison

In the article, Craig Shirley termed the rankings as senseless and this shows the subjectivity of Fox news and that it's out to give information as it is on the ground and not sugarcoating the [...]

Pop Culture and Print Media

The mass media has greatly influenced the way of life in the modern world. Americans tend to identify themselves with the idols found in the magazines and other print media and aim at achieving a [...]

Social Media at Cape Breton University

In addition, the platform has reduced the cost of acquiring information about products that most businesses deal in given the comparably low cost of accessing the internet to making physical visits, as well as the [...]

Woman Image in the Arab Media

The entity that bears the responsibility of choosing the information that gets to the public and the information that does not is, therefore, the gatekeeper.

Social Media Marketing Attitude Survey

These research questions helped me to decide the scope of the survey and questions to be included in the questionnaire. Firstly, I had to develop an understanding of the ethical issues related to the informed [...]

Television Show “What’s My Line?”

The show was a hit in the US and was aired in the CBS Television. In the resent years, in the year 2013, the show was ranked in the 7th position among the sixty greatest [...]

What Was the CNN Effect?

In many parts of the world, it has been utilized effectively to control the behavior of individuals in the sense that it determines what they consume in the market, the type of leaders elected, and [...]

Aljazeera Satellite Media Channel in Saudi Arabia

Aljazeera's neutrality in broadcasting global events is a demonstration of the desire to incorporate the diversity of people and regions in disseminating information. For example, the broadcast of exclusive interviews and footages from Aljazeera in [...]

The United Kingdom Media Trends

The BBC is the public broadcaster in the UK providing radio and television services to the country and beyond. The report looks at the media trends in the UK by touching on various media platforms, [...]

Mass Media Types

Advertising now gives a lot of information to people and it is obvious that they expect it to correspond with high ethnic standards.

Media Representation of Black Woman

People who support the above views also support the negative portrayal of African-American women in the media because they believe such representations are true.

Challenges Facing Women in Sports Media

According to Laird when talking to Deitsch, the last 12 months have shown a growth in the intensity of negative moments towards women anchors with Deitsch seeing the problem getting worse. The only role men [...]

Media Industries Aggregation

However, a sociological analysis of the same phenomenon reveals the dominance of conglomerates places too much power in the hands of a few individuals.

Mapping Digital Media in the UAE

While there are some obstacles to the expansion of the online VOD market, in the Arab area, 69% of trade specialist respondents think there is a potential for offering free content while also charging for [...]

Mass Media Effects and Evaluation

Because of the process of subject matter shrinking, which can be observed within the realm of most of the XXI-century media, the audience, which these programs are targeted at, also seems to have split into [...]

The Oprah TV Show

One of the most influential and successful talk shows is the Oprah Winfrey Show that aired between the years 1986 and 2011.

How Body Image Affects Teens in Media?

Tiggemann and Slater argue that one of the effects of this media saturation is the continuous transmission of beauty ideals and images. Therefore, the images that they are exposed to in the media affect the [...]

Media Influence on People

The aim of this paper is to review the academic articles on the problem of the media influence on the body image.