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BBC and Fox News Reports Comparison Essay

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Updated: Apr 21st, 2020

There are various networks that deliver news to us. Some of these networks are our local channels which report on the local events while others are international channels that transcend local boundaries. All in all, international channels should make their news in the view that they are being receipted by the whole world.

While many of us might not have noticed any differences between news networks other than the differences in their location, these differences do exist as well as similarities and therefore forming the basis of our comparison between BBC news reporting versus Fox news reporting of President’s Obama as our case of study.

The British broadcasting corporation is arguably the biggest broadcasting corporation in the entire world and delivers news that is new and has substance. Besides its broadcasting services, the corporation provides other services for instance, a website for news in addition to an archive.

BBC has been largely upheld for covering news with a holistic approach and without any bias to the news covered. This can be perhaps attributed to the fact that BBC is neither a private nor governmental corporation. It exists to serve the interests of those who have subscribed to get television in their houses (BBC News, 2009).

On the other hand, Fox news reporting is a private news channel that is often being accused of being liberal and influenced by politics. Presenters who reports for Fox news incorporates a subjective view in the news which many people do not term as professional for the news seem to be so opinionated rather than cover the events as they happen (Noah, n. d.).

When journalist report on certain matters, they ought to be detached from what they are reporting so that the audience can get the real story but that is not case with Fox news where journalists voice their opinions. Fox news is dominant in the United States of American and is often associated with the Republican Party of America.

All international broadcastings have been closely followed president Obama’s performance since his election as president. The subject on the incumbent president of America will form the basis of our comparison and contrast essay on BBC news versus Fox news reporting.

To begin with, in a report that ranked American presidents, Fox news discredited President Barrack Obama as being better than president Ronald Regan saying that there was no way Obama could have been better than president Ronald Regan for Obama has only been in office for only a year (Craig, 2007).

In the article, Craig Shirley termed the rankings as senseless and this shows the subjectivity of Fox news and that it’s out to give information as it is on the ground and not sugarcoating the information. Such views are freely aired in Fox news and this is perhaps why it is seen as very liberal news network.

It is not surprising to note that presidential aspirants of the United States of America have pulled out of debates that have been scheduled by Fox news because Fox news is accused of only rumor mongering (Peter, 2009). Not long after Obama was sworn into power than he attacked Fox news saying that the news network was out to destroy and attack his administration.

Mr. Obama based his conclusion on the fact that Fox news rarely reported anything good that he has done and this shows that Fox news is greatly influenced by politics which further places emphasis on speculations that Fox news reporting is greatly influenced by the republicans for they attack democrats’ presidents who have been in power including former president Bush (Peter, 2009).

Some people often express outright disgust with one of Fox commentator by the name of Hannity who even after Obama was sworn into power refused to acknowledge him as president. This shows the position of Fox news as an international station. How would an international station that is supposed to be viewed worldwide allow such reporters to make claims disputing the president of a country (Noah, n. d.)?

Even though Hannity may not have acknowledged President Barrack Obama as president, he should at least have been impartial for the benefits of those people who support of president Barrack Obama and who watch Fox news. Why would a reporter utter racist comment against the president and still be allowed to host a show in one of the international news reporting channel? Not to say that I oppose other people opinions but a little bit of professionalism is required by reporters and this does not apply Fox news reporters only.

Comparing Fox news reporting to BBC news reporting, one cannot fail to notice the clear differences that exist between the two. Yes BBC news network does not have its roots in America like Fox news network, but nonetheless an international broadcast with the same status as Fox news reporting.

One of the major differences is that BBC reporters are not supposed to be much attached to the news they are reporting and therefore their subjective opinions are not welcome when reporting. When watching BBC news, it is upon the reader to make out his or her own opinion of the news. This is a great contrast to the news reporting in Fox news.

BBC news reporters always put weight on the major story rather than giving a summary of the story and their opinions (Connolly, n. d.). The news reporting is very professional with no bias on the story reported. For instance, in the same story of president Barrack ratings since he was inaugurated, BBC reporter who reported on the event did not whine of how president Obama could rate higher than former president Regan.

While reading the report, it not hard to know that the facts of how president Obama was rated in comparison to other former president have been well researched (BBC News, 2009). Not a single headline of how the president can or cannot be rated but instead even graphs were used to show the trends of how former presidents had been rated. This shows professionalism and in-depth coverage of news for reporting for BBC reporters.

Fox news seems to be dominating news regarding President Obama like a cartel since it operates in America and BBC in Europe (Stelter, 2009). But that’s not all there is to news reporting as BBC seems to have more quality news than Fox news. BBC reporters carefully researches information before it is aired. In addition, BBC news credits its sources which identify its information as from genuine sources and not mere speculations and conclusions of the reporters (BBC News, 2009).

News reporting in BBC is very certified with minimal interruptions. On the other hand, in Fox news there are interruptions in form of advertising and through the ways reporters over emphasizing on some words. While use of voice variation is one of the ways through which one can show the weight placed on a particular point, overdoing it all the same dissuades viewers from paying attention (BBC News, 2009).

Both BBC and Fox news reports to the international arena and both of these stations reports news in a timely manner with precision put on the headlines that they use to capture the attention of the viewer.

While everyone is entitled to his or her own opinion, there are others who feel that BBC is unbiased while reporting while others feel that Fox news is biased. We also cannot discredit those who feel that Fox news reporting on the real issues and therefore represents their interests while BBC does not represent their interests.

The various ways through which news is reported differently largely depends on the reporters, how the news is to be read out, where to place emphasis among others. Therefore, the answer to which corporation is better than the other in news reports is a subjective answer.


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