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Social Media Issues Essay Examples and Topics

Social Networking Threats for Children

Inappropriate Content: The Internet offers easy access to all type of content, including pornography, horrific images, inducement to indulge in criminal acts etc, which may not be appropriate to children as they are not endowed [...]

Youth’s Aggression and Social Media

The problem is in the fact that posts and messages in social media that have followed shootings include images, slogans, and texts provoking violence and aggressive behaviors in young people, and more attention should be [...]

Students’ Virtual Lives in Social Media

With the rise of social media and the appearance of modern gadgets such as laptops, computers, and smartphones, many young men and women are far more attached to the World Wide Web than they would [...]

Social Media Communication and Friendship

According to Maria Konnikova, social media have altered the authenticity of relationships: the world where virtual interactions are predominant is likely to change the next generation in terms of the ability to develop full social [...]

Social Media in Second Language Learning

In addition to that, the users can have a chance to use creative learning strategies that attract them because of the possibility not just to study in formal settings but also in informal ones.

Ethical Issues Associated with Social Media

Because of the nature of information and transactions that take place in social media, hackers and other criminals have identified it as a suitable avenue to perpetuate their crimes.

Social Media Campaign: WATERisLIFE

The NGO uses powerful campaigns in order to improve the living conditions of many people in the world. The purpose of this campaign is to inform more people about the "real challenges" affecting many people [...]

Social Media Hazards for Youth

It is necessary to add that increasing the popularity of social media is not the only hazardous trend, as some young people think that dreaming and exercising imagination is useless and should be diminished since [...]

Youth Cultures and Moral Panic

The movement emerged in the United States and spread to different corners of the world. These practices led to the establishment of a new culture in different parts of the world.

Moral Panic Concept

The major argument is that the new media is responsible for blowing the issue of terrorism out of proportion to the extent of making governments to violate the civil liberties of Muslims in the United [...]

Romania’s Social Media and Technologies

The list of the most demanded mass media nowadays includes the internet as one of the strongest competitors. Regardless of the rapid growth of the popularity of the internet in Romania, the demand on television [...]

The Effects of Social Media on Society

The social networks broke into the everyday life of the majority of common people in the middle of 00s, first giving neglectful and suspicious attitude, as a tracking instrument of the government.

Corporate Leaders and Social Media Tools

They need to know in order to benefit from the power of social media when it comes to enhancing communication capabilities, and the ability to accumulate data through user-generated information. In the present time, social [...]

Facebook and Infidelity Behaviors

Because of the increase in the use of social networking sites, it would be helpful to comprehend how Facebook unfaithfulness is comparable or dissimilar to other infidelity conducts.

The Role of Social Media

The approach will also encourage more companies to embrace the use of social media. The above discussion explains why companies should use social media to improve their HR practices and business performances.

Media and Intimacy

However, these means can never create intimacy which can only be achieved in the real life as it is not enough for people to share ideas.

Media Ethics

Overall, this case raises several ethical questions that are related to the education of children as well as the role of media in the modern society.

Social Media Crises

The visibility of these profiles differs from social site to the other and also depending on the preferences of the user.

Impacts of Globalization on Social Media

It will look at the advantages and disadvantages of globalization and the response of social media to the global phenomena. This paper sets out to expound on the many positive and negative impacts of the [...]

Naked Photo Revolutionary

She posed naked and posted the photo on a social networking site in order to attract attention to her fight against the sexual harassment of Muslim women.

Novice Meets Expert

Moreover, the manager pointed out that the social networks used in this company help the current and the former employees of the company to remain connected.

Scandal in Burson-Marstelle Firm

B-M understood the competition between the two and saw an opportunity to make money without giving due diligence to its integrity and the damage it would have on its image in case the issue leaked.

Faux Friendship

The modern-day relationships have dissolved the meaning of the word friendship; as aromatic lovers refer to each other as friends, parents want their children to think of them as friends, teachers, clergymen and bosses have [...]

How the Internet Affects Politics and Elections?

The speedy expansion of the internet has stimulated claims that huge revolutions in the formation of political power in Egypt and other countries in the Middle east are in the process: the populist assert that [...]

Hopes and Fears in Regard to the “Network Society”

On the other hand, the importance of mass media and communication means has led to prevailing role of computers and other instant messaging devices over personal communication, and the resulting depersonalization of human relations.

Social Sites Are Becoming Too Much of a Good Thing

It is necessary to note that the author's argument is plausible and well-grounded as Lee uses all three means of persuasion, i.e.ethos, pathos, logos. On balance, it is possible to note that the article in [...]

The “Cosby Show” Effect on Media and Society

The "Cosby Show" and the character of Cliff Huxtable had a significant effect on media and society. It was illustrated how the family supported the implementation of a persom into the world, the views of [...]

Twitter and the hardships of life

The use of social networks has added to the hardships of life, as people endanger their personalities and reputations by their postings to the public.

Social Media – It’s Real Value

This is to expose the real value of social media as it is used today in our social lives as well as in the workplace, so as to be able to fully exploit it.

Effect of Social Media Sites on Our Lives

Social networking sites aim to promote the establishment and maintenance of networks of friends over the Internet and allow individuals to easily connect with one or all members of their social networks, regardless of time [...]

Facebook Addiction in the Modern Society

As a result of these occurrences, it has been proposed that Facebook is addictive since people appear to be hooked to the site and cannot keep away from it even considering the negative consequences.