Social Media Issues Essay Examples and Topics

Social Media Platforms Effects on Social identity

Social media platforms over the internet have potentially profound effects on the creation of social identity of modern generation. Identity refers to a socially constructed attribute of self-concept as it is represented to the outside world. The formation or construction of identity is a unique practice in everybody’s life, since it is one of the […]

The Role of Social Media

Introduction Social media is becoming a major force in the world of business. Human beings have created social networks to exchange ideas, views, concepts, and information (Bradley & McDonald 2013). Social media increases the level of interaction among individuals in many societies. Social media platforms ensure communities, organisations, and individuals create and share user-generated ideas […]

Censorship of Social Networking Sites in Developing Countries

Introduction Social networks have become powerful tools in the lives of many people in third world countries. Social media sites are where people go to acquire knowledge and ideas from other individuals. People use them as platforms through which they communicate with their relatives and friends. Social media sites are relatively cheap means of communication […]

People’s Responsibility in the Social Media World and its effects on the Reputation

Abstract Social media has developed to become one of the largest and popular platforms in the cyber world. However, this rapid growth has brought many challenges on the use of the social media platforms. This is because social media portrays users and their characters over the internet. This allows for sharing of many aspects of […]

Media and Intimacy

The fast pace of the contemporary world Many people now admit that it is really difficult to form and maintain relationships in the contemporary world as the pace of the contemporary life is too rapid. Some claim that the development of technology can help people to start and maintain relationships. For instance, many people rely […]

Social Media: Negative and Positive Impacts

It is evident that social media has negative and positive impacts on the lives of many people. MySpace, Facebook, Twitter and other social media networks have brought changes to the communication industry. This can be attributed to advanced technology and innovation. Equally, many people are conducting research with an aim of contributing to social media. […]

Social Media as a Way to Capture the Present-Day Reality

Introduction: When Social Media Offers More than One Can Consume In the modern world, when social media has become an integral part of people’s lives, it seems practically impossible to imagine the humankind without the blogosphere, the existing social networks which can be considered another place for people to discuss and evaluate current events. However, […]

The effect of Social Media on today’s youth

Abstract Social media has become a part of the daily patterns of most individuals, forming a link between their online and offline experiences. This has made it the most common tool for communication and interaction among both individuals and businesses. Social media has been used in various ways in the Arab region. For instance, social […]

Media Ethics

The author of the case study discusses a popular television series Beavis and Butthead. In particular, the writer examines the possible influence of this behavior of children and adolescents. For instance, one can mention that this show has affected the language of many Americans because it gave rise many new words that can be viewed […]

Social Media Crises

Introduction Social medial crises are on the rise in the recent past. The crises have impacted negatively on corporate public relation activities which call for a focus on how best the company can protect itself from the consequences (Owyang, 2011). A case to note as an example involves Nestle Company which recently was confronted by […]

Impacts of Globalization on Social Media

Introduction Globalization is the metamorphosis of the world from a vast unexplored space to a fairly big village where everyone seems to be connected. It refers to the integration and connection of the world in many areas, including technology, information, culture, business (Jan 2009, p. 66; Stevenson 1999, p. 40). It is the delocalization of […]

Social media effect on the purchase decision of the young generation in Saudi Arabia

Introduction Social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn have gained a lot of popularity in recent years among the young generation. Due to this popularity, social media has had a lot of influence on major decisions made by the young generation. An increasingly higher number of individuals are now relying on social media […]

Naked Photo Revolutionary

Introduction Social networking sites are online sites through which people build social relations. These sites allow people to share interests, activities, photos, ideas and events within the network. Through these sites, people can interact via e-mail and instant messaging. Some of the most popular social networking sites include Facebook, MySpace and Twitter, among others. A […]

Media and Technologies as Agents of Socialization

In the modern world, cloud computing has reshaped the usage of the web, as well as the storage of data in most companies. Cloud computing is a specialized technology that runs sites such as Facebook and Twitter. Furthermore, the new technology helps in the manipulation of files obtained from Google docs and Gmail. In the […]

Novice Meets Expert

Introduction Business organizations across the world are using the social networking tools such as Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter among others to boost employee relationships, achieve credibility, set up an opportunity for having communication between the organization and its customers and also to promote sales. Moreover, it is reported that “company recruiters are going to sites […]

Scandal in Burson-Marstelle Firm

Introduction Burson-Marsteller is a public relations firm. This is a giant American company that won the best public relations company award. The firm is an experienced and respected organization that has won many other accolades and received major contracts. The issue about the public relations company Burson-Marsteller (B-M) turned out to scandalous because it brought […]

The Way Social Web Has Changed the Business World

Introduction The eighteenth and nineteenth centuries were the era of newspapers. The twentieth century was the era of television. Apparently, the twenty-first century is the era of the Internet (Weber, 2009). Several decades ago people thought that the Internet is one of those useless inventions which would be soon forgotten. However, the Internet has penetrated […]

Social Media Issues Relating To Race and Religion

Social Media Communication is one of the most important aspects of human being. Emerging technologies have completely redefined the way human beings communicate with each other. The internet has come out strongly as one of the most sophisticated tools of communication. The social media is the most recent of the forms of communication. When Facebook […]

Impacts of Social Media on Lives

Introduction In the history of development, the world has seen different ages that were marked by a characteristic life activity or an invention that marked what was to become the main centre of interest. Each of these ages saw their current inventions as the climax and for any country to be a great resource of […]

Woman intimacy and friendship with the appearance of social media

Social media has provided a platform for women to communicate about intimacy in a way that was never possible before. Across all races and gender, social media has promoted cohesion by driving spontaneous affection, intimacy and informality (Zacharias and Arthurs 214). A majority of studies reveal more women than men use social sites. It has […]

Explore how individuals adopt new media technologies and incorporate them into their everyday life

Abstract Nowadays, people are increasing the relevance of the information they are exposed to through integrating almost all media practices to their daily routines, be it at work or social life. This research paper analyses how people are rapidly adopting new media technologies in their everyday lives. The aim of the research is to carefully […]

Faux Friendship

Recent advances in technology have enabled expedited and exponential growth of social networking sites. These social sites have grown both in terms of number and popularity, reaching out to people from all walks of life. The fact that social networking sites have been able to rekindle old friendships as well as create new acquaintances has […]

How the Internet Affects Politics and Elections?

Introduction Globalization has brought about dramatic increase in the speed of major economic, technological, and social shifts around the world. The interconnectedness of societies around the world has important consequences, especially for the speed with which change takes place in economic and cultural spheres. The globalization of trade and modern communications systems means that, for […]

Hopes and Fears in Regard to the “Network Society”

The processes of globalization largely influence and define the ways modern society develops and changes. The overwhelming tendencies to industrialization, computerization, and consumerism that were launched by society decades ago, boomerang against those who once spawned them. Observing the new trends in the ways people live, operate, and communicate, sociologists have arrived to a new […]

Social Sites Are Becoming Too Much of a Good Thing

Introduction The article under discussion dwells upon popularity of social networking. The author claims that social networking is decreasing as people are losing their interest in online communities. Lee uses a term for the decreased popularity. She notes that many people are experiencing “social networking fatigue” (Lee 152). It is necessary to note that the […]

The “Cosby Show” Effect on Media and Society

Media is important to society as it is one of the main information sources. It has many influences, and the roles people play, have a significant effect on the way society views media. Many shows and individuals have left their mark on society and media adjusts to these influences by creating new shows. The “Cosby […]

Twitter and the hardships of life

The development of technology has drastically changed the world. As people are unable to calculate the rates of progress, it is impossible to determine what changes will be brought about with an even greater increase in technological advancements. The use of social networks has added to the hardships of life, as people endanger their personalities […]

Personal information in social media platforms

In a modern day world, technology has undeniably become an indispensable tool in the day-to-day operations of the human beings. However, this digital age has come along with its perils that confront millions of people around the globe. One of the threats is privacy. The internet seems to record everything and forget nothing thus posing […]

Social Media – It’s Real Value

With the advent of social media in the last decade, as well as its fast growth, there has been great interest on its real value by those who wish to exploit it to further their personal, as well as public ventures. In this case, many authors have come up with varied compilations of the advantages, […]

Effect of Social Media Sites on Our Lives

Introduction Social networking sites aim to promote the establishment and maintenance of networks of friends over the Internet and allow individuals to easily connect with one or all members of their social networks, regardless of time or geographic location. According to Kotecki (2011, p. 279), social networking sites are essentially online communities that allow users […]

A Pool of Opportunities or the Scourge of the XXI Century?

There is no secret that social networking has become an integral part of the present-day reality. Personal conversations are no longer as popular as they used to be in the recent past, and live communication has been substituted by its virtual equivalent. It goes without saying that there are a number of advantages in communicating […]

Facebook Addiction in the Modern Society

Introduction Over the course of the last 10 years, social networking sites (SNSs) have gained enormous popularity throughout the world. Of all the SNSs available, Facebook stands out as the most popular one boasting of millions of users from all over the world. People are increasingly making use of Facebook to keep in touch. This […]

Social Media and Interpersonal Relationships

The social media has become popular with the number of the social networks increasing drastically. The developers of the social networks like Face book, MySpace, and Twitter, among others, have been competing so as to offer excellent features. This can be categorised in terms of privacy, interaction, socialization as well as entertainment. Through the use […]