Media Influences Essay Examples and Topics

Media for Social Change

The responsibility of the media to act as an avenue for social change has been ignored for several years when various TV shows have presented various programs to serve capitalism. In this way, information is conveyed to the audience without engaging the audience in the production of those shows and hence these shows normally serve […]

Mass Media and Activist Groups

Introduction The mass media is a powerful component for social movements. Getting good media coverage strongly affects the way different social events are identified in the public eye. The comprehensive media coverage also makes messages stronger. The media devotes attention to, for example, a social movement because they think the event will make interesting news. […]

Ethics in Reporting Political Issues and Elections

Summary The first decade of democracy in South Africa saw drastic changes in the media in relation to the normative frameworks, the ownership of the media companies, and a broadening audience. These changes propagated more friction between the government and the media because of content coverage, and the need for the politicians in power to […]

Media and Politics: Strong Media Effects

Introduction The use of media has been on the rise over the last couple of years. Technology has been one of the main factors that have led to increased media usage (O’Shaughnessy and Stadler, 2002). The term media generally refers to the modern means of communication. Media systems could be radios, TVs, magazines, the internet, […]

Mass Media Role in Distorting the Image of Islam

The relationship that Muslims and the general society share has been affected over the past years. This worsened especially after 2001. The manner in which the media has been covering domestic matters as well as international occurrences which involve the Muslims is thought to be the main issue in the continuance of the negative view […]

Political and economic implications of the trend toward concentration of media power among a few largely western conglomerates

Introduction The invention of the telegraph put in place a subtle way of ensuring that news travelled and spread to far places. On a different dimension, the same invention laid consolidated foundations under which the western media conglomerates would be anchored among them the tribune, New York herald while not negating the sun. Since the […]

World Media Culture

Introduction Media is a reliable source of information given the fact that it always endeavors to remain impartial and transparent. Any media source that tends to be influenced politically is most likely to lose trust of the public. As opposed to a hundred years back where media information only reached a few individuals especially in […]

The extent to which media images of families reflect the diversity of families in relation to issues of culture gender, size and composition

Media shapes the early childhood learning environment to the extent that it highlights ethical issues, gender roles and cultural concerns. Popular media, in particular radio, television, newspapers and popular magazines play proactive roles in constructing the perceptions of how families need to look like. The “ideal image” of a family has immense impacts on “real” […]

Framing Effects of Television News Coverage of Social Protest

Summary The current article provides a discussion of the impact of framing of the television news coverage on a social protest. Specifically, the study was focused on an anarchist protest. The study reveals that the impact of the police and protesters’ perception, as documented by Mclead (1995), may also entail support for the expressive rights […]

Negative cultural standards promoted by mass media

Modern Western civilization is characterized by an unprecedented technological development and almost unlimited opportunities for sharing information almost in the twinkling of an eye. Fax, telephone, internet, satellite connection, — the list of information-sharing options is almost endless and features devices that significantly facilitate the task of transmitting information. The volume of information people are […]

Media & Society: agenda setting

Introduction The media has a major responsibility as far as citizens of a nation are concerned. Nowadays, there are many forms of communication from which people can acquire information about what is going on in the world. Most people use the information that they get from the media to make decisions that affect their lifestyles […]

Media vs. the Real Life: Through a Window to the Parallel Reality and What You Saw There

Introduction: Media vs. the Real Life: Where the Line Is Drawn Advertisements and commercials are supposed to inform people on the newly invented facilities or recently produced goods, explaining the benefits of each and commenting on the possible outcomes of their usage. With the help of various media informers, people are supposed to obtain the […]

The Place of Media in the Public Sphere

The public sphere as a concept always has to take into account the freedom enjoyed by a people such that they can share their ideas or thoughts and learn or access other views (Gastil 2007, 18). This process necessarily also consists of or results in the formation of public opinion (Dahlgren 2005, 148). According to […]

Influence of media in the voting choices of the audience

Introduction The influence of media on the voting choices made by individuals is evident. The current globalization has impacted immensely on the mass media technology. This forms the basic foundation of social communication networks and application of social media on campaigns and elections in the political arenas. Media works as a spotlight in elections by […]

Effects of Media Reporting on History: The Senkaku Islands Dispute

Introduction In the contemporary world, the media has become an important tool not only in communication, but also in the development of human history. Historiography is currently a product of media influence. This implies that historiography is an ongoing process that incorporates both facts and viewpoints of the media. Since the media has become the […]

Role of the Media in informing the public

Introduction Media plays an important role in informing the public. The traditional role of the media was informative, entertainers and educators but this has significantly changed with the changes in technology, increased competition and increased deregulation. These changes have also changed the impact of the media on the sociological and cultural aspects of society. Taylor […]

Case Study in Mass Media Framing

Introduction The mass media has been instrumental in shaping and influencing the public’s perception of politics. It is what the media depicts that convinces people to react or vote in a certain way especially during elections. Let us take a look at the ongoing campaign trail and presidential debates in the USA and see the […]

Effects of Internet and World Wide Web on Globalization

Introduction The Internet and the World Wide Web have shaped the way people relate to each another and run their business globally. In the West, for instance, the establishment of new means of communication, the mass media, have transformed the way people conduct their affairs as well as business. In fact, businesses have also changed […]

Aggression and media influence

Introduction Media plays a major role in our society today. From character development to the risk of losing social values, many lives are significantly impacted by the media. Research on violent media content has revealed that media influence promotes aggression and violent behavior among victims who get exposed to such content. These conclusions are commonly […]

Mass Media Representation of Men and Women

The contemporary society is made up of different kinds of people shaped by the ideas represented in the media and the popular culture. Generally, the ideal man is portrayed according to the views of the media and in most cases; many individuals do everything possible to resemble the people represented in the media. Being a […]

The Role of Audience in Media Meaning Making

Introduction Mass media plays important role in the life of people. It forms human opinion, media entertains and informs, it creates the image of people and ruins it, advertising, promotion, and other specific purposes are important for the life of people. However, audience also plays important role in mass media. The exchange of influence is […]

The Media and Adolescent’s Development

Introduction Every individual has a set of values, which, can be personal or cultural. These values define the inward and outward being of such individual directly. Collective values and measures associated to an individual have a value system of self-concept and self-esteem. Self-concept, therefore, describe an individual through the attitudes, attributes, abilities and values categorized […]

The Role of Interactivity to the Success of Reality Television Shows

Introduction Over the years television programs were meant to inform, educate and entertain listeners. Most programs were mostly transmitted in a one direction way. However, this has changed as most television programs nowadays continuously seek to involve the listeners either to ask questions or to give their opinions and comments concerning the program. The aim […]

How did the media shape Americans’ perceptions of the Vietnam War?

Abstract American presence in Vietnam was due to perceived threat in spread of communism. However, it ended with a terrible defeat of both South Vietnam and America military. Many believe uncensored media contributed due to its influence on public opinion. This paper examines how the media worked in this period and gives a detailed account […]

The Impact of Audience Fragmentation on Public Service Broadcasting

Introduction Over the past few decades, media audiences have experienced fragmentation in many countries such as the United Kingdom, the United States, and Australia partly because of increase in media choices. Audience fragmentation and media polarization are common in today’s generation dominated by technology and the new media. Audience fragmentation is caused by media proliferation, […]

The Nature of the Distinct Contributions Made by Government, Media Owners, and Journalists to Canada’s Media Environment

Introduction The government, media owners and journalists play a very vital role in ensuring smooth running and existence of a specific environment in the media industry. Each of them plays specific roles that go hand in hand for the proper coordination of the industry. This paper will look into each stakeholder roles played by each […]

Freedom of the Press

Introduction In any society, the media is relied upon to provide information on the events that happen both locally and internationally. The media is trusted to provide unbiased information, but this is not always the case. In the essay, we will try and find out if the media is an enemy of law enforcement. The […]

Internet Monopoly of Knowledge

1. Introduction: The role of the new media in the contemporary society is very important, and the comprehensive touch of the Internet and mobile telephone connection on the human lives is seen in nearly every aspect of their lives (Bennett). There have been many historical preconditions that formed a favorable basis for the modern influence […]

The Impact of Communication Media on Economic Development

Economic development requires flow of information as part and parcel of the issues that should be advanced. People need to know what happens in other parts of the world so that they may be able to determine whether to invest in these areas or not. Similarly, media is very crucial in ensuring that the citizenry […]

Functions and Power of Mass Media: Views of Two German Authors

Nowadays, hardly will you find a person who does not realize the incredible power of mass media, its huge impact on us, on our lifestyles, actions, our physical looks and even personal features. This especially refers to those who tend not to think much and analyze information they receive from TV or newspapers. The power […]