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Online Giving Rationale for Blue Door Shelter Coursework

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Updated: Jun 3rd, 2022

Online giving is an efficient strategy to raise funds within a short period. Online channels are effective as they enable the organization to reach vast populations within hours and days. Social media play the essential role in this process. Millions of people in Canada, as well as worldwide, have the Internet access. The vast majority of the Internet users are subscribers of one or several social networks. People are eager to be a part of a digital community and contribute to the development of their local or any other community in the real world.

Primary Components of the Plan

This project will involve the use of such major tools as the newsletter, email, and social media. The newsletters will be sent to existing donors, which includes any donor that sent any amount of money and who agreed to receive emails from the organization. The newsletter will be inspirational and will include the information on the new project and amount of money needed. It will also include the references to the existing digital community (Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn) and an invitation to join in. The donors will be encouraged to participate in various discussions on such topics as homelessness, joblessness, family issues, coping strategies, personal issue and so on. People will be invited to share not only their money but their ideas, emotions and even parts of their lives.

Alongside with newsletters, emails will be sent to loyal donors. Each email will be personalized (as it will contain a couple of sentences referring to the relationship between the organization and the person). The letters will mainly thank for past participation, invite to donate some amount of money. More importantly, it will include an invitation to participate in the discussions that start as a part of the project.

Social media use will be the central tool used to fundraise. It is important to start a particular group within the social networks mentioned above. These groups will be the digital communities that focus on the project. Within these groups, subscribers will discuss issues mentioned above. The coordinator of the discussion will provide information on the project, the amount of money collected, the amount of money needed, the importance of a new shelter for people, people who have benefited from existing shelters and who will benefit from the new home.

The funds will be raised with the help of the static tool “Donate Now” button. The newsletter and email will have the reference to this tool. The coordinator will also encourage subscribers to donate through the button during online discussions. Those who donate will note the name of the project to make sure that their money goes directly to the project.

Resources Required

The project does not require significant resources as the campaign is digital. The major resource will be the time of the fundraising manager who will develop the newsletter, emails, create the groups and coordinate the online discussions.

The Ask

  • FROM: Fundraising Manager, Blue Door Shelters
  • TO:
  • DATE: March 16, 2016
  • SUBJECT: Building for a New Shelter, Home for New Homes and Accomplishments

We are addressing you to ask your help in a very important endeavor that has a huge impact on our community. We are Blue Door Shelters, a charity organization that provides shelter as well as assistance and help to those who may need it. We provide a shelter for the time necessary for individuals as well as families. We help people to land jobs, start their business, find an appropriate training course, or simply believe in themselves and get connected. Many people have periods when they are down and feel helpless. Some people are most vulnerable and cannot cope themselves. We are there for such people. We also invite you to be the one who helps other and contributes to the development of our community that is built on such values as empathy, cooperation, giving and empowering.

We have three shelters across York region that have helped to 225 families and 731 men. Unfortunately, there are more people that need such help in our region. We are eager to open our doors for them, and we are already half the way doing it. We want to provide a shelter for females who are very vulnerable. The shelter will be for those who escape from domestic violence, substance abuse, homelessness, joblessness, and hopelessness. We have already collected 80% of the necessary sum to buy a new house for people who need hope. However, we still need to make a final stride. You can help us in this endeavor.

You can donate any sum of money, and even a few dollars will make a huge difference as every dollar will bring us closer to our goal, giving shelter to the most vulnerable. Please use the Donate Now button to make your contribution to the development of a better community. Join our digital community to find out more.

We have gathered here to open the doors to those in need. This is a new shelter we have developed together. We all have had our share in this endeavor that will make our community even a better place to live.

Unfortunately, many people have to face various issues, and not all of us can handle them on our own. Females appear to be some of the most vulnerable members of our community as they may face issues associated with domestic violence, substance abuse, the lack of job or training, the lack of psychological and emotional support. Here these women will get the necessary help. This is where they will become empowered and will get the necessary background for further development.

As you can see, this is the building where women in need will be able to spend nights and days if necessary. They will also be able to communicate with each other as well as our staff who will provide assistance in finding jobs or training courses, starting a new business. These women will also get psychological help, which is very important as they often feel at a loss and helpless. Importantly, you may continue participating in the empowerment of these individuals seeking for the second chance.

We have shared many stories during our digital communication via Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Importantly, we have linked those in need with those eager to assist. Today, we all have the chance to meet in person and discuss our future steps as well as see the fruits of our labors. We are thanking you all for being a part of this project, and we will be looking forward to meeting you and hearing from you. Your donations have translated into something bigger than banknotes, and we are thankful for your readiness to make a difference.

Thank You Letter

  • FROM: Fundraising Manager, Blue Door Shelters
  • TO: Mary Smith, 123 John Street, Toronto, ON M5M 5M5
  • DATE: March 16, 2016
  • SUBJECT: Thanks for your contribution

Dear Mary,

You are one of the most active members of our community that is becoming even a better place to live in. You donated a significant amount of money, and your $100 made us much closer to opening new doors for those in need. We have finished the work on the project faster and now are pleased to invite you to attend the grand opening of the new house with opening doors for females.

The opening of the new facility will be held on May 15th, and we would be eager to see you there. This event will include face-to-face communication with the beneficiaries of the new shelter as well as existing facilities. Other donors will also be able to meet and discuss various things. You will be able to see the particular impact your input has made. You will see that you have already made a huge difference.

Your donation is a huge contribution to the development of our community. Hopefully, you will have an opportunity to participate in more projects. Your ideas, your skills, your time as well as any amount of money will be appreciated in the future. Of course, you are also invited to be an active member of our digital communities via such resources as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact me.

Yours sincerely,
Fundraising manager

Tel: 905-898-1015
Toll-Free: 1-888-554-5525
Fax: 905-898-6414

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