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Investigative News Issues Essay

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Investigative methods that are inherent in news articles, as a rule, are based on specific concepts and approaches used in modern journalism. To analyze the process of compiling such reports and the difficulties faced by the authors, the article by Meacham will be used. It is supposed that the features of searching and submitting the information are aimed at influencing the reader and drawing attention to a particular problem.

News Practices and Market Forces

The basis of the article by Meacham is the study of the personalities of American presidents, in particular, Trump and Roosevelt, to compare their political positions and achievements. The author claims that both these individuals can be considered as controversial candidates differing in ambiguous decisions and actions (Meacham). To achieve the greatest effect, Meacham resorts to a special news practice, namely to the leadership role mentioned by Dorman. A specific approach to the presentation of information forms the reader’s understanding of the author’s full competence, regardless of the content itself. Meacham fills his text with facts from the biography of the presidents, which helps him to make the allegations sound. Due to this method of writing, the public considers the journalist an experienced writer who knows how to use facts.

Challenges faced by Reporters

In the process of writing news articles based on the investigation of certain topics, authors may face some challenges. Meacham notes that the media are not always a reliable source of information, including television or radio. According to him, the authors of documentary programs do not regularly include essential facts, which makes the research process inadequate (Meacham). Similar ideas are supported by Feldstein who argues that the wall of secrecy makes life difficult for journalists. When searching for facts about two presidents, ambiguous topics do not always have a solid background because some necessary data are hidden from the public. It makes the work of journalists even more difficult and forces them to look for ways to find relevant information from any available sources. It, in its turn, forms a stereotype about the authors of articles as dishonest writers who ignore the norms of morality and ethics. These difficulties are constantly manifested, and the task of a competent journalist is to find the most successful approach to the search and evaluation of available information.

Proof of Good Adversarial Reporting

The article by Meacham is the model of good adversarial reporting because the author introduces all the possible ways of attracting the reader’s interest and uses not only his thoughts and ideas but also facts from history. According to Spratt et al., the ability to highlight key information from a variety of media resources is the quality of a professional journalist who intends to disclose the topic rather than attract the public attention (170). Meacham investigates specific features of the presidents’ activities interestingly and at the same time mentions significant facts from their biographies. Such work deserves encouragement and appreciation.


The peculiarities of searching and submitting data differ in various journalists and are aimed at attracting readers’ attention to certain issues. In the article under consideration, various useful techniques are used to make it evidence-based and strong. The process of the investigation depends on how effectively authors use available opportunities and resources to conduct a successful study.

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