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Successful Interview Skills Essay

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Updated: Mar 25th, 2021

Types of Interviews

There are different types of interviews that are used by employers to determine whether candidates are qualified for a particular job.

Screening Interviews

This kind of interview is conducted by employers to reduce the number of candidates they have to a smaller number which can be managed more easily. The purpose of the interview is to eliminate the candidates who are not fit for the position. It is usually conducted over the phone and the questions only focus on basic qualifications (Lussier, 2012).

Phone Interviews

This interview is basically used to question the candidates who live in other cities. Phone interviews are generally not scheduled for a particular day and time and the candidate can expect the call from the company HR manager during a week, for example, from… to… (as specified with the candidate (McDermott, 2006).

One-on-One Interviews

This is one of the most common types of interviews that entails the interviewer and interviewee sitting together and talking to each other. Dress, visual factors, non-verbal communication, appearance, and verbal communication skills of the interviewee are easily identified by the interviewer (McDermott, 2006).

Panel Interviews

This interview is carried out by several interviewers or a selected committee. Employers find this kind of interview quite effective since they are able to conduct several interviews at the same time. Interviewees must be well engaged with the interviewers in the panel (McDermott, 2006).

Serial interviews

This interview involves the candidate meeting several interviewers during the day. Several interviewers ask questions to the candidates one by one, and so on until the process is complete. This kind of interview is both mentally and physically tiring to the interviewee (McDermott, 2006).

Group Interviews

This interview involves one interviewer interviewing several candidates at the same time. The interviewer does not ask particular questions knowing that a leader will eventually emerge among the candidates (Trishna, 2009).

Stress Interviews

This type of interview is aimed at seeing the way in which a candidate will react to stress. The interviewer may make the candidate feel uncomfortable by asking him to wait for long hours (Trishna, 2009).

Lunch interviews

Interviewers conduct this kind of interview either at dinner or during lunch. The interviews are aimed at determining the social skills and manners of the interviewees as they interact with the interviewers (Trishna, 2009).

Skills Required For A Successful Job Interview

There are several skills and techniques that are required by candidates in order for them to have a successful job interview. These techniques and skills are stated below (Corfield, 2009).

  • The interviewee must learn the right way to dress for the interview.
  • The interviewee must learn the way to respond and acknowledge interview questions in a manner that sets him/her apart from the competition (Corfield, 2009).
  • Candidates must learn how to discuss their previous working history.
  • Candidates are required to study common interview questions and responses so that they may be able to brainstorm their own answers (Corfield, 2009).
  • Candidates are required to research relevant information about the employer so as to prepare themselves for both the position and the company (Corfield, 2009).
  • Candidates must utilize successful interview strategies and make sure that they avoid typical mistakes in the interview process.
  • Interviewees need to organize themselves well in advance for everything that will be required during the interview (Corfield, 2009).

How to be Successful in any Job Interview

The video emphasizes the importance of an interviewee gaining control of the panel or the interviewer during the interview process. This is achieved through the use of persuasion, certain principles and techniques such as ensuring that mannerism is maintained while responding to the interview questions. In addition, the video argues that an interviewee must control the movement of his/her hands while passing a message to the interviewer. Additionally, the interviewee must use certain words that will remain impended in the minds of the interviewer (Stagg, 2008).


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