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Wedding in Seattle: Event Feasibility Study Essay

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Updated: Dec 31st, 2021

A wedding is a colossal event that requires proper planning and pulling off. A plan constitutes the simplest management strategy for time, money, space, and organized protocols for running the wedding event to avoid confusion. It constitutes a budget, date, wedding party, location, officiator, theme, colors, wardrobes, invitations, Rings, foods, music, vows, and others which may include big events, programs pillows, cake toppers, and flower girls baskets. This helps to avoid misappropriation during the wedding. “One aspect that must not be ignored is the reason for the ceremony” (Leigh, 2008, p 156). The ceremony falling short of the anticipated expectation can be a very stressful situation because of the money spent, nervousness, and the impression created to the people involved. This is a mistake that can easily be avoided by constituting a simple but explicit plan for a well-organized, proper wedding ceremony and reception.

The wedding ceremony is to start with the Wedding Ushers arriving about forty minutes before the ceremony. They will greet and direct the visitors to the sitting positions. The bride and family sit on the left while the groom and the bride’s family are on the right side of the church. The groom and best man are to come second to arrive at about thirty to thirty-five minutes before the start of the ceremony. He pays the organist’s fee and any other church fee. He sits at the front of the church and on the right side with the groom. The organist for the event plays the introductory; prologue music that serves as the mood setter for the arriving guests and family. Sitting arrangements for friends and bride’s family who arrive are to get seated to the left side of the church while the groom’s family and friends are to get seated to the right side of the church. “The parents sit on the first line with the groom and bride while relatives sit from the second line” (Herberlein, 2008, p 94). The Bride has to arrive at the church accompanied by the Matron of honor and the Bridesmaid moments to the start of the ceremony and stands at the entrance of the church to await her parents to pick her up for a procession for hand over to the groom. They are supposed to be the last to arrive for the ceremony. The bride’s maids assist with the hair, veil, and train just before she enters the church. The Master of ceremony recognizes the bride’s presence and starts with the statement: “Here comes the bride——-“. Processional music: The processional music starts and the audience or the congregation salutes her presence by standing. The junior wedding attendants can consist of the flower girls and boys who are the ring bearer; they enter the church and walk down the passageway to the periphery of the church.

Adult wedding attendants will comprise the bridesmaids and groomsmen who will walk down the walkway, and arm in arm; coupled. They take up their positions at the front of the ceremony before the bride enters the church with her father held hand in hand. The bride and her father enter walking to the aisle on her father’s arm followed by the train bearers, a bride’s maid, and the matron of honor. The groom and best man then from their sitting position to the chancel steps of the church and observe the bride walk slowly in their direction on the aisle with her arm on the father’s right hand. The father hands over the daughter to the groom. They shake hands and leave for their sitting position. He takes his seat to the right hand of his wife. The ceremony commences with the usual introduction to the congregation and the marriage ceremony begins. This will be followed by marriage vows. The bride’s and groom’s ring exchange session. Declaration by the Minister of the ceremony confirming them as man and wife. This is followed by the signing of the wedding register in the presence of the witnesses. The entry copy is then given to the bride for her to keep a copy. This culminates at the reception which can be the same venue or a different venue that has been arranged.

The feasibility study of Seattle shows that Seattle is the preferred place for the wedding, because of the following strengths: Availability of wedding planner’s professionals and photographers. Good spacious reception sites, Limousines are available for hire, Caterers, Officiants, florists and event decorations, calligraphers, bridal Gowns, Jewelers, entertainment bands disc Jockeys, and tuxedos. A wedding can take place at the same venue and avoid costs of travel from place to place. Seattle has all sorts of containment for superb weddings from hotels, catering clubs, mansions, museums, gardens, and restaurants to even private premises in and around Seattle. However, Weaknesses for Seattle are that while the whole ambiance is a necessity for the publicity of a very well celebrated wedding. Cost is the major issue to consider, this calls for effective management of money while time on the other hand is also a priority because the venue is hired depending on the time or duration of the event. Opportunities for Seattle are numerous from professional wedding planners, photographers to caterers and calligraphers, and all this makes Seattle a wonderful place to host your wedding ceremony. “The main threat is that you may overspend especially if you do not plan and budget appropriately in advance” (Rees, 2008, p 83).

. The layout can best be matched for bright colors and unique colors can be merged to add an extraordinary and memorable aspect of the wedding because a wedding marks a transitional period for the couple. A mixture of red, orange, and yellow can make a nice combination and also since it is a rare combination. The carpet can be red, the tables covered with orange table cloths and the flowers can be of both and any other color matching the combination. Guest and visitors can put on black suits and red shirts and tops for ladies with red scuffs and handbags.

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