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Entertaining Process and Requirements Essay

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Updated: Feb 12th, 2021

Entertaining people is one of the most exciting things I enjoy doing during my free time. To make the fun process successful, an individual should be able to provide quite a several requirements. Some of the requirements include creating an appropriate atmosphere, providing quality food to the guests, and putting in place numerous amusing activities. The result of an enabling atmosphere can be accomplished using various ways, such as the invitation of guests and meeting their expectations. A relaxing atmosphere can also be created by ensuring that guests pleasantly share standard features. This helps prevent unnecessary disagreements among the guests. A relaxing atmosphere can be improved by decorating oneself with appealing items like horns and hats. However, this depends on the actual occasion. For instance, during a wedding party, decorations can be used to make the entertaining process lively since guests are usually pleased on such occasions.

When an individual decides to entertain a given group of people, it is essential to ensure that a relaxing and friendly atmosphere has been put in place. It is also imperative to mention that the preparation of quality food and refreshing drinks will also improve the entertainment process. In my case, I like preparing different types of meals by experimenting with cooking using other ingredients. The latter largely depends on the type of occasion being held and how guests would enjoy being entertained. I specifically prefer preparing a buffet during party time since it is easy to make. A buffet requires a long table with a variety of foodstuffs. The foods are organized in a manner that allows guests to move around the long table. Guests should have easy access around the table while filling their plates with different types of food. This is a self-service system that requires guests to be very careful when filling their containers with food. A buffet is best served with soft drinks, tea, or coffee.

Additionally, a buffet can be done with mixed drinks, but this depends on the guests being served. I usually find it very challenging to cook food using different styles though it provides me with an opportunity of creating new and unique meals. I also specialize in the preparation of refried beans and spaghetti. These meals are served with iced tea and hot garlic, respectively.

The need to amuse guests is the last thing to do during an entertaining process. It takes place immediately after creating a calm atmosphere and feeding the guests to their satisfaction. Amusing guests can be done in different ways. For instance, an entertainer can set up card tables with unique games. Examples of card games include euchre, pinochle, and rook. However, it is essential to note that card games cannot amuse some guests. Under such circumstances, it is essential to come up with other means of entertaining such guests. For instance, developing a pleasant conversation with the guests can cause some form of amusement. Generally, the availability of various entertainment bits makes it easy for them to join where they find themselves fitting.

In recap, the success of a given party can be determined by checking whether the three necessities identified above have been provided. Alternatively, the entertainer can evaluate the body language of the guests to find out whether they are enjoying the party or not.

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