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Modern Popular Culture Reflective Essay


In the previous assignment concerning positive effects of modern popular culture, I discussed how it affects human behavior in a positive manner. However, the discussion focused on the general influence of modern popular culture. This paper aims at discussing the effects of modern popular culture on personal beliefs and values.

Personal Reflections

Undoubtedly, modern popular culture has affected my beliefs, personality, mentalities, and values among others. Although the effects are profound and expansive in nature, the most critical effects that I have experienced are associated to clothing, food and music.

Regarding my clothing style, I originally dwelled on official clothes since I come from a family where my parents wear officially. I persisted with this behavior until I was admitted to the university where the modern culture dwells on wearing casually. This culture imposed much pressure since my peers would consider me as a very serious man.

During the first year, colleagues kept away from me due to that misconceived perception. Due to this pressure, which emerged from isolation, I gradually indulged in wearing casual clothes especially when I was attending uncritical events. Presently, I like wearing casually because the modern culture has shaped me in this manner.

Second, my parents consume traditional food because it is highly nutritious and safe. They had, therefore, shaped my behavior and eating habits in the perspective of consuming traditional food. When I joined campus, I met a different culture which mostly dwells on consuming fast food (Burke, 2009). The traditional food was not readily available in the campus as well as the areas surrounding the campus.

In places where it was available, other students would consider me as a traditional man rather than a modern one. This sentiment forced me to change my eating habits so that I embraced fast foods in order to fit into the modern society.

Lastly, I believed in listening to country music which is mostly listened by the elderly generation. The modern popular culture has induced me to listen on hip hops, classic rocks and other modernized music.

These are the major instances where modern popular culture has profoundly affected my reasoning, beliefs and values. However, I have consciously learned about modern popular culture and its behavioral impacts. I have realized that the consumption of this culture should be controlled and moderated to allow holistic growth. I will, therefore, discuss the perspective that these lessons have instilled in me.

During my study, I have realized that modern popular culture influences people’s beliefs and values through media as well as opinion leaders (Crothers, 2010). These effects are either positive or negative according to the nature of the opinion leaders. This has taught me that following the culture blindly is dangerous since it might result to adoption of immoral and senseless behavior.

In this light, I have changed the choices concerning my wearing style. I will be wearing official clothes during official functions and casual clothes when I am attending uncritical events. Additionally, I will change my eating habit and embrace the original consumption of traditional food which is safe and nutritious.

Lastly, I will be listening to different music including the religious and secular music rather than dwelling on secular music only. These changes will result to a holistic life that does not exaggerate on some behaviors and neglect others.


This essay has showed that modern popular culture changes the beliefs and behaviors of people who consume it. This change can be either positive or negative according the perpetrators who propagate it. It is, therefore, evident that people should evaluate the modern popular culture and make informed decisions on whether they should follow it.


Burke, P. (2009). Popular culture in early modern Europe (3rd ed.). Farnham, England: Ashgate.

Crothers, L. (2010). Globalization and American popular culture (2nd ed.). Lanham, Md.: Rowman & Littlefield.

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