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Life Culture in London South Bank University Synthesis Essay

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Updated: Aug 30th, 2019

Executive Summary

The report is about utilization of individual spirituality and emotional intelligence within various organizational set-ups. There is tendency in most organizations to neglect spiritual part of individual’s lives leading to aspect of imbalance between emotional, intellectual and spiritual livelihoods.

The article discusses various importance obtained from focusing on one’s spirituality hence forming the primary point from which one can quickly identify their purpose in life. From the perspective of the discussion, there is profound relationship between spirituality and overall performance within work-places.

The paper starts by giving detailed annotated bibliography on articles based on spiritual and emotional intelligence. Then there is creation of cultural model used in London South Bank University.


Multicultural backgrounds ensure interaction between people having improved innovative abilities which can be used in generating new ideas and skills. Managing cultural diversity based on spiritual and emotional intelligence is helpful in the process of knowledge transfer.

Using integrated cultural dimension, modern technology and the same language within institution makes it easier for communication amongst individuals; this enables more comfortable transfer of information as well as knowledge.

Such scenario reduces the level of misunderstanding and misinterpretation owing to cultural differences hence leading to increased efficiency and productivity within institutions. Institutions are always available to assist their members understand and realize their ambitions.

Motivation incentives granted to employees provide most basic and essential part of institution’s success. Good example is in London South Bank University where they provide students with talent capable of meeting work-place needs hence improving individual’s career progression.

Step 1: Culture

According to London south bank university (LSBU), analysis of culture comprises cumulative aspects of human character which incorporates systems of sound knowledge shared within society.

LSBU has a problem on efficient management of online students and students with disability due to a high number of those enrolling on an annual basis.

The current situation within the institution works based on Traditional Support Model where students are taken through courses enabling them to create innovative products, initiate their own theatre companies as well as creating designs for international sports teams.

Within emotionally and spiritually intelligent culture the primary source of human energy and drive is based on emotional intelligence where most of work done by lecturers and students focuses on physical aspects.

However, bigger percentage of success is based on emotional intellect with heart intelligence taking a smaller percentage.

Step 2: Context for Cultural Change and the Preferable Changes

My context focuses on Team-Based Model, which is different from concept of teaching from Traditional Support Model used in LSBU. Team-based model enables bringing together group of instructional experts from all departments within LSBU, hence enabling them collaborate with entire faculties.

This model ensures that instructors are not burdened in the process of dealing with students, including those with disabilities. The Team-Based Model approach enables creation and sustenance of institutional culture with ability of allowing easy accessibility and sufficient support to all students, especially those studying online.

In LSBU the nature of the curriculum encourages natural exhaustion, which ultimately does not encourage spiritually focused life (Bass).

There is need for change within people’s sense of integrity based on courage, love and reality on the fact that spirituality forms the most important part of individual role within society. LSBU needs to focus on forming organizations dealing with spiritual aspects of student fraternity.

There should be total shift in life’s focus where instead of earning living, lecturers should live meaningful lives through sense of duty and call. This is since spirituality leads an individual not only towards working for success but also focus on significance and meaning of life.

Step 3: Cultural Web

The concept incorporates cultural diversity, which comprises various cultural differences existing between people. Such differences can be described from the perspective of language, dressing, traditional values, religion, and societal interactions within same environment.

The Cultural Web


London South Bank University is known for provision of variety of professional courses to all students. The campus is known for providing an environment for professionalism, making great friendship, enjoyment of arts alongside service to others presenting opportunity to challenge ones-self.

These qualities portray the campus as the most service-minded and spirited environments. Current prevailing culture, i.e., Traditional Support Model, can easily be identified through lecturers’ over-burdening experiences, especially in the process of dealing with disabled students.

Students with disabilities are prone to being excluded from new media revolution within the campus. However, the new model will enable accessibility and at the same time, provide online students with access based on academic programming.

To avoid disruption of learning from LSBU own practices, Team-Based model would support issues based on accessibility from a cultural point of view. This would ultimately encourage increased number of disabled and online grandaunts.

Rituals, Routines and Symbols

Students joining the campus expect a high level of vibrancy from cultural events, learning and recreation activities. These include both structured and unstructured activities suiting every member of the community.

The cool creative and green environment gives the institution a vibrant image within such professionally recognized community.

Organizational Structure, Control Systems and Power

The institution follows hierarchical kind of organizational structure. LSBU is member of the British system hence its organizational structure comprises of Vice-chancellor, principal, dean, head of departments and junior administrators including student leadership. The institution believes in producing high achievers at affordable costs, which is the main objective influencing LSBU’s corporate culture. At the same time it known for producing top professionals in business-related fields.

Step 4

Annotated bibliography presents emotional intelligence as the inherent potential to feel, use, communicate, recognize, remember, describe, identify and learn.

LSBU as higher learning institution should depend more on reorganizing their curriculum to accommodate cultural diversity and use it for the purposes of attracting international community. Multicultural challenges should be incorporated for effective management of students within such corporate culture.

Like in the case of South African teachers, they find difficulties relating with students from diversified backgrounds since teaching is taken as means of survival and not for purpose fulfillment.

However, according to Diaz 2005, there is profound importance of emotional intelligence when dealing with various groups of people. The article reveals that individuals’ level of emotional intelligence determines the level of his/her relationships.

There is need for creating appropriate actions capable of providing required harmony on all students’ spiritual and emotional intelligence.

Provision of appropriate measures such as incorporating technological changes and language training facilities for the purposes of overcoming communication barriers is necessary for professionalism.

The purpose of recruitment and training programs is to ensure creation of talented internationally mobile people capable of occupying management positions.

Numerous benefits can be realized from management of cultural diversity and such actions include; appropriate innovative abilities, comprehensive competitiveness and transfer of knowledge to the various minority groups.

The process also enables development of better talents capable of reducing discriminative effects. Managing cultural diversity is also beneficial in enhancing corporate image of various organizations.

Step 5: Natural Resistance to Change and Its Management Processes

Usually, change is received with resistance since the process is normally uncomfortable as it requires new dimensions of thinking. Concerning this model, there would be perceived level of uncertainty within such institution since the model will encourage sacrificing familiar for unfamiliar experiences.

Anxiety will also be part of the resistance since the model would require huge investment in terms of facilities capable of accommodating disabled and online students. Such issues are common amongst students and especially the most cooperative as well as supportive administrative staff.

The model can as well be affected by partial support from Institutions administration inclined to undermining change of effort. WESI provides various perspectives involved in managing change such as philosophical perspective, multiple intelligence involving spiritual and emotional experiences of students within classes and halls of residents.

Using Steingard’s awareness Change Manifestation model in LSBU will bring into effect shifting focus on integration of spirituality and management of emotional requirements amongst students.

The model comprises of three dimensions, which includes; awareness, change and manifestation. Including change within such institution requires that all those involved should be ethically responsible.

Works Cited

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