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Homosexuals’ Right to Marry Essay

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Updated: Apr 15th, 2022

The topic regarding homosexuals and their right to marry has created widespread controversies. This has prompted scholars to identify and weigh the benefits and disadvantages regarding this practice. Being a sensitive issue, it requires thorough understanding before taking a stance. Based on the meticulous research conducted in this regard, homosexuals should be allowed to marry.

The term homosexual refers to people of the same sex engaged in a sexual relationship. Some countries such as the US, prohibit the use of the word as it depicts a lot of negativity. Consequently, the accepted words in such countries are Gay, for man-man relationships, and Lesbian, for woman-woman relationship.

Different cultures have different definitions of marriage. All these definitions converge on the idea that marriage is a legal or societal union between two people for the purpose of extending family lineage. In general, marriage is an establishment in which sexual intimacy is acknowledged (May, 1995). This union concerns interpersonal relationships that vary from one person to another. There are several reasons why people marry. These include emotional and legal security, religious and societal obligation, and economical purposes.

A significant number of people prefer the heterosexual marriages which are widely accepted. Homosexuality is not a new phenomenon. Its history dates back to the 19th century. In fact, most countries in East of Asia have documented same-sex marriage for the last 1000 years. Some scholars who have developed interest regarding this topic argue that homosexuality is a present social construct perpetuated by the West.

However, on the contrary, science has proved that being gay or lesbian is not a individual’s choice. Parents bring up their children in a way that none of them should develop sexual attraction towards individuals of his or her sex. Even in schools, teachers discourage students against homosexual acts.

Homosexuals develop attraction towards individuals of their sex just as a man develops attraction towards a woman and vice versa. Love has no limit or boundary. When two people fall in love and decide to get married, it should not matter whether they are of the same sex or not.

Marriages are built on the pillar of love. This pillar does not prevent people of the same sex loving each other. Thus, it should not limit such people in matters of marriage. In this regard, it would be denying them their right to enter into a union which should not only apply to the heterosexuals.

Allowing gay marriages will not in any way affect the lives of other person in the society. The allegations that encouraging gay marriages will corrupt the moral of the society are unfounded. Every human being has the power of free will. The power to choose what one wants to do with his or her life, and in this case one’s believes, should not be controlled by the society. The few individuals who turn out to be gay or lesbian grew up knowing from their parents that being a homosexual is morally wrong.

However, they cannot get the fulfillment that they derive from homosexual relationships in heterosexual ones. Stealing, drug abuse and killing, are some of the vices that every parent teaches his or her children to avoid at all costs. These vices harm the society in a considerable manner.

Treating homosexuals as villains whose acts pose a considerable threat to the society is unfair. Every day, activists hold demonstrations in lobbying for the acknowledgment of human rights and recognition of minority groups. Most countries have laws acknowledging the right to freedom of association (Williams, 2012). Denying a gay or lesbian couple the freedom to enter into a marriage contract clearly violates their freedom to associate.

Homosexual should enjoy the same rights as anybody else without any restrictions based on their sexuality (Paul, 2012). The recognition of their rights should also include the right to marry. Prohibiting a lesbian or gay couple to marry has no ethical or rational basis (Paul, 2012). This is because the prohibition is just centered on the history that gays are a minority group, and allowing them to marry would give them recognition as important members of the society.

This notion is morally wrong and it should not be tolerated in the modern world (OJALVO, 2009). The majority of the opponents of homosexual marriage have been the religious community. Most religions view same sex marriages as morally wrong (Williams, 2012). Although the Catholic church regards the sexual intimacy between homosexuals as an abomination, no marriage can be complete without the aspect of sex.

The religious conviction that homosexuals should not be allowed to marry is totally misguided. The claim from the religious fraternity is that the institution of marriage should solely be between a man and a woman. In this regard, legalizing gay marriages will make the whole idea of marriage and procreation to nurture future generations baseless. From the religious perspective, marriage is the foundation of a family (May, 1995)

This unit is supposed to bear children and bring them up in the belief that they will adopt the same moral principles as their parents. They believe that a gay or lesbian couple cannot procreate. Since God commanded man to multiply and fill the earth, supporting gay marriages amounts to disobedience and the tendency to prove God wrong. Religious doctrines also oppose the idea of child adoption by gay couples.

Adopting a child instead of bearing one undermines the institution of marriage. This scenario is only allowed if there are medical reasons as to why the woman cannot conceive.

A child adopted by a gay couple will have problems differentiating between the role of a father and those of a mother in a family. Thus, the child will grow up confused concerning the role that individuals play in a couple. The religious opposition of the legalizing of gay marriage is facilitated by the fact this practice dents the whole concept of family values. These values are vital in cementing bonding in the society.

Encouraging gay lifestyle will put the society at a risk as gay people have high chances of substance addiction and mental illness all of which are detrimental to the proper growth of a child and the moral standards of the society. According to the religious populaces, there is nowhere in the Holy Books that gay marriage is supported.

However, the Holy Books do not refute gay marriages. Religious leaders teach us to love. In addition, they encourage us not to discriminate other people especially the minority groups. The number of gay couples who want to get married is insignificant compared to the heterosexual marriages. Homosexuals are the minority in the society and should not be discriminated against in matters of marriage because they did not choose their sexual orientation. Furthermore, no one chooses who to love.

The claim that a gay couple cannot raise a child properly is misinformed. Research has proven that children raised by same-sex couples develop at par with those raised heterosexual couples (Williams, 2012). What a child needs most from his or her family is parental love (May, 1995). There are many children in the children homes who yearn for this love. Thus, it would be cruel to deny it to them on the basis that they will be brought up by same-sex couples.

There are many children growing up in broken families. The effects in this regard adversely affect a child as compared to the religious claims attributed to the children brought up by gay couples. In opposing same-sex marriages, religious leaders fail to consider that there are many single parents raising children by their own. These single parents play both the role of a father and a mother.

There is no reason whatsoever warranting the denial of gay couples to get married. Marriage has numerous benefits for the individuals involved. A couple needs financial sustainability which can be achieved through marriage (Paul, 2012). The emotional connection between two people is not planned or chosen.

Therefore, gay people should be allowed to fully enjoy the benefits that heterosexual couples enjoy without any restriction whatsoever. The legal and financial benefits that heterosexual couples enjoy should also be available to gay couples (Paul, 2012).

The basis for the opponents of same-sex marriage does not provide any reasonable justification to warrant the prohibition of such unions. Concerning the claims of promiscuity, such occurrences will decline because individuals will engage in relationships that cater for their sexual orientation (Williams, 2012).

Thus, cases of homosexuals engaging in heterosexual relationships in order to conform to the societal norms, but still engaging in homosexuality will decline. Consequently, there will be more stable homes supporting the appropriate growth of children. There will also be a reduction in the transmission sexual diseases due to double-dealing.

No parent brings up a child to become a gay or lesbian. Being gay is more of a biological matter than one’s own choice. Even if homosexuality was an individual’s choice of a lifestyle, it does pose a threat in any way to other members of the society who only embrace heterosexual relationships.

Every human being is entitled to all rights irrespective of his or her sexual preference (OJALVO, 2009). By denying homosexuals the right to marry, we become insensitive to their feelings and preferences. Forcing them to conform to the set norm of heterosexual relationships will cause them more harm than good.

Allowing homosexual marriage should not be a war between religion and the law. The law ensures equality for all, but one should choose what to believe when it comes to matters of religion. Therefore, denying a loving gay or lesbian couple the right to marry goes against all morals and the law.

It takes a lot of courage for the gay people to accept their sexual orientation as they are afraid of how the society will treat them. This sense of knowing your real self should never be taken away by anybody. It is only fair to allow gay marriages and treat gay couples with the respect and dignity that they deserve.


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