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Arguments for Gay Marriages Opinion Essay

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Marriage is an entity that provides for companionship among the partners. The two partners help each other in their daily activities. The foundation of any marriage is usually love and affection between the two partners. Gay marriage refers to a relationship between two individuals of the same gender. One party is the husband whereas the other is the wife. Such entities have been legalized in some countries whereas some countries totally consider them illegal.

There have been debates on whether gay marriages are acceptable or not. Historically, different cultures and nations have viewed same marriages in different ways. Some provide varied standards for female and male same sex relations. This topic is a concern in many countries including the US. Gay marriages have faced challenges from the codes of conduct of the community, culture and the known doctrines of religion.

However, I strongly feel that such opposition is baseless since marriage is a covenant between the two parties who have agreed to live together. Gay marriages is not all about sex but is based on affection and love. About 70% of the people in USA are opposed to such marriages, a scenario which should not exist (Sullivan, 2008). There are so many reasons as to why such marriages should be authorized.

Gay marriages should be allowed

First, marriage is an individual right. One can choose either to get married or not. Condemning such individuals is a total violation of human rights. This is also supplemented by the fact that these people have weighed the pros and the cons of their decisions and have come to the conclusion that their decisions are the best.

The spouse is also entitled to benefits accruing to a married couple. In the US, benefits like automatic inheritance of the spouse’s property upon death, being entitled to the pension of the spouse, domestic violence protection, medical scheme entitlement and bereavement leave are among the many privileges to such individuals.

Gay marriages are avenues to curb the population pressure on the scarce economic resources. This is because parties of the same gender cannot produce a viable offspring unless biological methods are employed. Such an idea can be best applied in underdeveloped countries where much of the people’s income is spend in providing food to their population. This eases the tension on the country’s resources and promotes their development.

Allowing such marriages tends to eradicate the discrimination that has been evident in the world. This will promote equality of humans of all calibers and provide an avenue for these talents to be tapped and nurtured in economic growth and development. It can be through erasing the prejudice that has for a long time restricted such individuals in their quest to secure some job opportunities as they are disqualified on social grounds.

Condemning gay marriages is a serious infringement of human rights. Such marriages also reduce the gender imbalances, polygamy and polyandry. This is due to the notion that people have to be married to a partner of the opposite sex.

Women can marry other women as men also do so. It reduces the rate of dependence on men by women and vice versa which leads to one-to-many relationships. Gay marriages also help in reducing the chances of transmission of sexually transmitted infections especially those whose etiology is by a chain of relationships.


Gay marriages are an avenue for people to exercise their rights of companionship. It reduces the chances of being unmarried in the society. Despite the fact that they have been opposed in the society and debates are there in place, I strongly feel that such arguments are baseless since even the opposite-sex marriages face so many challenges.


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