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Sociology Essay Examples and Topics

Intercultural Communication as Practiced in the US

There are certain patterns of nonverbal behavior disclosing a particular communicative idea, but there are cases when it is impossible to display those patterns successfully. Therefore, it is much harder to conceal nonverbal signals that [...]

Language Influences on Communication

Others are complementing which entails actions such as a supervisor patting an individual while praising them; all this reflects the importance and develops relationships of how people convey messages to one another.

Race Factor in University Admission Decisions

According to Wilkins, the reason why the deployment of 'affirmative action' in places of learning is being lawful is that: It allows academic institutions to recruit potential students out of 'society's rock bottom'; "Affirmative action...engages [...]

Identity Politics in American Writers’ Arguments

The general shift from the acknowledgment of inequality of individuals and households within the wide American spectra was an affirmation that the politics of identity had succeeded in compelling the elites to "love identity politics" [...]

Social Sciences as a Career Field

With the help of social science, I can conduct research and come up with a logical finding. With the knowledge I have in social science, I can research our political system and patterns of leadership.

Social Distance in Organizations

The relational distance at work may be of different types: structural, social, and psychological depending on the characteristics that have to be considered.

Importance of Interpersonal Communication

In terms of future professional practice, I would ensure that I observe the following strategies to enhance my interpersonal communication based on the knowledge about the significance of interpersonal relationships: Avoidance of conflicts- this is [...]

Group Work Features and Power Strategy

Group work helps members to complement for each other's limitations and most importantly, foster a sense of direction and unity which enables team or group members to commit their time and energies where they are [...]

Helen Zia’s Speech About Social Activism

In the speech by Helen Zia, we are introduced to the power of activism in helping to bring relevant social issues to the attention of the general public and how through activism true and lasting [...]

Connecticut Community for Addiction Recovery

In other words, the organization came to the realization that most rehabilitation and recovery programs for drug-related cases are not viable enough to change the whole menace brought about by the abuse of alcohol and [...]

Role of Social Work Supervision

I would have to be enthusiastic about social work to enable interns to develop a positive attitude towards the profession. I would supervise interns to improve my supervisory skills and knowledge in social work.

Gender Equality Issues Case

Hence, the gathering of information to validate the allegations is central to the resolution of the gender issue in the case study.

Gender Equality: Plan to Address the Issue

The vice president of administration and finance should use a powerful plan to address the issues affecting the institution. To begin with, I will use a powerful plan to address the issues affecting different female [...]

Personal Communication and Conflict Styles

The difference between confirming and disconfirming communication is often the decision of the listener. If this is the case then the conversation between such siblings is likely to have a lot of disagreeing messages.

Ethics of Illegal Immigration Effects on the US

As such, the Immigration Act of 1924 was established, which promoted the immigration of foreign citizens into the US to meet these requirements, and also created several objective preconditions for foreigners to consider entering America [...]

Parent-Child Perceptions: Sexual Discussions

The issue of unsafe sex affects all the teenagers despite their race thus the failure by Latino parents to mention the issue of unsafe sex openly with their children has a long-term negative impact on [...]

Environmental Ethics and Animal Rights

The question that arises is whether humans are the only valuing agents in the world that are full of values. Although the environment is composed of humans and other millions of species, humans are the [...]

Social Setting of a Monthly Office Meeting

The representatives of each department were to present the reports on the work of their departments during the past month and outline the perspectives of the future work in accordance with the plans of the [...]

Drug Abuse Diagnostics in Counseling

If either the client or the professional wishes to determine the extent to which an individual is dependent on drugs, the only thing he or she would have to do is read the individual's behavior.

Biopsychosocial Experience in Drug Abuse Treatment

There has to be a preventive strategy in every intervention procedure to avoid the occurrence of a disease. I find the course of treatment in this intervention beneficial for the creation of the needed preventive [...]

Dress Code and Social Norm Violations

In my opinion, this norm is not appropriate in the modern world due to several reasons: first, people are free to make decisions and consider their interests; second, fashion is a current issue that cannot [...]

American Deaf Community and Its Challenges

Most of the best artists were in general art, and they gained recognition from both the deaf and those who were not deaf. Despite the oppression from the community, the deaf has used their talents [...]

Ethical Considerations in Research

The reasoning of the IRB is clear that, in continuing with the data collection phase of the study, I should create mechanisms to evaluate the potential risk to participants.

“The Business of Women” by Melanie Buddle

The author is specifically targeting women in business with the need to conceptualize the trend of business history in Canada. It is also crucial to note that the book explores the lifestyle of entrepreneurial women [...]

Urban Social Problems: Slums and Segregation

The 19th century was the period of the industrial revolution in Britain. According to Engel's work, slum dwelling in Britain was because of the huge numbers of people who moved from rural areas to the [...]

Gender Division of Labor and Work Geography

The shifts of paid work away from fixed work locations into the home, along with the advent of the Internet, potentially have implications also for the role of networks in shaping work and communities.

Heterosexism and Its Explanation

It never seemed to occur to them that we were capable of defending ourselves and our work to editors. They were to avoid participating in any organization's attempt to dictate which reporter would be assigned [...]

Bourdieu and Althusser on Culture and Ideology

Bourdieu points out that the way in which culture is acquired thrives by way of using the cultural element. In conclusion, it can be observed that the writers Bourdieu and Althusser have presented distinct readings [...]

Flight 93 Incident and Ethical Dilemma

This paper evaluates the ethical standing of this question from a utilitarian point of view to establish the rightness or wrongness of the decision to shoot down the plane before it crashed.

Gender and Communication Within the Workplace

In this case, various theories have been formulated to explain the activities of women in organizations. Radical feminism theory relates to the problems of women to the capitalistic economy that is controlled by men in [...]

Lesbian, Gay, Bi-sexual Transsexual Gender Issues

It is rather interesting to note that society today has such a well-established preconception regarding genders that when presented with alternatives to such established norms the result has been subject to confusion, disdain, at times [...]

Work in Non-Profit Organizations and Its Features

Some of the pronounced characteristics of non-profit organizations include a passion for their cause; working with limited resources; support from volunteers as well as trustees board have to double their function as support and oversight.

Demographic Reports, Variables and Categories

In four demographic reports for zip code 60614, race, gender, age, and class will be the most appropriate way to collapse the data. The household population information can then be added to the main categories [...]

Animal Abuse Registry Justification

Due to the extensive unfairness to the animals, the Veterinary department of most developed countries has established laws concerning the treatment care and support that animals have to be accorded with.