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Sociology Essay Examples and Topics

Do Protests Even Work?

Even though protests seem to be an ineffective means of expressing public opinion, their main strength and influence can be gradually manifested.

Opioid Crisis: Theoretical Framework

The significance of using the approach rooted in cognitive therapy is justified by the fact that the process of educating both nurses and patients must be the primary focus of the program.

Addressing the Issue of Opioid Crisis in Patients

As stressed above, shaping the process of drug medications intake, including the dosage, the frequency, and the amount of the medication provided to the patient, one will be able to handle the issue of opioid [...]

Human Body and Its Monetary Value

However, the main argument against considering the body as a commodity is that it would not be right to value a body in the same way we value other pieces of property.

Stigma Effects on Mental Health Treatment in Minorities

It is one of the most significant impediments to progress in mental health services and providing timely help to the patients. As such, the utilization of mental health services is low as compared to Caucasians.

Racism, Privilege and Stereotyping Concepts

A privilege can be described as an unearned benefit or a set of those, which one group of people is given with, and the other one is deprived of.

Functionalist and Conflictual Theories in Sociology

The proponents of the Conflict Theory, on the other hand, suggest that the above-mentioned tensions come about as a result of the institutionalized oppression of the socially/economically underprivileged society members by the rich and powerful [...]

Human Rights in Naturalistic and Political Conceptions

Conferring to one venerable explanation, the Naturalistic Conception of Human rights, human rights are the privileges and rights that we enjoy by the mere fact that we are humans.

Antwone Fisher in Social Work Assessment

The client is a young black male, an orphan who was mentally and physically abused in childhood and has to face the temper problems resulting from the abuse. His speech is eloquent, and he has [...]

Aboriginal Peoples in Canada

The author acknowledges that the government and the people of Canada have done very little to support the welfare of different indigenous cultures.

Trends in the Use of Marijuana

The researchers claim that the legalization of marijuana in California led to the development of the acceptance of marijuana use as well as the increase in this drug consumption.

Public Relations Practice Improvement by Public Opinion

In order to understand how this happens, it is necessary to define a public opinion, examine its connections to public relations, describe what improvements in public relations mean, and explain the ways in which understanding [...]

Gender Relationships and Behavior

In general, it is hard to deny the fact that it is necessary to consider quite a wide range of disciplines to examine the problem and develop new solutions aimed at decreasing the influence of [...]

Canadian Animal Welfare and Role in the Charity

Canada's government and the justice system must oversee the welfare of pets, livestock, and performance animals equally to ensure an ethical approach to animal rights protection.

Social Justice Group Work for Homeless Young Mothers

The group discussed in the article was started for the purpose of assisting residents address the problem of homelessness especially in aspects of parenting and during pregnancy periods.

Violent Extremism Explained in Causation Theories

One of the most important parts of the rational choice theory is that benefits are not always understood in a classic Western way that is associated with money and private property.

Child Neglect Index for a Boy and His Family

This paper is aimed at providing a rating for a child and his family using the case of Aaron. What is more, when the Child Protective Investigator received a call from the school, he went [...]

Transcultural Online and Offline Communication

Schenker states as well that the globalizing world is characterized by the merging of cultures and dissolving of borders and notes that, in this type of environment, effective transcultural communication and competence are of critical [...]

Social Cognitive Theory Against Addiction

All the sources are closely related to the problem of alcohol addiction and, therefore, are included in the research. The study aimed to investigate the effect of the social cognitive theory implementation on people willing [...]

Military Social Worker’s Services for Personnel

At the moment of communication with Michael, the main intervention that seems to be appropriate is the discussion of recent family problems, relations, and traditions.

Berger’s “Invitation to Sociology: A Humanistic Perspective”

The author's major thesis is that sociology is not limited to statistics, to which many people often reduce the importance of this science, and it is not even limited to being a particular scientific discipline [...]

Cape Verde County’s Social and Cultural Problems

In order to discuss the potential measures that will enhance the position of this country, it seems necessary to point out the past and current situations related to the digital divide and indigenous peoples.

Sr. Dorothy History: “Angel of the Amazon”

This can be seen when she fights for the rights of the poor winning the hearts of many people leading to her earning the name 'Angel of the Amazon'.

Vulnerable Population in Biopsychosocial Assessment

Indeed, the patient's inability to speak to others, listen to herself, and, therefore, isolate the factors that contribute to the enhancement of her stress levels and develop the strategies that will help eradicate the identified [...]

Domestic Violence and Its Impact on Victims

This paper highlights some of the recent cases of the violence, the forms of abuse involved, and their overall impacts on the victims.

European Framework National Statute for Tolerance Promotion

Besides, the article with the Statute helps to clarify the main points intolerant relations between people, the development of national relations, and even the respect to migrants and other social minorities.

Women’s Power and Its Manifestation Aspects

The issue of power is often associated with political authority and is typical of men. In some conventional societies with long cultural traditions, the power of women is realized in the domestic or private sphere.

Eliminating Violence Against Woman in Afghanistan

Women in the society were trying to push the government to pass the law in a hurry before the conservative members started arguing that it was against Islamic laws. The behavior of women and what [...]

Animal Testing as Unnecessary and Atrocious Practice

Such acts of violence could be partially excused by the necessity to test medications that are developed to save human lives however, this kind of testing is even more inhumane as it is ineffective in [...]

Libyan Civil Society Before/After the Arab Spring

One of the major challenges within the context of researching the conditional state of civil society in a particular country is the fact that there is no universally accepted definition as to what the term [...]

Early Years Educators’ Work in Conflict Areas

One of the major outcomes of family-breakups as a result of bloody conflict is the existence of a large number of orphaned children.

Disability in Medieval and Modern Societies

The category of the body as an outer shell of the human soul becomes a central element in the established medieval cultural norm because, while the spirit is unseen, the body parameters can be semiotized [...]

Nonverbal Behavior in Interpersonal Relations

We sat in front of each other at the table in the coffee shop, and I did not look at her face either when she was talking to me or when I replied.

ACTIQ Prescription Drug Abuse

The fast-acting characteristic of ACTIQ is a result of being absorbed in the mucosal lining of the mouth. ACTIQ is a synthetic drug that is available as lozenges/lollipops, which are designed to be sucked in [...]

Noble Cause Corruption and Virtue Ethics

The answer lies in the purpose and the implied public image of the police. The role of the policeman is to uphold the law dictated by the government and the constitution of the country.

Current International Interest: Immigration in the US

The regulations will defend the economic well-being of the legitimate immigrants who have already settled in the US while restricting the admission of foreign workers illegally.

Prescription Drug Abuse and Lebanon Students

The first two authors are the representatives of the Department of Epidemiology and Population Health at the American University of Beirut, and Martins is from the Department of Mental Health, the John Hopkins University.

Changes in Immigration Policy

Nevertheless, there are a lot of issues surrounding the policy that is connected both to the reaction of the community and the possible negative outcomes of its implementation.

Implications of Youth Violence

According to the fact sheet prepared by World Health Organization, youth violence presents a challenge to the global health and legal organizations because it encompasses a variety of acts that range from verbal abuse to [...]

Professional Issues of Research Ethics

One of the ethical concerns that arise in this case is obtaining the subjects' consent for conduction of the experiment and distribution of the results: due to the linguistic differences, between the languages that the [...]

Break the Silence: Domestic Violence Case

The campaign in question aimed to instruct victims of domestic violence on how to cope with the problem and where to address to get assistance.

Human Sexuality and Gender Research Issues

For as long as we have reasons to suspect the opposite, I suggest prior evaluation as a necessary element of hormone therapy access.

Youth Texting Research Dissemination Strategy

Speaking of the researchers' interest in the results of the article under discussion, it is possible to note that they may elaborate on the ideas developed by the author as well as challenge them and [...]

Social Work and Homelessness Research Methodology

A randomized controlled trial will be conducted to answer the following research question: what is the effectiveness of the Housing First program to street homelessness based on the experiences of both human service professionals and [...]

American Race Relations as a Social Construct

However, in contemporary times of supposed equality and acceptance, bigotry has become more covert and intractable.*Race relations in modern America are defined by institutionalized racism that has been masked under the means of microaggressions and [...]

Poverty Areas and Effects on Juvenile Delinquency

The desire to live a better life contributes to the youths engaging in crimes, thus the increase in cases of juvenile delinquencies amid low-income families. The studies indicate that the fear of poverty is the [...]

Gender Inequality and Its Historical Origin

Seeing that the effects of the two factors are reciprocal, it can be assumed that, though both have had a tangible impact on the contemporary representation of women in the society, traditions have a significantly [...]

“American Dream” of English and Chinese Immigrants

My family decided to move to the US from England because of the low wages in our town. My intentions were to explore the new opportunities of the West and to earn more money than [...]

Public Corruption as a Phenomenon and Explanations

Thus, to describe the phenomenon of public corruption, four major hypotheses exist the concept of "slippery slope," the society-at-large hypothesis, the structural or affiliation hypothesis, and the rotten apple hypothesis.

Family and Childhood Sociology and Changes

Taking into consideration the fact that they can be of different nature, it is possible to suppose that the impact that they produce remains one of the primary forces shaping and changing attitudes to work [...]

Durkheim’s Labor Division Theory and Legal Evolution

In particular, it is apparent that the complexity of the moshav in comparison to kibbutz was a result not of higher specialization of labor, but rather of the right to have private property; and the [...]

Moral Obligations to Climate Change and Animal Life

To be able to become a rational person, it is essential to think critically about the concepts and domains that the individual faces and the way it will be sensible to react to them.

Successful Negotiation Elements

The elements of successful negotiation include the ability to share an idea and to get allies, the power position, timing, improvisation, language, and the ability to find a compromise.

“The Danger of a Single Story” Speech by Adichie

Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie, in her speech "The Danger of a Single Story," demonstrates the impact of biased ways of thinking, using examples from her own experience. As a consequence of the divisive nature of stereotypes, [...]

Racial Disparities in American Justice System

The premise suggests that people do not want to believe that there is racial bias in the system, to the point that they are not comfortable discussing solutions to the problem.

Indigenous Peoples’ Rights and Dakota Access Pipeline

Although it is indicated that the pipeline meets the required environmental and safety standards, the agreeable truth is that it is a major threat to the moral rights of the affected people.

Domestic Violence and Social Interventions

In conclusion, social learning theory supports the idea that children have a high likelihood of learning and simulating domestic violence through experiences at home.

Happiness Without Money in Sociology and Psychology

The tendency's mechanics are simple - being in the possession of any substantial sum of money increases a person's chance to secure a dominant status within the society, which in turn will result in strengthening [...]

Kansas State University Community’s Racism Issues

It is good that the management of the institution moved with speed and expelled the students as a way of reassuring the public that racism is not tolerated in this institution.

Same-Sex Marriage Legalization and Public Attitude

Therefore, it is hypothesized that the same-sex marriage legalization affected the public attitude and decreased the level of homophobia. The process of same-sex marriage legalization started at the end of the XX century in the [...]

Substance Abuse in Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas

The protagonists constantly increase the dose of the hallucinogen, which leads to "a quantitative increase in the effects of the experience".

Stereotypes from Popular Culture and Their Effects

The following paper explores the mechanisms behind stereotyping in an attempt to determine whether it is possible to minimize its adverse effect and which approach is the most viable for the purpose.

Act Up Movement for Surviving HIV/AIDS Plague

AIDS Coalition to Unleash Power is a movement advocating for the improvement of the lives of people with HIV/AIDS and calling for legislation, research, and treatment to eliminate the disease.

Social Theory in Philosophical and Economic Context

In "The Production of Consciousness," which is a part of The German Ideology by Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels, the authors explain their understanding of the origins of the contents of the human consciousness, that [...]

Human Sexual Behavioral Ecology and Social Norms

In the vast majority of cultures, females are regarded as major caregivers for their offspring while males may invest less time in the parental effort and spend more time searching for mates.

Helping Mexico Project and Communication Plan

The project involves participation in the rebuilding of the infrastructure of Mexico. DSOC is eager to contribute to the development of the community so it first focuses on the rebuilding of the infrastructure that will [...]

Rural-Urban Migration, Its Causes and Effects

As a result, the imbalance of quality of life and development between the two areas occurs, consequently increasing the rural to urban migration.

American Women in “Second Sex” by Simone de Beauvoir

However, women are not the minority since the number of men and women on Earth is almost the same. Simone de Beauvoir mentions that the world is still in the possession of men the same [...]

Women’s Rights in Palestine and Neighboring Countries

In a review of relevant literature, women's rights in Palestine can be compared to women's rights in three neighboring countries Jordan, Egypt, and Israel from the perspective of violence and discrimination, and specific differences, including [...]

Cultural Influence on Communication in the Modern World

In low-context cultures, it is important to explain everything in detail and ensure that the quality of the given information is always appropriate enough for other people to grasp it.

Leadership and Gender Ethics at Workplace

Organizational managers should be aware of the constructs of moral, ethical, and legal standards to develop adequate models to address emerging problems.

Substance Abuser’s Mental Health Risks in 3D Model

When it comes to the use of opioids, there are also a number of dangers associated with it, such as engaging in delinquent or violent behaviors, which may be a risk for X, who already [...]

Rhetoric: Chief Seattle’s Enviromental Statement

The repetition is used in this speech to emphasize the major themes that Chief Seattle uses to draw the listener's attention: the sacredness of the earth, the difference between the white man and the Indian, [...]

Access to Disability Services from Various Aspects

The impoverished state of many clients and households is exacerbated due to a lack of access to essential disability services. More than 23% of disabled adults live in deep poverty, and the median income is [...]

Domestic Abusers’ Characteristics and Roles

It is, therefore, necessary for individuals in the family to be aware of these attributes. The first role of substance use is that it encourages more individuals to engage in violence.

Domestic Violence and Child’s Brain Development

The video "First Impressions: Exposure to Violence and a Child's Developing Brain" answers some questions of the dependence of exposure to domestic violence and the development of brain structures of children. At the beginning of [...]

Canada’s Aging and Demographic Dynamics

That is, the issue of 'Canada's aging' is closely interconnected with other qualitative aspects of contemporary Canadian living, concerned with the government's continual endorsement of the policy of multiculturalism and affected by the overall socio-economic [...]

Racism Against Roma and Afro-American People

The government proclaimed wars on drugs and criminality, which eventually lead to the incarceration of people of color. These people were unable to get a well-paid job and had to seek other income sources because [...]

Observation of Vocal Aspects of Communication

The father and the mother were of nearly the same age, whereas the daughter was nearly 10 years old. The nonverbal communication of the participants that was observed for the purposes of this paper was [...]

Homelessness in Chicago

When speaking about this problem in the context of the American city of Chicago, Illinois, it is worth noting that here, the level of homelessness is quite high.

Ethical Standards in Social Work

An individual, referred to as the "agent", has to decide, which course of action has to be taken to achieve maximum benefit for all the parties involved. The major goal of any social worker is [...]

Domestic Violence Activism in Law and Society

I also suppose that some of these people may start lifting their voices against the law, paying particular attention to the idea that it is theoretically allowable that the law can punish people for other [...]

The Chippewa Cree Tribe’s Water Rights

That is why the access to water and the right to use it freely the issue referred to as water rights is one of the most critical challenges in developing relations between the government of [...]

Counseling and Social Work Challenges

Also, it may be important to try to work with different people and assess the impact that individual differences have on the work results.

Classism as a Complex Issue of Discrimination

Classism is not an issue that affects just a small sector of the population. To facilitate justice in society, the issue of classism needs to be studied.

Is a Gendered Division of Labour Unjust?

Berk posits, "The gendered division of labour in the family does not merely denote the gender-based separate labour assignments in the household".