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Sociology Essay Examples and Topics

Social Issue: Bullying

The lack of the parental support is the main cause of students' deviant behaviors at school, including the cases of bullying, and those parents who pay much attention to developing their career cannot provide the [...]

Strategies to Combat Sexist Language

The central antidote to sexist language is the use of epicene. For instance, instead of using the word 'businessman', which conventionally refers to both men and women in business, one should use the word 'businessperson'.

Intercultural Communication’ Barriers

There is absolutely no way through which one is able to learn all the norms of every culture and their sub-culture all in a bid to understand the various barriers to intercultural communication.

Intercultural Communication: Different Aspects

Discussing the main aspects of the inter-cultural communication, Carol Myers-Scotton focuses on the role of globalisation in the process, on differences between collectivistic and individualistic cultures which influence the particular features of the representatives' communication, [...]

Should Great Apes Be Granted Legal Right?

Although it is generally believed that people represent the highest evolution stage and are the only animals that have come up with the idea of flocking into societies, great apes also display the features that [...]

Social Values: Freedom and Justice

It is evident that freedom and justice are mutually exclusive, as "the theory of justice signifies its implications in regards to freedom as a key ingredient to happiness".

The Gypsies Community Profile

In the olden days, Gypsies lived and travelled in wagons drawn by horses, but modern day Gypsies live and wander through the world in caravans. Gypsies treasure children, and it is the responsibility of a [...]

The Equality Ohio Interest Group

The group has been active in politics as government policies affect the existence and the rights of the group. The influence that the Equality Ohio community group holds in Ohio's politics is significant.

Racial and Ethnic Relations

The issue of racism and discrimination of ethnic groups is widespread through the globe and is still persistent. Looking at Merton's chapter, the issue of racism and ethnicity is clear.

How Political Movement Is Gendered?

The situation is the same in the legislature because women only occupy about 23% of the seats. Around the world, quota systems have contributed to increased participation of women in political systems.

How Is Political Recruitment Gendered?

Terrorists and other belligerent actors in the international system believe that women are soft sports and are likely to be targeted with an aim of intimidating the state and world leaders.

Stenography Concept, History and Usage

Some people who were held hostage in some parts of the world have also used stenography to communicate a form of coded messages to the outer world. The Morse code is one of the codes [...]

Gender Inequalities in China

As for this assignment, the primary connections of readings Markets and Bodies: Women, Service Work, and the Making of Inequality of China by Otis and Red Lights: The Lives of the Sex Workers in Postsocialist [...]

Impacts of Texting While Driving on the Accidents

The development of technologies used by adolescents for texting while driving leads to increasing the rates of accidents. Hypothesis: The development of technologies used by adolescents for texting while driving leads to increasing the rates [...]

Taking Initiative in Relationships

It is the ability to observe a situation, make the right personal judgment, and take the right action in response to this situation. Thus, by taking initiative, the secretary is expected to type and continue [...]

Facilitating Listening in the Group

To ensure the member participates in the group discussion effectively, the facilitator should develop ways through which the stubborn individual will be given the chance to speak out his feelings with an aim of assisting [...]

Racial and Gender Issues in the USA

Only the events of the first half of the 20th century were able to change this image; however, it still exists, and unconsciously some people adhere to the ideas of the past.

Free Speech and Restrictions in the USA

The primary goal of this essay is to compare and contrast the freedom of speech in the United States of America to the laws of other countries such as Finland, Germany, Canada, and other countries, [...]

Elderly’s Challenges in Society

Statistics indicates that the elderly persons in the world represent 11% of the population and that the figure is expected to double in the next 3 decades.

Human Trafficking and Modern-day Slavery

One of the biggest challenges in addressing modern slavery and human trafficking is the fact that the vice is treated as a black market affair where facts about the perpetrators and the victims are difficult [...]

Smoking Cessation Methods

These methods are a part of NRT or nicotine replacement therapy, they work according to the principle of providing the smoker with small portions of nicotine to minimize the addiction gradually and at the same [...]

Community Mobilization and Engagement

In a bid to evaluate the obesity prevention strategies in Okaloosa, it is necessary to involve the community in the process because it helps them to understand their situation better and come up with strategies [...]

The Civil Society Rise in Cambodia

The NGO Forum in Cambodia reveals that the principal aims of the existence of the civil society in the country are provision of policy advices, delivery of services, advocacy, facilitation of dialogues, and promotion of [...]

Ethnicity Problem in the USA

It is essential to admit that the idea of the superiority of the white race was established a long time ago by the American founding fathers when the Constitution, defined Africans as property.

Syrian Refugee in Toronto

However, this process is very complicated and the war in Syria could be taken as the best evidence of the complexity of the situation. The evolution of ISIS resulted in the war on the territory [...]

Technology Development and Texting while Driving

Working thesis: Although certain modern gadgets can be used to avoid texting while driving, the development of the sphere of mobile technologies has the negative impact on the dangerous trend of messaging while driving a [...]

Benefits of Diversity

A number of my White colleagues became my friends and to this day, I am glad that I was part of the change.

Chinese American Community Philanthropy Activities

Among numerous organizations aimed at organizing different kind of activities for the members of Chinese American community, Chinese American Community Foundation is the one that stands out of the rest. Analysis of the events organized [...]

Abortion Is Wrong

He argues that the main reason why abortion is immoral is that it denies victims the experiences and activities of their future.

Immigration in Ontario

As such, immigration policies should be re-evaluated to accommodate the needs of the immigrants and put in place measures that ensure Ontario exploit the economic benefits immigrants bring into the town.

Sexism Problem

This paper is an attempt to understand the attitude of young men today regarding the issue of sexism. The aim of the paper is to understand what perception young men have towards sexism.

Racial Discrimination in Social Institutions

The problem though with this particular concept that was being espoused was that after digging a little deeper into the article and examining the context of the situation, it can be seen that the development [...]

Gender, Age and Racial Inequality Issues

Despite a significant progress of developed European countries in that sphere, the childcare in the U.S.is considered more of a woman matter, thus a mother ends up having two jobs: first, the one where she [...]

Etic and Emic Culture in Communication

To be more precise, I will analyze the peculiarities of communication in America and in Slavic countries, like Bulgaria of Poland in order to show that there is a great number of differences in the [...]

Social Construction of Illness

The social construction of illness relates to various perceptions and attitudes that define how people react to its existence in contemporary society.

Social Equality and Economic Growth

Social equality provides individuals with equal opportunities to contribute to the growth of the economy. Equality also ensures that the potential of the society is fully exploited to enhance the development of the entire community.

Why Does Everyone Want to Move to US?

As a result, the culture of independence practiced by the citizens of the United States in the aspect of family and the kinship facilitates the growth of an individual, since a person does not have [...]

Argument Against Monogamy

According to most people, abandoning monogamy would lead to a chaotic society where women are taken advantage of, and the moral fabric of the society is compromised.

Weddings, Marriage, and Money in the UAE

The author discusses the evolution of marriage by discussing the situation in days before the discovery of oil. To show how the changes transformed the society, the author discusses the era before the discovery of [...]

First Aid in the Workplace

The document carefully described the basic terms in first aid. Several sections of the document discussed the usefulness of the first aid guide.

Love in Chinese Society

As a child, I felt that without love my family, and I could never have survived the harsh realities of relationships and be a part of a larger family, which is the community. The Chinese [...]

Public Speaking Skills

Proper application of public speaking knowledge will allow the new member of a group to move through the stage of getting to know the colleagues and feel comfortable talking with new people in unfamiliar situations.

Society’s View on Single Motherhood

The society's view on single motherhood might be subjective without the understanding of social dynamics and evaluation of the institution's capacity to address single parenthood.

Nuestra Family’s Organizational Structure

One of the differences is in the organizational structure of Nuestra as compared to the Mexican Mafia. In comparison, there can be a leader of the entire organization when it comes to the Nuestra family.

Causes of Forced Migration

This essay will discuss such main causes of the forced migration as civil wars and environmental disasters and the potential consequences for displaced people and their host country that include the economic deprivation of immigrants [...]

Males and Females Differences

Apart from that, it is possible to speak about the impact of mass media on the values of both boys and girls. It is important to speak about the impact of both nature and nurture.