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Sociology Essay Examples and Topics

Social Conformity in Solomon Asch’s Experiments

In this classic experiment, the real participants succumbed to the influence of "fake" participants who deliberately gave wrong answers to a simple question.

Racial Discrimination Forms Against Afro-Americas

The unfortunate racist quality to the functioning of the system of criminal justice in the U.S. As a result, the intensity of racial riots in the U.S.continues to rise.

Free Will in Philosophy and Society

The emergence and popularization of democratic values all around the world raised the question of social and political pressures that used to be overlooked in the past.

Illogical Arguments and Their Identification

As a result, the wrongdoings of various people have to be viewed as the actions directed to the pursuit of happiness and other desired goods. The statement means that in all the evil deeds the [...]

Assisted Suicide and Euthanasia Rights in Canada

The article asserts that in the year 1993, Rodriquez petitioned in vain to the Supreme Court of Canada to allow her to undertake euthanasia. In the article, the author asserts that, in the year 1993, [...]

Graduation Ceremony Speech at the University

I want to thank the staff of the University for the time and effort they spent on us. All the success we managed to achieve and the goals we are going to reach in the [...]

Demographic Reports, Variables and Categories

In four demographic reports for zip code 60614, race, gender, age, and class will be the most appropriate way to collapse the data. The household population information can then be added to the main categories [...]

Hero Definitions and Real-Life Examples

A hero is neutral in society, as most of the time he or she will be consulted to solve problems and help in decisions making where necessary.

Sociological Thinking Applied to Modern Society

The success of the experience was verified after the class took a test on war experiences, and the mean score of the class was 75%, which is way beyond the performance of 90% of the [...]

Karl Marx’s Response to John Mayer’s Anti-War Song

The time has come for you to abandon the back seat and embrace the pragmatic mode of life. The greatest means at your disposal is your simple act of defiance to the system, break away [...]

Animal Abuse Registry Justification

Due to the extensive unfairness to the animals, the Veterinary department of most developed countries has established laws concerning the treatment care and support that animals have to be accorded with.

Sociological Imagination in Drugs in Sport Debates

As a result of this, the strong motivation for many athletes to use or abuse performance-enhancing substances is the desire to boost performance, gain prestige, and status.

Gender Identity as a Product of Nature or Nurture

Therefore, this is one of the arguments that sex has a biological nature and people formulate their preferences on the basis of the chemical process which occur in human organisms.

Sexual Reassignment Surgery Decision for Children

There are a lot of examples when parents choose a sexual reassignment surgery for the infant and as a result a child changes gender identity during the life.

Relational vs. Identity-Based Everyday Life

According to Levinas, an individual's face gives a connotation that cannot be identified with any given context. An interesting part of it is that the signal conveyed by an individual's face might not be apparent [...]

Students’ Charitable Initiatives and Warm-Glow Theory

The research question will be 'Interrogating the place that the warm glow theory has in the charitable initiatives of university students?' The understanding of some social acts has been whopping trepidation to a number of [...]

Human Rights of Poor in Developing Countries

Their interactions with those in authority and the decision makers in the society have been marred with many obstacles and denied the rights to freedom of speech and expression that is being enjoyed by the [...]

Communication as a Human Right and Its Violations

According to the international laws, every person has a range of rights which should be met in the society completely, and the right to communicate is one of the most significant ways for a person [...]

Relational Logic in “I-It” and “I-You” Relations

While considering the concept of "I-It", specific attention should be paid to the perception of the self through It unless a person is not involved in relation with another thing or object.

Unmanned Aerial Vehicles Making and Ethics

In manufacturing the Unmanned Aerial Vehicles, the manufacturer's moral consent and level of honesty determine his or her concentration on the duty to ensure that the UAV meets the target.

Economic Development: Collier’s “The Bottom Billion”

Although some strategies, such as the introduction of the Millennium Development Goals, have introduced, little would be achieved because the rich states are reluctant to resolve poverty in the world.

Communication Transaction and Effective Strategies

In other words, it is a great way to discuss the problem and improve communication with people. In communication with the people around me, I noticed that prejudices and stereotyping influence communication greatly.

Foster Care System in the “Antwone Fisher” Film

What could be done to improve the foster care system today? The foster system failed Antwone because they shifted him from a foster home he had innocently believed and enjoyed to be his birth family [...]

Methods of Communication

The venue of the interview was a restaurant in her locality and the room was very quiet except for the sounds of utensils, cutlery and hushed conversations.

Communication at Moanalua Road in Oahu Island

For the time that I have interacted with the activities and occupants of the Moanalua road, I have come to realize that the road was constructed to join the lower section of the island with [...]

Thomas Hobbes on Human Nature and Social Contracts

In the first story, he assumes that no moral, ethical and binding norms exist in the society, and individuals are seeking their personal goals only without considering the implications of their actions.

Practical Ethics: Connie Case

Connie, the head of the foundation feels this is wrong but she has not decided on what to do to solve the issue.

Asian Americans’ Political Involvement

The first paper covers the politics of Asian Americans, and the other one covers their immigration history. Overall, the paper is an informative piece on population dynamics of Asian Americans.

Culture in Communication

That is, institutions should integrate conventional communication channels to aid execution of activities and conveyance of information. Due to this, it is prudent for communicators to understand the language and gender issues of the audience [...]

Self-Disclosure in Personal Relationships

The reciprocal process of disclosure contributes to the development of a relationship since the parties involved end up gaining a deeper understanding of each other.

Alcohol Abuse, Depression and Human Trafficking

Patterson and Jeste point out that the high prevalence of alcohol abuse will increase in the future. Besides, Hanna indicates that domestic trafficking of girls in the US is a complex phenomenon to understand because [...]

Ethical egoism

He would advise me to take a course of action that would enable me to achieve my own personal interests at the expense of my neighbor's interests.

Importance of Ethics

Ethics differ from the law because they are not recorded in statutes that make it mandatory for all people to observe them.

Gluttony and Global Hunger

The corruption fueled by the sin of gluttony leads to the denial of food resources to the poor leading to the global hunger issue.

Social Work Against Alcohol Dependency in Military

Also, the man wants to save his relationships with the girlfriend who told Ronald that she might leave him if he does not quit drinking in the nearest future. The main challenge for Ronald Williams [...]

“Sub-Prime as a Black Catastrophe” by Melvin Oliver

By introducing the challenges of the financial crisis, Oliver makes use of the mortgage breakdown as an indicator of racial inequality in the United States, which has increased significantly within the last two decades.

“Unmarried With Children”: Article Summary

The underlying thesis of the article is that economic challenges, shifts in marital roles, and the setting of a high financial bar for marriage have led to a situation whereby most poor women continue to [...]

“Flat Broke With Children” by Sharon Hays

In the work, Hays refers to the Personal Responsibility Act or the welfare reform along with discussing the real-life cases to analyze the role of the reform for changing the situation within the society.

The Politics of Theorizing African American Families

The main questions asked by the author in the work are the role of slavery and racial oppression to influence the aspects of the African American family's progress in the sociological perspective; the effects of [...]

Equal Wealth: the Income Gap

Education is one of the strategies that have been confirmed to be effective in minimizing the gap between the poor and the rich.

Depictions of Family Life

It is based on such representations, which are prevalent in present-day popular culture media, that the concept of women as having equal status as men is still far from being a realized reality.

Immigration Threats in the USA

The article gives a summary of how immigration has been a major issue in American history. The author's arguments are not in agreement that immigration poses a threat to the American way of life.

Media Influences on Gender Identities: Consuming Kids

One of the most disturbing things about consumerism, however, is that it affects people's perception of gender and, therefore, contributes to the creation of stereotypes that make the relationship between men and women even more [...]

Re-Assessing Family Valuables

According to Cherlin, the change in the social functions that a family has, and, weirdly enough, baby boomers, as well as a shift toward individualism and the lack of family support are most likely to [...]

“Body Art and Social Status” by Sheila Jeffreys

The author believes that this behavior can be the result of continuous abuse or marginalization of "a hetero-patriarchal culture". Furthermore, the author mentions that many of the people, who undergo body modification procedures, were the [...]

Social Factors in the Families

Cherlin also says the three-status groups of people in the society comprise of college-educated, high school educated, and no high school-educated groups. The poverty limit is a measure of income that represents the product of [...]

Moral Issues Analysis

Moreover, the right to abortion is an extension of the right to freedom owing to the fact that an individual should choose what to carry in his or her body.

Memories as a Time Traps

One of the most peculiar things about my experience was that the tenser and the more uncomfortable the environment which I lived in became for me, the more alluring and exciting the world of memories, [...]

Sociological Significance of Family

On one hand, it shows the socialization of children along with the class cohort and on the other hand, it shows the influence of social conformity for parents and children alike.

“Fictive Kin, Paper Sons, and Compadrazgo” by Thornton Dill

The author focuses on the life of African American women, Chinese women, and representatives of the Chicano culture to compare the life aspects with the situation characteristic for the white women in the United States [...]

Personal Values and Its Contributions on Life Mission

As it would be observed, the list of personal values is endless, and this means that different people in the world have different types of personal values that they tend to implement into their lives.

Transitional Housing in Hong Kong and New Zealand

According to the Demographia International Housing Affordability Survey, the city has been established as having had the most expensive housing market in the world for seven years in a row.

Housing as a Social Asset in the Real Estate Market

The financial situation in a household directly reflects the well-being and social interaction of individuals. Housing physically provides a space for social interaction and the building of social support mechanisms in a community.

Baby Boomers and Millennials in School Culture

Nowadays, many school and university teachers in the country belong to the age group, which explains the great influence that baby boomers still have on school culture.

Gender Theory in the “Kumu Hina” Documentary

The preconceptions of the western world do not apply to traditional Hawaiian values, and the performativity that occurs is very different in nature.

Male-Female Conflict in Education System

Many people claim that girls outperform boys due to the feminization of the system where such masculine attributes as competition and assertiveness are the subject of debates.

Child Sexual Abuse by Catholic Priests

The law allowed the victims of sexual abuse to come forward and report the abuse to the police, regardless of the time when the crime had happened.

Alcoholics Anonymous Meeting Analisys

Based on these facts, it is possible to draw up an appropriate plan for assessing the effectiveness of the work done and the potential benefits for the members of the meeting.

Abortion Debates of Pro-Life and Pro-Choice Parties

A critical look at the sentiments forwarded by the members of the opposing groups in the debate on abortion reveals that the parties have more in common than meets the eye.

Human Rights and Relations in Education and Career

The information is located on the left and above and is easy to navigate. This is useful to the employees as it makes them aware of the key needs to the job and the benefits.

Unemployment and Its Social Consequences

One of the impacts of unemployment that connects the unemployed individual with the social fraternity is the lost self-esteem that an individual suffers.

Textual and Visual Communication

However, one of the key peculiarities of the video is that it is accompanied by a message box typical for most of the chat rooms, with each phrase and emotion of the students in the [...]

Police Corruption and Citizen’s Ethical Dilemma

There are three key stakeholders in the given situation, which are the policemen, who set the terms; the father, who is to take the pivoting decision; and the family, who depends on the decision which [...]

Race and Gender Privileges in Society

Based on everything that has been presented in the course materials so far privilege for me can be summed up as a form of "entitlement" which is based on preconceived social and cultural norms from [...]

“The Death of Honesty” by William Damon

In the body of the article, the author depicts his fears that if being honest is no longer valued, the future society will collapse and give way to chaos and anarchy. He wants to persuade [...]

Treatments for Alcohol Abuse in the Military

It is also notable that the use of illicit drugs and alcohol is not high among military professionals in comparison with the other members of the society. Stress and the nature of the working environment [...]

Immigrant’ Cultural Anthropology Issues

Although epidemiological research into the establishment of nation-states demonstrates that America was built by immigrants, particularly the British immigrants, those who have been to the 'land of opportunity' would readily attest to the fact that [...]

Affirmative Action, Social Movements and Urbanization

Affirmative action, according to Messerli, can be conceptualized as the preferential treatment of minorities in various aspects in the society. The following are some of the arguments supporting and opposing affirmative action in employment and [...]

Gender Views on Global Warming in McCright’s Study

He supports his point by stating that even though the female gender tends to believe the scientific consensus more, the men, on the other hand, have a better understanding when it comes to the issues [...]

Poverty and Its Relative Definitions

In addition, although many individuals may define poverty by considering the unavailability of certain basic amenities or means of subsistence, depending on the region and the level of development of that region, poverty can have [...]

Emile Durkheim: Living Beings and Their Needs

For a human, requirements are different from those of other animals because people do not depend on material supplies alone to carry out their daily activities. These forces are noteworthy because they help in restricting [...]

Emile Durkheim: Sociology and Social Facts

This is to prevent it from becoming unpopular, as it was before. For it to attain the recognition from other sciences, it must not be generalized at all.

Durkheim: Anomie and the Modern Division of Labor

It states that employees should be honest to their employers for them to achieve economic benefit and win in the competitive nature of events in any working environment.

“The Cognitive Style of PowerPoint” by E. Tufte

He cites that PowerPoint depends on the skill of the presenter, who may be a bad designer and may thus poorly design templates, which will lead to a bad chart layout. Thus Orwell's classic essay, [...]

Ageism and Feminism in Career and Family Expectations

Interviewer: "According to your opinion, does providing a woman with higher education strengthen or weaken marriage?" Interviewee: "I am of the opinion that education plays a critical role in strengthening marriage because a woman is [...]

China’s Land Grabs and Human Rights Violation

What interested you about the article and how is the content of the article related to aspects of global citizenship? Upon reading the news article from Amnesty International's website about Chinese officials' land grabbing [...]

Social Issues in McMinden, Fictional Town

The concepts of social stratification, division of labor, and social distance discussed in the essay appear to be connected by cause-and-effect relation.

Douglas’s Speech “What the Black Man Wants”

While arguments of the inferiority of the Negro were being used to deny them their rightful place in the nation, Douglas asserted that it was rather the humiliation that his race had had to endure [...]

French Revolution, Its Social Causes and Legacies

The French revolution owes its occurrence, foremost, to the significant increase of the French population throughout the eighteenth century. The implication of this stratification was the lumping of a majority of the population into the [...]

“The Communist Manifesto” by Karl Marx and Frederick Engels

Since the political views of the leaders were shaped in a different social environment and by the time Marx and Engels were coining The Communist Manifesto, European economy and society had undergone considerable development, there [...]

“A School for My Village” by Jackson and Linville

In the book, a School for My Village: A Promise to the Orphans of Nyaka, Twesigye Jackson Kaguri, and Susan Urbanek Linville inspires the world to fight the HIV/AIDS scourge.

“Feminist Geopolitics and September 11” by Jenifer Hyndman

Feminist Geopolitics and September 11 is the article that presents the evaluation of the events on September 11 from the perspective inherent mostly to women; it is not about male criticism and their evident mistakes; [...]

Chapters 1-2 of Parekh’s “A New Politics of Identity”

The foremost ideas that are being promoted throughout the course of both chapters' entirety can be summarized as follows: The process of Globalization establishes objective preconditions for people's sense of identity to be increasingly affected [...]

Social Contract, Utilitarianism, Virtue, Deontology

This essay gives a description of the differences in how ethical contractarianism, utilitarianism, virtue, and deontological ethics theories address ethics and morality.

Poverty in America

In contrast, a considerable percentage of the populations believe the society has the moral obligation to eradicate poverty, and thus, they hold the view that the solution to poverty reduction lies in the socioeconomic policies.

Moral Status of Animals at Factory Farming

Stewart is concerned about the extent to which human beings are willing to mechanize animal farming to meet their needs. As human beings, we are faced with moral dilemmas of whether to compromise an animal's [...]

Smoking Among Teenagers as Highlighted in Articles

The use of tobacco through smoking is a trend among adolescents and teenagers with the number of young people who involve themselves in smoking is growing each day.

“The Speech the Students Didn’t Hear” by Neusner

The argument of the essay is about the effectiveness of education, attitude of students, and differences between the things taught at university and the ones that will be encountered in the real-life after graduation.

Non-Consequential Morality Theories and Medical Ethics

In particular, it repudiates the idea that the nature of moral order results in sentiment and emotion. In such cases, it is necessary to ask for patient's consent to reveal the private data in order [...]