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Sociology Essay Examples and Topics

Gender and Sexuality Aspects in Asia

In other words, they are trying to change the gender identity expectation of the female gender to have a more pivotal and recognized position. This is the allocation of different duties to gender groups in [...]

Mexican Immigrants in the United States

Although the main aim of these Mexican migrant workers was to work and make money and return home, the continuous lingering economic hardship and lack of economic opportunities in their homeland forced the majority of [...]

Affirmative Action Policy Pros and Cons

Women and ethnic minority groups are subjects of discrimination and exclusion especially in the labor and education sectors. The introduction of affirmative action abolished this lack of access to education and gave minority groups an [...]

Generation Y: Researches and Criticisms

Sociologists and psychologists research the special traits of the modern youth also known as the Milennials, Generation Y and the Facebook Generation, writers and philosophers theorize about the differences between the modern youth and the [...]

Racism in the Setting the Rising Sun Postcard

Analyzing the postcard entitled: "Setting the Rising Sun" requires background information on racism and the significance of the surprise attack of Pearl Harbor on the general consciousness of the American people. It is easy to [...]

UAE’s Demographic Imbalance

There is no doubt that the UAE's suffers from an acute demographic imbalance given the evidence that statistics indicates that the locals have been outnumbered by foreigners.

Negotiation of a Divorce Settlement

The objective of the meeting is to settle the matter of Rex's divorce outside the court. All the parties involved in the negotiation process should be involved in the preparation of the negotiations in order [...]

Concepts in “Representation & Media” by S. Hall

By linking representation to power, Hall makes a statement about the necessity for the participants of a specific communication process to work on identifying the points of contact between their systems of representation, as the [...]

Australian Multiculturalism and Regulations

Up to the 1970s, the White Australia Policy was in the place and numerous obstacles for the people of non-European heritage immigration appeared, and the traces of the policies are still apparent in Australians' desire [...]

Communication as the Process Defining Reality

Seeing that reality can be viewed as the projection of people's feelings and experiences on the phenomena that the universe is characterized by, the communication as the means to render one's idea of reality and [...]

Australian Urban Consolidation and Its Impacts

The committee was charged with the responsibility of examining the state of the cities, favorable trends in development, density of housing, the urgency of action, and the challenges of urban consolidation.

Just War in Human Rights Perspective

When a war is about to begin, people, who start the war, have to understand the role of human rights in the process of making decisions and clearly identify the peculiarities of the just war.

Third Parties in Conflict Resolution

In addition to the inability of the intervention approach to reduce the time of conflict, it is evident that the use of neutral interveners is also unsuitable when it comes to reducing the time of [...]

Social Structural Changes: Living Standards

The beliefs and ideas about moral and social constructs were the prototype of the ancient Australian society, and were stipulated in the decorum of the unwritten laws of the day, analysed and inferred upon the [...]

Media View in Shaping Immigration

However, the rise in the number of divisive issues has contributed to the rise of a national debate that sparks a need for policies to respond to the challenges of immigration.

Child Labor Issue According to the Human Rights

The International Labor Organization defines child labor as "work that deprives children of their childhood, their potential, and their dignity, and that is harmful to physical and mental development"1 Being a United Nations agency, ILO [...]

Poverty Effect on Children

1 million children, aged between 5 to 17 years old, were noted to be from low income families which, as explained by George Stokes, & Wilkinson, can result in a lack of access to a [...]

Propaganda as a Social Phenomenon

Edgar Henderson, also comprehensively in propaganda scholarship, argues that propaganda is basically a social phenomenon owing to its objectivity and capacity to appeal to the psychological or sociopsychological dispositions of individuals.

Economics and Human Rights: Areas of Overlap

Theories allied to the two disciplines play a critical role in explaining development because human rights theories give economists an opportunity to employ legal and political concepts in the process of drafting policies aimed at [...]

Giving Birth to New Users by Trevor Pinch

The expansion of Minimoog quickly penetrated the sphere of rock music and then the design of the synthesizer was constantly improved and changed because of the requests of the customers. The public quickly realised the [...]

Living in the Matrix of Online Communication

Despite an amazing range of opportunities, which IT of the 21st century has to offer, the boundaries, which these technologies set for communication process, are much more restricting than people may conceive; therefore, in order [...]

Self-Identity in Socio-Cultural Discourse

In its turn, this presupposes that there is indeed a good reason to believe that the discourse of identity is essentially concerned with the agenda of ensuring their hegemony over others, on the part of [...]

Animal Testing and Ethics

I believe it is also difficult to develop efficient legislation on the matter as people have different views on animal research and the line between ethical and unethical is blurred in this area.

Marriage Decline as a Social Problem in the US

To discuss the social illness of declining marriages in the US, the incorporated is the social constructionist perspective. The origins of the constructionism can be traced back to the attempts to establish the nature of [...]

Social Inequality in the Titanic Movie

Even when she rejects the privileges that her class offers in order to be with the one she loves, she is eventually separated from him because of the consequences of social inequality.

Healthcare and Human Capital in Uganda

24 years, and a population of 34,612, 250 as per the 2011 estimates, Uganda provides a good example of a country that has continued to embrace the macroeconomic policies advocated by the World Bank and [...]

People as Co-Producers of the Everyday World

Despite the huge impact, which the societal stereotypes have on people's lives and behaviour, people, in fact, have a tangible effect on the evolution of the everyday world, since they define the cultural tendencies and [...]

Nonverbal Communication in Business and Politics

The Body Language Documentary concentrates on and illustrates the use of human body language as a means of communication. Hence, the assumption of dissimilar postures could have at least a slight impact on the way [...]

Substance Use Disorder Treatment and Support

The family will also be forced to use the best strategies in order to take care of the affected person. Members of the family and relatives should also acquire similar skills in order to interact [...]

Third World Feminism and Its Challenges

As a conclusion, Sa'ar states that "it is rooted in the code of familial commitment, which is primarily masculine and includes women only secondarily," which makes it difficult for women to commit to the family, [...]

Wellness and Its Five Dimensions

One of the most important aspects of obtaining physical wellness is the realization that behaviors, choices, and decisions affect the quality of life in various ways. In contrast, lack of emotional wellness results in destructive [...]

National Identity Cards in Developing Countries

The proposed research study will seek to assess the loopholes that exist in the system for registered citizens in developing countries, particularly, in relation to financial infusion, insecurity, and terrorism, with a view of categorizing [...]

Convention on the Rights of the Child in Canada

The four core Articles of the UNCRC are commonly assumed to account for the following: According to this Article, the provisions of the UNCRC apply to all children indiscriminately, with the governments of the state-signatories [...]

The Drug Effect: Health, Crime and Society

Fraser and Moore's case study describes a number of complex social processes and relations that usually surround the drug production and consumption like the development of stereotypes, neglect of the existing social norms, and human [...]