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Affect Personality on Communication Essay

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Updated: Feb 26th, 2022

Communication is a fundamental human function, which is essential for interpersonal relationships, the existence of society, organizations, and groups. In addition, the same person can interact in different ways at work with colleagues, at home with family, or at the university with peers. Currently, professional and academic attention is paid to the study of the influence of personality on communication styles in connection with their practical importance. The results of these researches show that personality effects on quality and variability of communication during interaction with the different kinds of people in sundry social situations.

Certain studies investigate this theme in relation to work activities. In particular, the study results by Molero Jurado et al. (2018) show that a low level of consciousness and a high degree of neuroticism of an individual correlates with a destructive style of communication during verbal speech with colleagues. At the same time, a person characterized by optimism and positiveness interprets stressful situations in such a way that it improves the ability to control their communicative interactions with associates (Molero Jurado et al., 2018). Thus, personality affects the quality of communication in the process of work activities proportionately to the presence of its positive and negative traits.

Personality characterized by emotional stability induces similar states in people who interact with them in communication and conversely. In particular, if someone in the family exhibits negative personality manifestations, it provokes similar emotional states in other people, which is called the effect of attraction (Gundogdu et al., 2017). Thus, even if an individual interacts in a positive way with colleagues or friends, their communication with such family members will be negative. Moreover, there is also a repulsion effect, as a result of which a specific personality causes opposite emotional states in other people interacting with them (Gundogdu et al., 2017). As a result, certain situations contribute to a change in the same person’s mood and, consequently, a shift in communication.

Personality affects communication, besides, in the process of talking with slightly familiar people, such as peers at the university. Karadag and Kaya’s (2019) study, which was conducted among students, showed that people with an extraversion personality type, who have higher self-esteem and less anxiety, converse easily with classmates. It is considered the expected result since the presence of such traits suggests an increased willingness to communicate.

The advantages of using an Internet site as a means of collecting data in psychological research consist of the simplicity of finding information and profitability. In contrast, the disadvantages are a possible distortion of results due to incomplete sampling and the absence of control over records collection. The ethical concerns, which could be noted in using a survey, include potential breaches of confidentiality and related violations of the nonmaleficence principle, resulting in the respondent’s reputation loss.

To summarize, personality affects communication during interaction in various social situations with all kinds of people. In particular, it influences the quality of it during work with colleagues proportionately to the presence of its positive and negative features. Apart from it, there are effects of attraction and repulsion, in which one personality contributes to other changes in typical patterns of behavior in the process of communication among them. Moreover, personality affects communication during a conversation with slightly familiar people and the desire to converse with them. Using an Internet site in psychological research has advantages and disadvantages. The former consists of the profitability and the simplicity of finding data, while the latter comprises the absence of control over records collection and possible distortion of results. In addition, the ethical concerns of using a survey include potential violations of confidentiality and breaches of the nonmaleficence principle.


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