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Different Kinds of Neighbors Essay

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Updated: Nov 12th, 2021

The average family will have to transfer to a new house, apartment, or a new neighborhood more than once. For others, it may require five, six, or seven times of house hunting and move to a new place due to economic pressures, career-related issues, and other kinds of opportunities that may come their way. In this regards one can meet and greet different kinds of people. But most importantly one can experience the pleasure as well as the torture of living within the vicinity of different kinds of neighbors. The following is a brief description of four different kinds of neighbors and how this can make life exciting as well as how it can increase the likelihood of another round of house hunting.

Absentee Neighbor

There can be two types of absentee neighbors. The first one is the absentee neighbor that is not around because he or she is working, having to go on extended trips. Sometimes no one has any clear idea why this neighbor is not around. It would be better to assume that he is off to some remote assignment somewhere rather than to think that he is into something sinister or that the house he is occupying is some sort of safe house or a place where he stockpiles weapons or other illicit materials.

The second type of absentee neighbor is someone who buys a house across the street and yet has no plan of living in it; he is a speculator, hoping to sell it at a higher price. If the housing market is in a slump then expect the slow deterioration of the house starting with weeds growing abundantly in the lawn. If the house is in an upscale neighborhood, the unkempt swimming pool can gather rainwater and all forms of animals can make it their new home. Sometimes the mortgage company and city zoning officials will help in maintaining the house (Phipps, par. 4). If this is not the case then the property can easily become an eyesore affecting the entire neighborhood.

The Typical Neighbor

The typical neighbor can also be called the normal-type neighbor and he or she is the preferred neighbor. The typical neighbor can also be a normal family, one that can even improve the respectability and value of the area. In this household, one can see a family that respects their neighbors and make it a point not to be a burden to the community but instead desiring to help in whatever way they can to make the area a much better place.

This is probably the reason why gated communities exist. The residents are trying to control the kind of neighbors that they will have. This means the strict enforcement of rules. On the negative side, this can also mean minding one’s own business, becoming oblivious to what is happening to the family across the street. At any rate, everyone is wishing for someone normal to move next door. They cannot afford the aggravation brought by an eccentric neighbor or someone so selfish they are only thinking about their rights and not the rights of others.

The Reclusive Neighbor

The reclusive neighbor is usually the loner type. They live alone in their private world. Their houses are not places of rest and recreation, it is a fortress and everyone outside are potential enemies. The reclusive neighbor can maintain this status by not coming out of their homes and not socializing with their neighbors. If ever they come out of their fortress it is only to get supplies as if they are under siege.

The reclusive neighbor can be eccentric and be very wary of outsiders. In some cases, this type of neighbor may spend thousands of dollars to beef up security in his or her home. These security measures can come in the form of spy cameras or sensors that can detect sounds and foil the entry of intruders. It is possible that this neighbor is simply paranoid or that something bad happened to him or her in the past and hence the added security. While one cannot feel comfortable and deliriously happy with this type of neighbor this kind is much preferred as compared to the last type described below.

The Obnoxious Neighbor

This one is an expert in creating activities that can annoy others. This neighbor will not hesitate to exercise his or her rights, to do whatever he or she pleases without regard to the welfare of his or her neighbor. The detestable behavior can be related to loud music, having parties in the middle of the night, and inviting friends over to create noise levels that cannot be tolerated. The obnoxious neighbor can also have habits that are so intolerable such as not following the rules agreed upon by the members of the community. Some neighbors do not take care of their houses and therefore creating not only eyesores but also health hazards for other members of the community.

The obnoxious neighbor can easily create conflict within the neighborhood. Some of them seem to enjoy initiating fights and clearly, they have issues that they should settle with the help of a psychiatrist. One will know if the next-door neighbor falls to this category if the stress level is always up and one cannot wait to transfer to another house or apartment if it is only possible. On the other hand, if one is forced to choose the lesser evil, it would be better to have an obnoxious neighbor that is predictable than having a reclusive neighbor that is a ticking time bomb, his secrets one cannot uncover until it is too late.

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