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Fair Health Care System Essay (Critical Writing)

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Updated: Mar 31st, 2022


Every human being has a right to quality health care. Various stakeholders, especially governments can promote this state by sustaining a fair and just healthcare system. A fair and just system involves certain aspects of the healthcare system including the patient, provider, and organization.

Most critical elements in health care system reform

Universal coverage

Justice with regard to healthcare system means that everybody has access to equal quality of care and treatment. However, this concept may seem to propagate the opposite of what the advocates for this noble course intend, since not everybody has health insurance. If anything, why should people get what they do not pay for (Lecture Notes)? Although people should not get what they do not pay for, there is a perspective that supports the opposite.

I think that the best way to achieve equity in this regard is by imposing health insurance fee on every citizen. This may perhaps work by deducting a health insurance tax from every employee’s pay. However, a critique may raise concerns about the unfortunate low-waged employees. Thus, I think that policy makers should develop a health insurance tax that is proportionate to a person’s income, rather than a constant health insurance tax. I am basing this argument on the conviction that the size of an individual’s income is proportionate with the use of government’s infrastructure.


Efficacy is also critical in healthcare reforms since it serves the fair component of the system structure. In other words, efficient care delivery is a fair part of the health care system bargain (American Nurses Association [ANA], 2010, p.2). Given that doctors and nurses determine this concept, the care providers must be motivated to deliver quality care, through incentives and reasonable patient-provider ratio.

Approach of care delivery must have research basis and not experimental. Indeed health care system “should provide proven therapies, but not experimental…” (Lecture Notes). Experimental approach is a serious matter that must accompany legal action against the perpetrators of such obnoxious practice. It is not fair and just to treat human life with such lightness, and serious consequences must accompany such acts.

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