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Sociology Essay Examples and Topics

Media Influence on Gender and Equality

In the recent past, the media have been condemned for compromising on the intention of realizing gender equality. With respect to the above case, the theory supports any decision or act that will result in [...]

Social Life Aspects

The first book, 'Living in the world risk society' by Beck delves into the issue of risk, while the second book, 'The Marx-Engels reader' by Tucker, looks into class divisions.

Addiction: Methods and Approaches

First and foremost it must be noted that the main difference between the methadone maintenance approach and the therapeutic community approach is that the former believes in illegal substance abstinence through the use of substitute [...]

Gender Roles in South Korean Laws and Society

At the same time, all custody is traditionally granted to husbands and fathers in a case of a divorce" though the anxiety about the high divorce rate and the nasty endings of relationships is more [...]

Stigma Management in Society

Homeless people are considered unproductive and harmful to the rest of society, while overweight persons are perceived as individuals who consume large quantities of food substances. Some members of the society also think these people [...]

Continuum of Deviant Social Structures

Contribution of members in deviance, services rendered to deviants, kind of socialization, the magnitude of intricacies of deviant indulgencies, and deviant member's security in their operations are all a function of organizational sophistication of deviant [...]

The Six Persons’ Communication Model

In the communication chain, when the originator sends a message to first person, the message passes on through the communication chain to the last person in the chain without feedback loop.

School Violence Problem

Many psychologists would refer the roots of such violence to be from experiences of individual imbalance, poor parenting and lack of ways to uphold traditional practices and eventually having a guilty conscience which drives most [...]

The Global Women’s Movement

The role of women in the family today has changed drastically with more women in the developed and developing nations taking the role of bread winners in their families.

International Migration Trends

Workplace abuse in receiving countries is one of the major problems facing Filipino migrants and their government. Additionally, some female Filipino migrants work as entertainers in countries such as Japan and the United States of [...]

Should Marijuana Be Treated Like Alcohol?

Considering the benefits that would accompany the legalization of marijuana and its treatment like alcohol, I strongly agree with Buckley's comparison; marijuana should be treated like alcohol. First, the use of marijuana affects the body [...]

Drug Producing: Theory, Practice and Law

Drug use can lead to a couple of dangerous choices, because the one using the drug usually has a poor lack of judgment when called upon to make a decision while under the influence of [...]

Sustainable Communities: Strengths and Weaknesses

If a community suffers from any health problem that comes about because of pollution, chances are high that many resources will be wasted in securing the wellbeing of the community instead of channeling the funds [...]

Race Understanding Concept

This is because the concept of race has a negative connotation in the society. For example in some societies, especially the western society; the concept of race implies un-fair treatment and discrimination of a particular [...]

Understanding the Social Element in Gender Roles

When saying that gender is a binary construction, one implies that there are two genders, namely, the masculine and the feminine one, and two corresponding types of social behaviour, which are predetermined by the existing [...]

Chinese Youth Sexual Culture

In the Eastern countries, in Japan, to be more particular, the difficulties of teaching the youth the principles of sexual education stretch to the nth degree, since the tricky issue becomes even more complex when [...]

Urban Sociology: Does City Makes Us Better People?

Although George Simmel, Karl Marx, and Max Weber focus on the negative impact of the persons' living in the urban society determining the reasons for people's antagonism as a result of the social interactions in [...]

“First Wave” Feminist Movement

The reading explicitly details the pathways used by women and men in the United States in the 18th and 19th centuries to advocate for the realization of equality of rights across a wide spectrum of [...]

Gambling and Its Effect on Families

The second notable effect of gambling on families is that it results in the increased cases of domestic violence. The third notable effect of gambling on the family is that it increases child abuse and [...]

Monolithic Comprehension of Heterosexuality

She observes that the existing structure, as well as the future agenda of remarkable politics, is based on the unconcealed suppositions of a standardized heteronormativity that have the capability of benefiting heterosexuals.

The Tenements and Class Issues Solutions

This viewpoint made by a member of the upper class fails to take into consideration the migration patterns of people from the countryside to the city during the latter half of the 1800s to the [...]

Issue of Homelessness in America

Currently the numbers of homeless families have significantly increased compared with the number in 1980s and earlier. However, the numbers of homeless individuals and families have considerably augmented by over thirty percent in the last [...]

How the Internet Has Changed World Culture?

The world has embarked on massive scientific and technological developments and inventions; the innovation of computers, particularly the Internet, has influenced people's culture in a number of ways.

Racial and Social Class in South Africa

No doubt, the anti-apartheid movement was found and directed mainly to oppose the racial segregation in South Africa, but racial segregation in the country defined everything else notably; the economic and social status of the [...]

The Evolution of the Race Meaning

The natural evolvement of people biologically, shows that there is no difference in the levels of development of certain nations and so, the concepts of race and its qualities are completely constructed by the society.

Relationship Between Racial Identity and Religion

Furthermore, the alignment of African-Americans to the Egyptian Coptic Church and Ethiopian Orthodox Church especially in North America can be traced back to the close identification of African-Americans to the only independent and black nation [...]

Young Adulthood and Substance Abuse

The impacts of drug abuse are not felt by the individual youth only; they are also felt at a family and societal level. The earlier the diagnosis and discovery of a drug abuse, the higher [...]

Immigrants Human Right in America

In order to make the constitution a living document, America should introduce effective measures in ensuring that the rights of all immigrants are fully recognized, secured and protected.

Sexualities and Cultures in Gender Studies

Gender and sexuality specialty cut across many topics including "The science and politics of sex hormone research, theories of the etiology of sexual orientation, the use of animal models to "explain" human behavior, and the [...]

Sexual Theory: Historical Origins and Current Status

In general, sexuality encompasses the gender roles and gender identities, sexual pleasure and eroticism, sexual orientation and reproduction. The social and cultural influences on sexuality are reflected through gender roles, stereotypes and sexual behaviors and [...]

Muslim Cultural Group: Immersion in the USA

That is why the reason for immersion to the Muslim cultural group is to examine the peculiarities of their outlook with references to their culture and religion and to reduce prejudices with the help of [...]

Public Relations in Not-For-Profit Organisations

In the context of non-profit organisations, PR departments can be viewed as semi-autonomous systems that can make their independent decisions with regard to the type of information that should be shared with the public. It [...]

Global Conflict and Poverty Crisis

The contemporary issue of global conflict and poverty crisis requires the attention of international communities and governments. The study of international conflicts and poverty crisis is important for individuals, communities, and nations across the world.

Merton’s Role Theory Definition

This situation forced many employees in the company to become less effective. Every employee wanted the company to hire a new manager in order to emerge successful.

The Male Role’ Changes

Men are raised to emulate to their fathers, who are expected to be strong and capable providers for their families. The Levant points out to the fact that men are no longer the sole breadwinners [...]

Population Growth and the Associated Concerns

This was a huge increase, especially in the light of the fact that the replenishment of natural resources consumed by the population takes ages, not to mention the fact that some resources, such as crude [...]