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Sociology Essay Examples and Topics

Sociological Gender and Sex in Morine Nicholas’ Study

He explains that this is one of the examples that show the distinction between sex and gender, as well as the two terms being disparate. The article relates to define the sociological gender and sex [...]

Request for Humanitarian Assistance

Moreover, the majority of politicians in these starving countries are corrupt and do not deliver all the medical supplies received to people in hospitals.

Sociological Theories by Marx, Weber, Mills et al.

The study by Zweigenhaft and Domhoff revealed that the U.S.is still at a crucial juncture in terms of the relations between the African Americans and the whites.

Interpersonal Communication for Better Relationships

Effective listening includes analysis of needs and preferences of an interlocutor and comprehension of the verbal and non-verbal means used in communication as a method for improving the climate.

Leadership Qualities and Women’s Soft Skills

Because of the growing interest in social behavior and the social roles the specific disguise which people put on one of the most important issues in social psychology is forming the students' personalities.

Leadership Skills for a Diverse Society

Among the most problematic issues of a man's life is the relationship within the group to which the man belongs to.

Sociological Aspects and Theories

Of the three dimensions, which dimension is the most influential determinant of social class? Explain the Evolutionary theory of stratification and the Conflict theory of Stratification.

Socialization, Social Barriers and Opportunities

In other words, the concept of socialization encompasses ways in which a person learns the way of life adopted by the members of his society by getting inculcated in the culture.

Nature Laws for Managing Human Interactions

Due to the lack of the much difference that is present in many countries, the interaction between mankind would improve with each one providing love and affection to others the same way he would like [...]

Family Communication in “Revolutionary Road” Film

The conversations in the movie are a good amalgamation of power struggle, decision making, and dreams. The conversations in the movie are a good amalgamation of power struggle, decision making, and dreams.

Human Communication Developments

In regard to that conjecture the Al jazeera website seems to have thus combined the aspects of theory of organizational communication with the dynamics of theory of mass communication.

The History of Feminism in the 1960

The author speaks on the feminist movement in the 1960's and the good things that happened as a result of the movement. She demonstrates the achievements of the feminist movement despite the contradictions and shortcomings [...]

American Contexts: Theory and Experience

The fertile and expansive land of American attracted many immigrants from various parts of the world who came with diverse beliefs and values that eventually shaped development of American culture and literature.

The New Left and the Student Movements

The author argues that the New Leftist students, the civil rights activists, student movements, and anti war activists all led to development of today's activists.

Conflict Perspective of the Immigrants

Most of the immigrants are required to learn new languages or culture and these requirements are too tasking for some of the immigrants and they prefer to stay in foreign lands only for a particular [...]

Beneficiaries of Humanitarian Action

He proves that it is important to engage the beneficiaries of humanitarian action because people are the main agents of change, and change is something that can improve the quality of human life.

Developing a Communication Policy

The purpose of this policy is to outline different types of communications messages within the organization. The company's Communications Officer will have to confirm that every message is authentic and by the existing procedures.

Opioid Crisis in Patients

In other words, prior to introducing an educational intervention to the target audience, the enhancement of nurses' knowledge of the issue of the opioid crisis and the means of managing it must take place.

Effective Teambuilding for Childcare Center

After pairing the teachers, the third stage will be used to guide and mentor the team. The fifth stage is to celebrate the functions and successes of the team.

Military Social Work Services and Family Support

The major problem of the given case study is that Brittany, who may come to my office in the Family Support Center, will have to deal not only with the consequences of her husband's traumatic [...]

Effective Public Speaking in Business Environment

The aim of this paper is to reply to a discussion of glossophobia by deliberating on the importance of effective public speaking in the twenty-first-century business environment.

The Concept of “Doing Gender” in the Workplace

It is important to explain the concept of "doing gender" in detail and discuss how it is applied to women's and men's specific experiences in the workplace; despite critiques of the concept, modern work environments [...]

The Dimension of Masculinity: Upjohn and Pharmacia Case

The smaller index of the mentioned dimension means that the culture is characterized by less significant differences between the sexes and a higher value of the relationships.

Ethical Dilemma Involving a Social Worker

As a social worker, I have to decide whether to support the community group, which is unanimously opposed to the decision of the housing authorities to rent to the local mental health department to establish [...]

The Problem of Bullying and Possible Solutions

In general, bullying is a critical and complex issue prevailing among children; thus, it is essential to adopt different solutions to tackle it.

Domestic Violence Management and Budget Cuts

On the other hand, the allocation of financial resources with the focus on awareness campaigns has also led to a lack of financial support for centres that provide the frontline services to victims of domestic [...]

Alienation in Marx’s Sociological Views

In Marxist theory, exploitation is a complex issue that is aimed at creating a specific form of the interdependence of people's material interests based on the following criteria: the principle of inverse interdependent welfare; the [...]

Social Work: Human Trafficking and Trauma Theory

One of the theoretical frameworks is trauma theory that focuses on the traumatic experiences victims are exposed to as well as the influence of these traumas on their further life.

Primary Diagnosis: Substance Abuse

The factors defining the occurrence of drug use disorders include genetic predisposition and increased sensitivity of reward receptors in the brain, as well as the widespread availability of drugs, i.e, frequent prescription of opioid analgesics [...]

Cultural Norms in Ethical Standards Development

This paper examines critically the roles of cultural norms in the development of ethical standards and codes in the society and their impact on the general societal wellbeing.

Saving Beauty: Stereotypes that Have to Be Subverted

The need to view beauty as a synonym to the uniqueness and, thus, to diverge from the existing standards of an appealing look is rooted in the necessity to address the current problem associated with [...]

Supervised Injection Services in British Columbia, Canada

Supervised Injection Services in Interior BC as the means of managing the problem of substance dependence. Financial constraints, the lack of patient education, and service inaccessibility define the problem in the specified region and, particularly, [...]

Woman’s Beauty: A Put Down or Power Source

There is a question if anything can be done to defend women and to secure their right to get out of the trap of beauty, thus refusing to do cosmetic surgery.

Sexual Attraction Flexibility: Sex Differences

Thus, in the course of the research, Kinnish et al.come to the conclusion that there is credible evidence of the flexibility of sexual orientation.

Women’s Empowerment and Gender Equality Concepts

According to Georgellis and Sankae, the Theory of Gender Role emerged out of the consistent work of different psychologists who were interested in explaining the differences between men and women from a socio-economic angle.

Occupy Wall Street Movement and Its Consequences

The motto referred to the inequality of income and distribution of wealth between the top 1% of the United States' wealthiest citizens and the remaining population.

Women’s Ethical Dilemma in the United States Army

I had wanted to demonstrate to girls in schools across the country that it is possible for a woman to succeed in the American military. One of the greatest principles I have embraced in my [...]

Addictive Behavior Programs and Drug Abuse Trends

The involvement of stakeholders is an essential condition for the effectiveness of this model of work and its results, and all the roles should be allocated in accordance with the capabilities of the program's participants.

Feminist Theory in “A Family Thing” Movie

Discrimination and disregard of someones basic rights are one of the central causes for the emergence of significant psychological problems and the gradual deterioration of the quality of life.

Make-A-Wish Foundation’s Mission and Contributions

In conclusion, it is essential to state that the Make-A-Wish Foundation's mission is the implementation of eligible children's wishes to improve their physical condition and empower them.

Masculine Disciplines Role in Boys’ Life

There is a strong imposition to follow a symbolic boy code described by William Pollack according to which boys have to be "stoic and independent, macho and athletic, powerful and dominant, and phobic of anything [...]

Drug Abuse Among Young People in the US

The paper analyzes studies regarding some of the most widespread types of substances, as well as discusses the role of the rap culture in the growing number of young addicts in the U.S.

Poverty and Global Food Crisis

Her innovative approach to the issue was to measure food shortages in calories as opposed to the traditional method of measuring in pounds and stones.

Traditional Boy Code vs. Male Becoming

One of the modern methods aimed at the formation of men and the education of strong defenders is the traditional boy code that stimulates the training of young Chinese men for adult life.

Public Administration Ethical Dilemma and Theories

Smith should take the responsibility of ensuring that the needs of the majority are upheld since the welfare of the community, and the organization is of importance.

Social Worker’s Skills for Indigenous Australians

All of the mentioned aspects are associated with the ethical practice, which is intended to bury the tensions that existed between the members of the Indigenous and non-Indigenous population.

Social Work in the Military Rehabilitation

Some of the questions for Cooper would be to determine his level of comfort working in a civilian environment and his determination to address critical issues.

Dual Diagnosis and Social Health Determinants

There are many successful attempts to define a dual diagnosis, and some of them will be discussed in this paper to investigate this type of diagnosis, recognise the social determinants of health, and discuss the [...]

Motherhood Penalty as a Sociological Concept

This paper describes the importance of the concept of "motherhood penalty" for sociological theory, relates this issue to the feminist theory, and analyses the results of a laboratory experiment dedicated to motherhood penalty consequences for [...]

Social Cognition and Perception

Therefore, I had broken down the two interactions into the basics of understanding what a person would require of me in the presented circumstances by using my understanding and attribution to the American cultural context.

Public Leaders’ Views on Ethics

Also, the key focus is on transparency as openness and clearness in actions because city managers are watched by the public and media as guarantors of a community's progress.

Heroin Addiction Educational and Preventive Program

The mission of the chosen program is to educate people about the threats of heroin. The participants of this program have to get access to the information about heroin addiction globally and recognize the suggestions [...]

Stop Heroin Addiction: Service Delivery Program

The overall mission of the program is to make sure that participants overcome the problem of heroin abuse through having information and tools necessary for dealing with the issue. The cultural variable should be at [...]

Heroin Addictive Behavior and Its Etiology

Issues such as gender violence and inequality can also be addressed in a society that intends to minimize the number of heroin users or abusers.

Negotiation and Third Party Mediation

The second means requesting the help of a trained person, who acts as a neutral party and helps the discussion to proceed, and makes the final verdict if necessary.

Rhetoric in “12 Angry Men” Film by Sidney Lumet

In the same manner, he points to the fact that some of the information presented as incriminating the boy is insufficient for establishing the personality of a killer.

Anti-Homelessness Program’s Cost Benefit Analysis

For the first program, the major benefit is the reduction of homelessness among adolescents and young adults as one of the most serious current social problems.

Interpersonal Communication: the Ideal Listener

I would perceive that also as a good listening trait that demonstrates that an individual is attentive to detail and is interested in apprehending the information I deliver.

Opioids Addiction in the United States

The growing addiction, abuse, and overdose of opioids in the United States are some of the main concerns among the federal agencies involved in safeguarding public health.

Non-Verbal Communication and Human Behavior

It is also noteworthy to mention that people tend to avoid touching each other when maneuvering in the crowd. The presence of a friendly person also appears to make the other individual more prone to [...]

Addiction History and Concepts

When the colonization of the Americas started, the consumption of alcohol was common practice in Europe, and it spread across the New World following the development of American society.

Cuss Words: Meaning and Application

In cases of the latter, there seems to be no limit or barrier that holds me from using any cuss word that is in my vocabulary because occasionally the anger clouds my judgment and I [...]

The Human Rights and Its Basic Principles

There is a perspective that the initiation of the given process can be justified by the need to protect citizens and the state.

Women in Sports: Perspectives and Experiences

It is the purpose of the local educators to challenge exclusion practices and gradually change the social, political, and educational climate for the better, and help promote the values of equality and feminism in such [...]

Addictions: Treatment and Prevention

On the other hand, addiction is the inability to stop practicing a harmful habit despite its negative consequences, as it is connected to the physical or psychological pleasures.

Mental Health Issues and Substance Abuse: Dual Diagnosis

The prevention of the development of addictions is achieved through the integration of the client into the community and neutralisation of the stressors that can lead to drug or alcohol misuse.

Sports Promotion in Saudi Arabian Women

The issues of social justice and human rights in education are very important to me, as I come from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, which is one of the leading nations in the Islamic world.

Program Evaluation Process by Rossi et al.

The chapter refers to a variety of ideas related to social and political studies, paying special attention to the meaning of program evaluation. To sum up, the chapter reviews and explains the notion of program [...]

Feminism in Tunisia and Jordan in Comparison

Thus, the sources of support for women in Jordan and Tunisia are quite different due to the discrepancies in the administrative issues associated with the feminist movement.

Gratuities for Police and Professional Ethics

As a Chief of Police, I would not allow police officers to accept gratuities because tokens of gratitude can be used to compromise their integrity, judgment, and impartiality in the administration of justice and law [...]

Program Process Assessment in Social Analysis

The considered notion, as Rossi et al.note, is based on studying such concepts as service utilization, which is the assessment of recourses to certain opportunities in the social sphere, and program organization involving the analysis [...]

Program Theory for Social Behavior Research

The program theory is one of the aspects of researching social behavior and those issues that develop under the influence of certain trends.

Healthy Options Promoting Esteem Project

The main goal of the project was to break the cycle of prostitution and solicitation by helping prostitutes and people who solicited them to break the cycle and change their unethical ways.

White Privilege and Racism in American Society

It is also possible not to notice that White people are widely covered in the media, and the color of their skin is viewed as "normal" and "usual".

Qualitative Needs Assessment in Program Evaluation

The North Carolina Homeless Education Program can be discussed as an example of the currently applied program to address social needs, and it requires evaluation.

Needs Assessment in “Evaluation” by Rossi et al.

In the chapter devoted to this step of evaluation, Rossi, Lipsey, and Freeman regard it from a practical viewpoint, focusing on the approach's effectiveness for the analysis and prioritization of needs.

Home Depot Foundation’s Community Improvement

Based on the report from the Home Depot Foundation, veteran support is conducted through a volunteer force, with all people, interested in the participation of community improvement projects, welcomed to devote their time and energy.

Workplace Violence in the Modern United States

Such occurrence invokes a tense environment that is likely to produce cases of violence in the workplace. Workers have different personalities and, therefore, possess different capabilities to cope with tension and pressure in the workplace.

Wildlife in Art, Science and Public Attitudes

In her opinion, Hirst's approach to art that involves "taking things out of the world" to get to their essence is extremely contradictory and aims to oversimplify the concept of wilderness.

Female Violence Victim’s Perceptions in Singapore

The qualitative section of the study will contribute to updating the current data on the prevalence of intimate partner violence and narrow down the areas where the impact of such abusive behavior may be manifested [...]

Home Depot Foundation’s Project in Social Media

In collaboration with the Atlanta City Council and the Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms, the Home Depot Foundation will assess the local communities in the city, identify the target population, and proceed with improvement projects.

Societal Challenges and Community Development

Droughts have been the order of the day in many areas of the world and especially in Africa, because of climate change, heightened water scarcity, and inadequate farming methods.

Poverty Solution as a Political Issue in Australia

The Native Australians, colonist and West Africans tend to share some of the cultural aspects though the interpretation differs from one state or country to the other.