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Nudism or Naturism Report (Assessment)


They call themselves the ‘Generation Y’ and the ‘Future leaders of tomorrow’. They fall in the age bracket of between 18 – 30 years and comprise almost more than half of the world’s population; these are our youths. Their recent behavior is causing a moral panic in the society and it is indeed a worrying factor. This moral panic is caused by youth naturist or nudism; they call it ‘freedom of the body’ and to them, there is nothing wrong by walking naked, playing games while nude or exposing their nudity to the public.

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The members of AANR youth ambassadors have posted a video to justify their naked act (youtube, 2010). The video comprises of young members being interviewed while others are basking naked by the beach. The problem here is that they seem to be comfortable in their naked state and the numbers of the youth joining the nudism club seems to be on the rise causing a moral panic.

This particular you tube clip has over 5 million viewers, evidence that they have managed to get the message to millions of youth out there. The youth advocates and the State seem to be bothered by this act (Kanter, 2010); they are calling for this nudism youth camps to be abolished.

Nudism or Naturism in Detail

According to Williams (2007), the ideal narrative of socialist nudism asserted that nudism is both a way to liberate the worker and a method of controlling sexual drives. He defines it as a freedom of liberation and control. Most naturists activities have membership, a good example are the nudism beaches.

Most of these members are the youth and their numbers are increasing by day causing a moral panic. In their leading website, Nudism (2010) actually indicates its desire to increase membership and involvement of the 18-30 groups. It calls it a national concern and the majority of the group members are college girls.

The Moral Panic caused by Naturism among the Youth

Surprisingly, nudism was known to appeal to persons over the age of 30 in earlier years where the numbers of young nudists were few, if any. However, recent conducted research shows that the youths are now joining the nudism world at an extremely rapid and alarming rate. Why is this so? The youth find it fun exposing their beautiful bodies. Recent posted photos in the websites are mostly of the youth sunbathing in the beaches naked or engaging in various nude sports and activities.

Cultural imperialism is also another reason for the recent recruitment of the youth to the world of nudism. Saldanha (2010) blames the tourists in Goa for introducing immorality among the youth. Free online pornographic materials especially nudism sites that encourage membership can be attributed to the rise of youth nudism; family nudism has also been known to encourage nudism especially to children who takes up the nudism culture.

Why should this be a moral panic? The youth are slowly corrupting their young minds. As the future generation, these young minds have been corrupted with sexual fantasies and its all about sex. Phillips et al. (2000) argues that naturism makes explicit links between the body and nature in which the ideas co joins with ideas about sex and sexuality.

Though most naturists’ claim that any sort of sexual activity is condemned, it cannot be avoided either. As a result, unwanted pregnancies are on the increase and lots of abortions as a result henceforth. Rampant sexual activities are common among the youth naturists as compared to the older generation because of their active minds.

While the minds of the older generations are mature enough to control the erotic sexual fantasies, this is not the case with the youth whose minds are still growing.

Groupies are also very common with the youth naturists; this is engaging in sex activities with more than one partner. The biggest worry is lack of protection while engaging in this sexual behavior with multiple partners causing a moral panic.

According to Ross (2005), health factor is a major implication in the world of naturists; this is practically true as per the rising sexually transmitted diseases among the youth in these camps. They don’t seem to worry about the future but that they are socially accepted in the world of fun.

Sex dugs are also a common phenomenon, the sex power drive is too much such that they result to use of sex drugs as a catalyst. This is especially common in activities such as nudism camping. They have thrown caution to the wind about the dangers and negative implications of this sex drugs.

Incest is also a major implication; this is especially in family nudism. The youth have confessed of engaging in sexual activities with their brothers, sisters or even cousins.

Homosexuality and female prostitution is also rampant among the naturists. They call it experimenting and it is as a result of influence among the members in the group. According to Nudism (2010) “more than 100 local naturist clubs have been established for gay men in major cities in Canada and United States”.

It can also not be ignored that sex crimes have been on the rise among the youth naturists’ members as a result of this particular groups.

Exposing each other bodies causes a psychological reaction of sexual fantasy to the mind and as a result it is sexually driven. This, if not satisfied can lead to sex crimes such as sexual assaults or even rape. Nudism camps and leaders have actually failed to instill measures to curb and protect the youth in this movement.

Measures To Be Taken To Curb Nudism Practice

The government should intervene and ban these groups. Recent US Supreme courts have actually banned these practices in their recent upheld decisions terming them as immoral. They can also be registered like any other organization and membership to be governed to exclude the youth; registration aids the government to keep the organization in check under certain terms.

The youth should be given advice by their elders; problem comes in when their elders are the same people condoning this practice and it becomes difficult to implement this measure. Most of these families raise their children as nudists. Measures should be taken to deal with nudists families to shield their children from this immoral practice.

Cyber nudism sites should also be banned. Free access and membership to these sites should also be discouraged.


Nudism and naturist is therefore a moral panic in view of our discussion above. If tolerated and encouraged, our future leaders will slowly and gradually diminish with the immoral acts of this world. We should therefore teach and train them to be better and morally upright people.


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