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Travelers Insurance Essay

Travellers Insurance specializes in insurance packages meant for businesses and individuals. The company is founded on the ground that individuals and businesses have a lot to protect. In this regard, it offers detailed claim services and policies to ensure that the clients are satisfied. To invest in confident businessmen, Travelers Insurance provides various insurance options that cater for large and small businesses. Therefore, businesses enjoy fashioned claim services and coverage.

The management at the company is such that there are a wide array of services and packages offered for businesses and individuals. This ensures that the company enjoys a huge market share. Individuals are offered services depending on their needs. These include services for motor vehicles, events such as wedding, education policies, health insurance, homeowners, rental, coverage for expensive items, identity fraud, and shipping services.

In addition, individuals are offered protection against calamities such as draught, flood, and tsunamis. On the other hand, services offered for businesses include liabilities, protection against risks, global marketing, and bonds. On the same note, businesses are served depending on whether they are large, mid- sized, or small (Hersey & Blanchard, 1969).

In my opinion, this makes the business successful since it is possible to serve a wide array of customers. The company is able to do comprehensive research and know the customers’ needs. This can be achieved through an analysis of the customers’ feedbacks and responses. Consequently, there is provision of services that are fashioned depending on the clients’ needs. I would like working for a company where there are various departments to cater for the customers’ needs. Moreover, the employees should be given an opportunity to present their views and opinions that make them feel appreciated as part of the company.

At Travellers Insurance, the services offered to businesses depend on whether the business is small, large, or medium- sized. The management at the company believes that this helps in serving the customers appropriately. However, I believe that there is a need to develop common services for the three categories of businesses. This is imperative in ensuring that each category of business benefits from the other categories. For instance, small businesses can acquire additional management and leadership skills from the large and medium- sized businesses.

Therefore, there is a need to create an interaction avenue between the various categories of businesses (Hersey & Blanchard, 1969). On the same note, large businesses can benefit from innovative ideas owned by small businesses. Consequently, large and small businesses may merge to realize business ventures. Therefore, there is a need for Travellers Insurance to develop services that can bring the three categories of businesses together.

I believe that managing the employees as required makes them happy. Consequently, the employees become loyal to the company and have a high level of productivity. The company, managers, and the employees benefit from the good working relationship. Therefore, good management is extremely beneficial in a company.

Another belief is that managing employees effectively is extremely easy and every employee has the ability to become an effective manager. However, the company should empower all employees with the most appropriate techniques and tools. These two beliefs cannot be changed (Armstrong, 2008).

From the foregoing discussion, it is evident that management in every company should be handled well. This is attributed to the fact that management determines the success or failure of a company.


Armstrong, M. (2008). Management a leadership. London: Grada Publishers.

Hersey, P., & Blanchard, K. H. (1969). Management of organizational behavior. Englewood Cliffs, NJ: Prentice-Hall.

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