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Rest as a Creation Health Program’s Principle Essay

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Creation Health is a well-being program anchored in faith and featured with diverse workshops on ways of life. There is also the provision of a unique teaching plan to instill health skills to people who aspire leading healthier and cheerful lifestyles. Rest, as one of the eight Creation Health principles, is an incredibly essential code in attaining the goals of the course (“Rest,” 2020). Remarkably, it revitalizes, stimulates, revivifies, and restructures the body, mind, and emotion. Eventually, it equips individuals with the capability to perform at their best. The selection of this source for exploration has been necessitated by the conception that rest is unanimously acknowledged as an elementary human necessity. Noteworthy, rest may encompass relaxation time away from the normal routine for rejuvenation, as well as having ample and peaceful sleep at night. This discourse presents the importance of rest, and the past, present, and future personal experience and application of the principle. Finally, an account of how one can assist others in applying rest to enhance their lives is delineated.

Importance of Rest

Getting rid of stresses from the mind, body, and soul is paramount for optimal wellbeing. The human body demands discontinuities while undertaking any activity for better physical wellbeing (Bernhofer, 2016). Mental healthiness calls for periodical relieving of strains for the conservation of emotional fitness. Additionally, the requirement for spiritual rest is a belief of countless creeds. The majority of the cultures underscore that the hominid soul needs an intermittent slackening of doings to avail time for pursuing divine matters (Bernhofer, 2016). Subsequently, rest is a definable code whose delineation cannot forfeit its attributable significance, either mentally, physically, or spiritually.

Rest can also be termed as a bodily condition described by negligible or reduced amounts of metabolic and functional activities. For instance, patients suffering from surgical cardiac are required to take quality rest away from the routine duties to dislodge their physique from surgery trauma (Helvig et al., 2016). Furthermore, research has depicted that workers who operate continuously for twelve hours without breaks suffer from diminished alertness the following day in comparison to their counterparts who seek periodical relief during working hours.

Rest is also essential in endeavoring safety in workplaces as it ensures that the personnel is free from fatigue. Indeed, several incidences in the aviation industry, including the crashing of the American Airlines Flight 1420 in 1999 and the explosion of the Challenger in 1986, are associated with deprivation of rest (Helvig et al., 2016). Additionally, rest is significant in attaining a life free from fears; thus, cultivating a peaceful spirit and mind. When patients, for example, living with chronic diseases, share their experiences while getting analgesic care, they feel their suffering has been alleviated, thereby creating a calm and restful atmosphere.

Notwithstanding the above, one is expected to sit during rest periods. The posture permits one to contemplate, thus allowing the mind and body to convalesce and recover effortlessly. Undeniably, the Buddhists believe meditation comprises schematic acts encompassing relaxing, cessation, and resting. The Bible also gives multiple inferences on tranquility and peace of mind. Matthew 11:29 states, “Take My yoke upon you and learn from Me, for I am gentle and lowly in heart and you will find rest for your souls” (as cited in Helvig et al., 2016, p. 65). Noteworthy, numerous dutiful practices associate tranquility and psychological armistice with the restful moments away from work, dedicated to spiritual nourishment.

Personal Experience with Rest

I have been applying the principle of rest throughout my life, and I will continue practicing it. I am used to taking frequent pauses from the daily engagements upon completing tasks before engaging in the subsequent activities. Moreover, I endeavor to take a nap during the lunch-hour break and also ensure I get adequate sleep at night free from interference. Notably, disruptions during the usual sleep duration result in a poor quality of the nap, hence the unrefreshed mood. I have learned from the wellness specialists that when one experiences such episodes often, they tend to have lowered sensitivity of insulin and diminished efficiency of glucose in the body. Consequently, I avoid such non-recuperative sleep through the dedication of at least seven hours of sleep daily.

Socializing with type-2 diabetes and hypertension patients has also proved that most of them have had cases of fragmented and sleep disarrays, which made them lose control over their body mass indices. Endeavoring peaceful snooze has also been attributed to enhanced memory and excellent cognitive skills. The mortality rate has been ascertained to be higher amongst males who undergo interferences while sleeping than their colleagues who get normal rest. Therefore, I strive to have a refreshing doze to maintain mental and physical healthiness.


I can help others embrace the principle by undertaking rigorous interactions and explaining to them its inherent benefits. I should utilize any given opportunity with the audience to address the practice while providing personal accounts on the verge of persuading them to adopt it. Remarkably, having a comprehensive understanding of rest calls for one to accord others the same for their mental, physical, and spiritual fitness. I also ought to offer counsel to individuals to avoid perpetuating actions that have the possibility of causing distress, anxieties, insomnia, and other detrimental effects on others while at rest. Additionally, I must urge folks to ensure they accord others the chance to renew their sense of completeness in life and righteousness ministry. Above all, I have to make it known by everyone that God ought to be accorded His apt domicile amongst all the people.


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