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Healthcare Institution Essay Examples and Topics

Medical terminology errors

Using of medical terms that are similar and wrong abbreviations are some of the medical terminology errors. Errors in the use of medical terminologies can be attributed to the construction of the medical terms.

Medical terminologies for dummies

The authors explain that knowledge of medical terminologies will only start by knowing the system of the body and recognizing the medical words that are commonly used.

Мedical professionals test

It can be observed that most of the tests developed to assess proficiency in medical language focus on the use of the English language.

Patient Care Improvement

The rising complexity in health care has compelled practitioners to learn, as well as understand ways to improve the patient's care based on the medical terminology.

Effective Communication in Healthcare

The model was also created to facilitate the implementation of strategies that are necessary for achieving the mission and goals of the clinic. Information and Communication technology has also led to effective sharing of information [...]

Palliative Care Competence

The complexity of the situation usually determines if the condition is to proceed to palliative care. Advancement to palliative care can also occur if the treatment given to the patient is not working and causes [...]

Hospitals in USA

Based on this tradition of charity, hospitals developed; efforts of the community to care for the sick, disabled, and deprived also contributed to the emergence of hospitals.Q2. The different types of hospitals in the US [...]

Corona Regional Hospital

The mission of the hospital center is to serve the communities so as to be the healthcare partner of choice for patients, physicians and staff members.

Changes in Healthcare Industry

Changes in the healthcare industry in the last ten years In the last one decade, the healthcare industry has undergone tremendous change as it has been pushed by demand to address the vital areas of [...]

A Behavioural Health Clinic Mission

The mission statement of the Behavioural Health Clinic will be, 'to ensure provision of first-class health care services to mentally and socially related problems.' The focus will be on the wide range of ages and [...]

Health Care Communication Methods

In health care communication, considering the ability of the audience to read, understand and act on health information is essential. The speed and convenience of electronic devices is also important in health care communication.

Hospice and Pain Management

In hospice care, the use of medication is the main method that controls pain even though there are other known methods of pain control.

Evolution of Hospice Care

The role of the social worker is to provide emotional support to the patient and the family as well as the spiritual services offered by the clergymen and women.

Home Based and Community Based Services (HCBS)

According to the University of the Rochester Medical Center, Long-term care entangles services such as nursing home care, personal or adult care health care to individuals who have disabilities or above 65 years of age.

Long-Term Care Diversification

The unstable operating environment in the United States, especially in the 1990s has made hospitals that provide long-term care services to diversify their products as well as services offered to capture ardently the ever-changing long-term [...]