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DispatchHealth Company’s Mission and Services Research Paper

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Updated: Jun 14th, 2022

Organizational Profile

Mission and Overview

DispatchHealth is a fast-growing medical company offering healthcare delivery by providing on-demand urgent care and medical treatment for different groups of citizens in their homes. The mission of the organization is to perform the most effective and innovative in-home medical care worldwide. The patient receives qualified specialist advice, the necessary recommendations, and appointments without leaving home. Besides, due to a psychologically comfortable and confidential home conversation, patients have the opportunity to ask the doctor any questions they are interested in and receive competent answers with a guarantee of confidentiality.

Moreover, one of the purposes of offering on-demand medical treatment is diminishing additional emergency room appointments and hospitalizations and lessening healthcare system costs. The organization was created in 2013 by Dr. Mark Prather and Kevin Riddleberger. The “DispatchHealth” co-founders aim to establish the unified, available, advanced care delivery by providing reliable medical care in the home while reducing additional expenses. DispatchHealth has a novel business structure, including a management organization, a business, and a clinical leadership team.

The medical company “DispatchHealth” is managed by a group of professional and experienced managers with extensive experience in various areas. The team consists of several positions, performed by co-owners Mirjam Nilsson and Jens Martensson, the surgeon August Berggren, sales Ian Karlsson and Chief Financial Officer Victoria Nilsson. There are also several leadership team positions such as Chief Growth Officer, Chief Provider Strategy and Solutions Officer, VP of Enterprise Optimization, and VP of Strategy (DispatchHealth, n.d.). The Market Leadership Team incorporates a VP of Growth, 3 Regional Market Directors, and a group of 7 Market Directors (DispatchHealth, n.d.). The company provides diagnostic, therapeutic, and preventive care in most medical specialties following modern science’s latest achievements. The Clinical Leadership Team is equipped with a VP of Medical Affairs/Medical Director, VP of Medical Affairs, Advanced Care, SVP Operations, Senior BP, Advanced Practice, and a host of Nurse Practitioners strategically positioned across the country (DispatchHealth, n.d.). The company employs doctors – professionals with vast practical experience in the treatment of various diseases.


In the multidisciplinary medical center “DispatchHealth,” medical services at home are provided by doctors who are qualified in various fields of medicine and are ready to conduct a wide range of medical procedures and examinations at home convenient for the patient. Both adults and children’s doctors work and go home in the clinic. The center specialists carry out the necessary medical procedures and manipulations: the setting of droppers, injections, and dressings, physiotherapy procedures at home (What We Treat, n.d.). In case of acute respiratory illness, fever, limited mobility with neurological pain, increased blood pressure, allergic reactions, calling a doctor at home is the most convenient way to get aid (What We Treat, n.d.). The service is available to everyone. By ordering the service in the app or by phone, the patient can expect a doctor’s visit as soon as possible.

Funding and Target Audience

The organization’s funding comes from different lend investors and enterprises. These are Optimum Ventures, Echo Health Ventures, Venture Round Alta Partners, Questa Capital Management (DispatchHealth, n.d.). Dispatch Health has raised a total of $203.2M in funding over four rounds (DispatchHealth, n.d.). According to Melton (2020a), this type of medical organization attracts investors, considering home care as a tool to regulate growing healthcare spendings. Melton (2020b) claims that “DispatchHealth visits will typically cost patients with insurance $50 or less, patients without insurance spend an average of $200-$300, nearly ten times less than the average ER visit, which the Healthcare Cost Institute estimates to be around $2,000.” Target Audience varies in accordance with claims and patient’s diseases. 22% of requests are pediatric, 45% of patients seek general treatment, 38% are older adults, and about 8% of requests appear due to urgent cases.

SWOT Analysis

Strengths are accessibility and variety of treatments. The first is characterized by mobile urgent care service for home calls. It provides 18 states and 28 cities locations and serves babies and pediatric patients, family medicine, and geriatric patients, whereas the response time is 1-2 hours (Galiana & Haseltine, 2019). Another positive point is the cost covered by commercial or private insurances. It also considers Medicare with or without Secondary Insurance (Galiana & Haseltine, 2019). Concerning weaknesses, these are the arrival time, which ranges between 1-2 hours, depending on the schedule (DispatchHealth, n.d.). The number of responders is limited; it permits only two people per visit. There is no specialization, imaging, and telehealth option for increased access. It also cannot carry to the ER in case of an emergency. Opportunities are added imaging services that will shorten waiting at imaging offices and reduce ER visits, responding specialists, specializing in various domains, and transport services, enhancing accessibility and quality medical care for patients (DispatchHealth, n.d.). Major competitors are Anywhere Urgent Care, Remedy Urgent Care, Chicken Soup Urgent Care. Dispatch Health has much competition for specialty care that requires imaging, telemedicine services, and transport services.

Marketing Strategies

A significant increase in revenue is achieved through the organization of the entire marketing cycle in the organization, in-depth analysis of the competitive environment, the introduction of modern promotion technologies, and efficiency analysis. Concerning partnership, “DispatchHealth” obtains close associations with various medical institutes, including hospitals, larger payers, senior living communities, provider groups, and emergency services (EMS) (DispatchHealth, n.d.). Dispatch Health presents a website and mobile application to perform easy interaction with clients, optimizing doctors’ work, ensuring control, and improving service. The company actively uses social media to publish health-related news and innovation to help the patient stay current with the medical field situation. “DispatchHealth” educates the population and reveals some important points concerning the findings in the healthcare domain. Citizens are engaged due to useful and relevant information regarding health found on the company’s website.

Future Marketing Strategies

With regard to future marketing strategy implementation, the main points are branding, building competition, referral system, social media, and surveys. It is essential to develop a regular healthcare brand to distinguish the organization from others. For boosting patients’ awareness and interest in the company, it is vital to submit special reasons, for instance, corresponding or lower costs of treatment services. The referral system allows the organization to expand the market through business connections. The active use of social media stays a decisive factor in the company’s marketing. Moreover, it is needed to perform studies investigating the “DispatchHealth” services to define their quality.

“DispatchHealth” is intended to implement a programmed notification service as it can decrease open appointments. Besides, the functions, such as pay-per-click ads and advertising Healthcare Marketing, are the crucial marketing aspects that allow performing more overall visibility online due to the paid advertisements promotion. Furthermore, it is useful to utilize a customer relationship management system (CRM). Google Analytics manages trade ranking in different search engines. The company plans to follow its pay-per-click campaigns by adding Google AdWords and using a HIPAA-compliant call tracking system. Moreover, HubSpot, in particular, helps increase sales, optimize marketing, and improve customer service. These factors are achieved by storing information about customers, the history of relationships with them, improving the relevant business processes, and subsequent analysis of the results.

Final Recommendations

The final recommendations include the creation of transportation services to provide adequate medical care in time. It is suggested to sign contracts with ambulance dispatch assistance to transport patients to ER if needed. Imaging services are essential in terms of full disease image; this leads to the necessity to expand such aids due to obtaining portable X-ray machines. Finally, due to the globalizing and growing multicultural society, it is essential to enhance communication by developing bilingual staff and interpreting assistance. Tele-medicine technologies diminish optional in-home visits while expanding the service area to remote and rural areas.


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