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Performance Improvement at a Hospital and Research Center Essay

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Updated: Jun 13th, 2022

His Excellency, Dr. Majid Al Fayyadh.

Chief Executive Officer.

King Faisal Specialist Hospital and Research Centre.

Having opened in 1975, the King Faisal Specialist Hospital and Research (KFSH&RC) has been doing its best in terms of adhering to the values defined by the facility: accountability, patient-centric, safety, excellence, and collaboration. The successful integration of the educational process and research into the healthcare setting has contributed to the facility’s worldwide recognition. Moreover, the model introduced by KFSH&RC has now been serving as an example for healthcare patterns all over the world for almost a century.

In a rapidly changing paradigm of healthcare digitalization, it is of crucial importance to set targets that would comply with people’s expectations of the healthcare system worldwide. All Committed to Improve became a radar able to show the ambitious, yet tangible goals professionals are to follow. As you will read in this report, some of the major modifications taken place in 2019 included introducing a revolutionary approach to diagnostics, as well as the introduction of both cost and quality-efficient tools for future integration in the healthcare optimization process.

I would like to thank Dr. Mohammed Alotaibi, Deputy Chief Executive officer, Healthcare Delivery, Riyadh, and Dr. Mallawi, Chief Operating

Officer-Jeddah, for their thoughtful guidance and ability to develop the culture of collaboration and innovative spirit within the team, making our 2019 ambitions a measurable achievement.

I would also like to thank Ms. Nada Alharbi, Director of Quality Management-Riyadh, Ms. Shorouq Zakariya, Director of Quality Management-Jeddah, and the entire Quality Management Department for their exceptional contribution to the innovation prices and effective management of the executive team. The favorable outcome of All Committed to Improve could only be achieved through the meaningful participation of the KFSH&RC staff; their achievements are displayed in the course of the following report, and their contributions make a significant difference to the lives of the patients and families under our supervision. Seeing everything we managed to achieve as a team gives me inspiration and a firm desire to reach even higher in the nearest future.

When thinking about our future accomplishments, King Faisal Specialist Hospital and Research Centre should bear in mind the importance of promoting an innovative spirit both within the cooperation with fellow practitioners and patients. The residents, by all means, deserve the best possible care and treatment patterns; thus, we are to pool our efforts to maintain the standards we have set for our clients and colleagues. United, we will pursue building our reputation and excellence while creating a framework that would benefit the generations to come.


Majid Al Fayyadh, MD, MMM Chief Executive Officer.

Dr. Mohammed Alotaibi.

Deputy Chief Executive officer, Healthcare Delivery- Riyadh.

King Faisal Specialist Hospital and Research Centre were established by its founders to pursue the idea of constant improvement and becoming a better version of itself. KFSH&RC has a worldwide reputation connected with efficiency and excellence. Thus, through the successful implementation of All Committed to Improve, we achieved a new milestone.

As a healthcare facility encompassing research, we are responsible for a continuous search for innovations and ways to transform the existing healthcare pattern for fellow patients and their families. All Committed to Improve, while one of the most significant projects for the facility, is only a part of everything we accomplish to preserve quality care for Riyadh residents.

I want to express my sincere appreciation and greetings to everyone who became a part of the All Committed to Improve 2019. You have, by all means, contributed to making our residence a better place.

To Quality Management, thank you for leading this initiative and helping KFSH&RC – Riyadh be at our best.

Sincerest congratulations,

Dr. Mohammed Alotaibi.

Chief Executive Officer, Healthcare Delivery- Riyadh Riyadh.

Dr. Yaseen Mallawi.

Chief Operating Officer-Jeddah.

King Faisal Specialist Hospital and Research Centre is an outstanding example of determination and passion. In 2019, these qualities helped KFSH&RC complete many performance advancement projects that secure proper healthcare for Riyadh residents.

The Organization itself is quite committed to the preservation of the highest quality standards in both management and treatment. All Committed to Improve has made this dedication even more evident and valuable. This report highlights some of our major achievements, which will later serve as a motivational tool to accomplish even more in the field of applied medicine.

I am honored to be a part of the team that made All Committed to Improve possible. Quality Management, which I would like to thank the most, has made the initiative successful due to their excellent supervision skills.

I am looking forward to seeing what we could achieve over the years.

Warmest congratulations,

Dr. Yaseen Mallawi.

Chief Operating Officer Jeddah.

Ms. Nada Alahrbi.

Director of Quality Management – Riyadh.

Quality Management is willing to express their respect and gratefulness to everyone who became an integral part of the innovation team, preserving the spirit of hard work for the sake of fellow citizens. I could not emphasize more my appreciation to Dr. Mohammed Alotaibi for the dedicated support in all PI Projects, as well as His Excellency, Dr. Majid Al Fayyadh, Chief Executive Officer, for his continued contribution and maintaining a healthy environment that encourages us to be the better versions the healthcare model as a whole every single day.

As an organization, we have made tremendous progress in promoting our mission of being a leading institution of distinct achievement and innovation in healthcare due to the development of proper agenda. I look forward to making healthcare even more efficient and accessible for our patients and colleagues worldwide.


Ms. Nada Alharbi.

Director of Quality Management – Riyadh.

Ms. Shorouq Zakariya.

Director of Quality Management – Jeddah.

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Inert Message here.


Ms. Shrouq Zakariya

Director of Quality Management – Riyadh

Quality is one of the most significant assets that are taken into account in the King Faisal Specialist Hospital and Research Centre throughout the state. Every single day, our relentless commitment to quality guides our vision for the care standards, our research, and our educational goals.

To keep up with the pace of the modern world, healthcare is to be one step ahead. KFSH&RC can proudly admit that it is able to anticipate a gap in the healthcare system before it turns into a full-scale disaster; the secret is to divide the sophisticated and confusing opportunities for improvement into smaller tangible leaps to ensure the efficient outcome. All Committed to Improve is an organization-wide initiative to promote a culture of result execution through a prolonged focus on quality advancement. By establishing such commitment and implementing innovative health solutions, we obtain the resources needed to address the quality of healthcare for both KFSH&RC patients and the nation as a whole.

Adopted by the Corporate Performance Improvement Council in October 2016, All Committed to Improve does its best to follow corporate strategic priorities as well as the fundamentals of quality healthcare. All departments across KFSH&RC were asked to define a project that would have a beneficial impact on:

  • safety
  • timeliness
  • efficiency
  • effectiveness
  • equitable
  • patient-centered care

A few months after the research, departments across the facility expressed the desire to initiate projects of their own.

Committed to Excellence

This past year has displayed how much passion and dedication could be found across the KFSH&RC team, aimed at pursuing excellence and hard work for the sake of others. With a unanimous decision to become better every day, we have made remarkable progress in all the organization areas.

The following report places its emphasis on the award-winning projects acknowledged at the 2018 Performance Improvement Annual Awards in Riyadh and the Quality Day Poster Competition in Jeddah. These projects are just a brief summary of all the accomplishments, aimed at illustrating the possible outcomes of harmonious and fulfilling teamwork.

Committed to Excellence

The development of new care visions, improving the existing frameworks, and defining the basics of efficient teamwork seem to be quite understandable in theory. Thus, when applied to the process in the right way, they helped teams make meaningful and sustained improvements. The positive outcome of the following project is already evident for both patients and staff members while also extending to the national level.

Meaningful Impact

Over the past year, All Committed to Improve has ensured significant improvement in access to healthcare. Sometimes even the slightest modifications helped optimize efficient and timely healthcare throughout the kingdom.

A Pathway to Excellence

Furthermore, the reassessment of complex patients in terms of the initiative helped reduce hospitalization costs and increase both care quality and bed capacity.

Performance metrics were applied to the following initiative in order to calculate the actual outcomes and eradicating activities and expenses that do not bring the desired value to the facility and patients in particular.

Being a patient-centered enterprise, the pain aspect has also been taken into account with the help of an improvement team studying patients’ needs and expectations in order to ensure exceptional patient experience while undergoing treatment at KFSH&RC.

Close collaboration within the team of practitioners was one of the main objectives throughout the initiative implementation. In order to make the expected results even more satisfying, the harmonious communication between departments was performed. By pooling their efforts, teams contributed to the quality care, aimed at preventing infections among the most vulnerable patients, improving the process of redirecting patients to their homes, and

You will never change your life until you change something you do daily. The secret of your success is found in your daily routine.

– John G.Maxwell

Strategic Priorities

KFSH&RC introduced its 2022 Vision and Strategic Plan, with the goal of positioning the hospital as a leading healthcare provider, not only in the Kingdom but in the region and around the globe.

Strategic Priority 1

Deliver world class customer experience, quality and safety of care to our patients

Strategic Priority 2

Provide access to all who need our services

Strategic Priority 3

Focus on our core specialties

Strategic Priority 4

Be a knowledge leader, through education, research and innovation to support our goals and bring value to KSA

Strategic Priority 5

Build, commission and operate the new Jeddah and Madinah Hospitals, as well as other new capital assets, consistent with our strategic objectives and resources

Strategic Priority 6

Transform into a financially sustainable and efficient independent not-for-profit foundation

Strategic Priority 7

Establish effective collaboration and communication within the organization as well as with external public and private entities

developing new practices that now serve as a prime example for the whole nation. All of these aspects made a significant difference in the overall healthcare approach, visible at present.

Foundations for the Future

As an academic medical centre, we cannot leave continuous process of education behind. The future of healthcare is directly correlated with our ability to anticipate the medicine of the future by constantly trying to bring innovations to life. However, despite all of the successful attempts to develop new frameworks, it is their beneficial adaptation to the existing processes that counts the most.

All Committed to Improve is the initiative that makes sense exclusively in the context of continuous desire for growth and securing measurable achievements.

Throughout all the working frameworks, creating zero harm was always a major priority in our facility, and we do our best to preserve this idea in each and every project.

We hope that the example we set for the healthcare community serves as a driving force for innovation in our community, creating a promising future for fellow citizens.

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