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CDC Employment Opportunities Coursework

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Updated: May 31st, 2022

The Atlanta based Communicable Disease Center (CDC) has evolved into a giant public health organization from its humble background when it was incepted way back in 1946. Its main focus by the time it was being incepted was Malaria control in war-torn areas. Its growth momentum has been rapid and diverse. Currently, CDC’s presence is felt in almost every corner of the globe in its bid to promote each and every aspect of public health (Communicable Diseases Center, 2009). According to their website, CDC is currently concentrating on five strategic areas namely improving global health, devising effective measures to lower mortality, reforming health policies, developing and implementing strong surveillance measures in epidemiology and giving support to both local and state health departments. Consequently, in order to fulfill the strategic goals identified above, CDC strives to attract and retain the best brains in respective fields. Due to their diversified goals, the center also offers diverse employment opportunities to individuals interested in availing their expertise to promote public health around the world. A visit to their website directed me to their employment section whereby several vacancies are advertised. Apparently, the listed vacancies are on a continual basis. In addition, public health vacancies cover all aspects of public health (Communicable Diseases Center, 2009). For instance, they have opportunities for Medical officers, Public health advisors, Public health analysts, health in education specialists among others. However, what interested me most was the ‘CDC registered nurses’ Program whereby they offer registered nurses a chance to serve society at large (Communicable Diseases Center, 2009). Under this program, an individual has opportunity to attain the highest career level in nursing such as being a branch chief or deputy director (Communicable Diseases Center, 2009). For this reason, I feel CDC will give me the best opportunity to promote the much needed health practices in society. Moreover, as a registered nurse at CDC, an individual has the opportunity to be work as a public health advisor. Indeed, I feel this may be quite unavoidable in promoting public health on a global scale.

Issues and trends in modern nursing practice

The recent upsurge of new cancer cases is likely to usher in inevitable challenges to nursing practice. In its latter stages, cancer may result into unbearable suffering of patients and their families. Most importantly, when the aged are diagnosed with the condition they may feel guilty of being too demanding to their already incapacitated families who have to take care of them (Larue, 2011). In such cases, there are those patients who might opt for euthanasia. However, as far as the above decision is concerned, there are various ethical issues surrounding such a judgment (Larue, 2011).

Euthanasia is growing ethical issue in the medical field that has elicited more questions than answers (Larue, 2011). On this note, am concerned that nursing practice is likely to be caught between these ethical quagmires. Debates about legalization of euthanasia have attracted all forms of ethical debates whereby supporters and opponents justify their arguments based on religious, philosophical and moral elements (Larue, 2011). Apparently, unless the two opposing sides reach consensus, nurses will always be dragged into this mind boggling debate either directly or indirectly (Larue, 2011). The fact that nurses are always in direct contact with patients implies that in one way or another, they will encounter such controversial demands from their patients. Whenever such a situation presents itself, nurses will be caught either promoting their patients’ welfare, respecting their wishes, upholding professional ethics or abiding by the law in case the current laws prohibit euthanasia (Larue, 2011). In countries where euthanasia is legal, the quagmire is not any simpler since nurses have to take the rationality of their patients into consideration before they can grant euthanasia.

My second concern, therefore, is whether nursing practice will effectively be utilized to promote the efficacy of palliative care in containing devastating effects of terminal illness. Perhaps, if patients are provided with the right information on the benefits of palliative care, the ethical tag-of-war on euthanasia might be a thing of the past (Larue, 2011). It is against this background that I have a feeling that there is necessity for insightful research that will establish whether patients should have a free will towards euthanasia if at all they are well informed on the availability of palliative care.


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