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Mayo Clinic: Marketing of the Healthcare System Essay

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Updated: Sep 24th, 2020

Direct Impact of Marketing in Mayo Clinic

Mayo Clinic is one the leading healthcare providers in the state of Minnesota. Presently, the clinic has more than 3,000 physicians and a number of employees, who deliver services to those in need of care and treatment. With its rich history that dates back to about 1864, Mayo Clinic has evolved and become one of the best in provision of healthcare services (Mayo Clinic, 2012). The growth has seen the clinic receive several individuals from the United States.

Moreover, due to the growth, the clinic has had to increase the amount of its campuses in the United States. Arizona, Iowa, and Wisconsin are some of the states that Mayo Clinic has opened its campuses. Established and operated by William Worrall Mayo, a doctor, who settled with his family in Rochester, the clinic is a nonprofit hospital and focuses on patient requirements and advanced care.

Direct Impacts of Marketing

Some of the notable direct impacts of marketing in Mayo Clinic include increased number of patients in the hospital owing to the increased awareness and expanded scope of operation. Due to increased marketing, Mayo Clinic has received several patients from various states of United States. According to the information provided by Mayo Clinic (2016), the number of patients in Mayo Clinic has increased and led to recruitment of over 3,300 employees to address the increasing consumer demands.

Imperatively, when the clinic undertook intensive marketing and highlighted the quality of its services, the level of awareness among individuals in Minnesota and the United States augmented. The rise initiated an eventual increase in the number of patients in need of services from the clinic. It is important to explain that the clinic also enjoys word of mouth marketing from past consumers of its services. Several consumers, who have gone through the clinic, refer their colleagues and relatives to the hospital because of the quality of services that the clinic provides.

Another direct impact that marketing has initiated in Mayo Clinic is an increase in the scope of operation. Apparently, marketing focuses on increasing the number of individuals, who have awareness on a given product or service (Carrigan & Attalla, 2001). Therefore, by marketing its products using various media such as the social media, the clinic experienced amplification in the number of individuals in need of its services.

The increased need for its services compelled the hospital to build new campuses in various states of the United States. Some of the states include Florida, Arizona, Iowa, and Wisconsin. Additionally, increased awareness of its services compelled the hospital to develop new campuses owing to the large number of patients in need of its services from far-flung regions away from Minnesota.

Mayo Clinic Strategy and Utilization of Its Products or Services

The strategy employed by Mayo Clinic in ensuring maximum utility of its services and products follows a systemic culture. The culture has provisions, which govern the operations in the clinic. In effect, the provisions include focus on patients, provision of quality healthcare using modern equipments, and recruitment of skilled employees. The strategy that is evident from the culture underlines the reason why consumers utilize services and products provided by the clinic.

In the words of Tefferi (2015), Mayo Clinic employs the concept of personalized patient care and uses it to advance the quality of its services. Fundamentally, modern consumers need services, which focus on individual needs. Therefore, by ensuring that its services and products follow a personalized nature, Mayo Clinic not only satisfies consumer needs, but also leads to a positive attitude from the potential users of its services and products.

Furthermore, the clinic uses modern facilities to deliver its services. Use of modern equipments relates well with contemporary consumers, who associate service or product quality with the facilities used in delivery. The implication of using modern facilities is an increase in the number of consumers, who utilize services and products offered by the clinic. In the perspective of Curtright, Stolp-Smith, and Edel (2000), Mayo Clinic currently uses modern facilities in service delivery.

The perspective compounds the transformation that is evident in the clinic. It is paramount to elucidate that use of modern facilities and equipments advances the quality of services and leads to consumer satisfaction. By utilizing the provisions outlined in the strategy, the clinic enjoys an optimum utility of its services and products.

Consequently, employment of qualified and skilled human resources is another aspect incorporated in the culture and the strategy of the clinic. The human resources working in the clinic have the requisite skills that are important in delivery of high-end services. Utilization of skilled employees makes the clinic one of a kind and a leader in patient care in the United States. According to Kennedy, Caselli, and Berry (2011), Mayo Clinic has some of the best medical practitioners in the United States.

By having the best and most qualified medical practitioners, the clinic becomes one of those that provide exceptional services to its clients in the United States. Additionally, by delivering high-end services and products to its consumers, the clinic not only expands its scope of operation and consumer base, but also instigates a scenario where they fully utilize its products and services.

Mayo Clinic Marketing Strategy

Mayo Clinic has a superb marketing strategy, which has improved its reputation and consumer base. Besides utilizing client focus, skilled employees, and modern facilities, the clinic has a smart marketing strategy, which informs and persuades clients to utilize its services. Imperatively, the clinic utilizes offline and online platforms to market its products and services. While some of the offline platforms include promotional campaigns and direct correspondence, online platforms include use of social media such as Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.

In addition, the clinic engages in various community-based activities to market its products. According to Tefferi (2015), Mayo Clinic uses social media and engages in community-based platforms to market its products. Remarkably, combination of online and offline strategies leads to a superb marketing strategy that is useful for the clinic.

Three Separate Ways in Which Mayo Clinic Can Shape Consumer Buying Decisions

The three separate ways that I can recommend for Mayo Clinic so that they can shape consumer-buying decisions espouse research, use of modern facilities, and recruitment of skilled employees. It is imperative to explain that although the current strategy of the clinic utilizes the recommendations, it still needs further improvements. The clinic needs to improve its research and continue studying the trends that modern patients advance in relation to service and product quality.

By engaging in a continuous research, the clinic gets insights into the needs and expectations of consumers, and thus, aligns its services and products in a way that matches their requirements. Consequently, the clinic needs to ensure that its facilities are modern and its human resources have the requisite expertise. In essence, using modern facilities and skilled employees is one of the factors that generate confidence in the minds of consumers towards the clinic. Therefore, it is important for the clinic to adopt and use the three separate ways, which comprise research, use of modern facilities and recruitment of skilled employees.


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