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The Retail Clinics Problem Solution Essay


The development of retail clinics has been in the increasing end in most jurisdictions. The retail clinics provide convenient, cost effective, timely and quality medical services that satisfy patient’s needs. However, the concept has been receiving criticism from doctors and nurses who doubt its credibility.

This explains why institutions, such as US pharmacy chain that seeks to open up a clinical corporation, should execute a comprehensive evaluation of the concept’s viability in prior.

The Stakeholders Who Have an Interest in the Legal and Regulatory Standards

As indicated, the key stakeholders who hold strong interest in the legal and regulatory standards in a retail clinical setting include the nurses, physicians and patients. The government and health care organizations also form key stakeholders.

Particularly, physicians and nurses’ foremost concerns in the legislative process relate to their welfare that includes terms of work, remuneration and job security. That is why the legislation should guarantee their rights pertaining to professional, social and economic aspects.

Variably, patients expect quality, affordable and timely delivery of health care services. They have immense interest in the process of formulating health care regulations since the laws influence the realization of their expectations. Authorities and health care bodies also have a strong interest in the process.

Their interest appertains to the development of pertinent laws that hold strong development orientation. That is why the laws should be able to mitigate the prevailing health care complications. They should also ensure that the services of the pharmacy chain remain relevant.

The Stakeholder’s Position

Evidently, nurses and physicians who hold conflicting thoughts about the legislation, which drive operations in the clinical sector, are expected to take a cautious position. This is to help in mitigating the conflict between the two professional bodies through the formulation of non-discriminatory regulations.

In this regard, the government and the professional bodies such as physician and nurse licensing authorities may adopt a non-partisan legal position through mutual understanding. This seeks to facilitate sanity in the sector and eradicate the rising conflict between the key stakeholders.

Further, patients are expected to take a proactive position for ensuring that the legislative process yields favorable terms of engagement. This is also to facilitate the provision of quality health care with minimal cost implication.

The Best Public Policy Solution

Indeed, harmonization of the activities of the professional bodies remains viable and can be considered as the best public policy solution because they share a common goal of improving patients’ health standards under health ethical code of conduct.

This will reduce the formulation of divergent interests and unwarranted competition between the stakeholders that have been an impediment to effective service delivery.

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