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Office Space Design for New Interns Essay

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Updated: Jan 24th, 2022

An office is one of the critical areas that managers and employees need to pay attention to and ensure that it is in good condition. A well-designed office, which has a good layout, is very instrumental in facilitating productive employee performance. It is fundamental to understand that offices facilitate effective product delivery and the achievement of organizational goals. An office can be in the form of an open plan or closed plan depending on the requirements of the organization. Offices designed using the open plan system facilitate easy visibility and minimize instances where employees engage in activities that are unproductive to the organization. Conversely closed plan office design is very important for administrative purposes, and thus, it suits individuals, who work in an organization’s management. As a director of AlpQuencher, a large bottled water distributor, who is concerned with the recruitment and training of interns, I am expected to write a good evaluation on the right office space design suitable for the interns. It is within this context that, the essay explains a suitable office design for new interns.

New interns require an office, which has factors like good space, visibility, and is suitable for easy movement from one place to another. The factors required in an office space designed for new interns are vital as they determine their overall performance. Principally, the need for space and clear visibility aims at ensuring that the interns engage in the required activities that the organization expects from them. Since an open plan system provides the required visibility and facilitates easy movement among employees, it suits the new interns. Good spacing is a factor that helps interns undertake their work without any kind of limitation concerning space and layout. Consequently, clear visibility helps the organization in managing the interns and ensuring that they are doing what is required. Ease in movement among the new interns is very important as it helps in consultation and exchange of ideas. As a result, the interns get to exchange ideas concerning matters that they may not have a clear understanding of.

For effective visibility, easy movement, and good space, the office space design needs to utilize equipment and furnishings like glass, plywood, and other products that enhance visibility, space, and ease movement within and outside the office. Since the office is close to the cafeteria, the interns can purchase a product of their choice in the cafeteria using minimal time as they continue with their respective engagements. The use of equipments such as glass helps the management to see what the interns are doing and provide the required assistance at the right time. Moreover, by using equipment that enhances visibility, instances where the interns engage in unproductive conversations or unnecessary movements reduce. The factor that concerns space is very important, and therefore, the organization can design an office using components like plywood to separate subsections in the office. The implication of using plywood and other products useful in segmenting the office space layout is a good office plan that does not limit the interaction of interns, facilitates the exchange of ideas, and enhances productivity.

An office space design is one of the crucial factors in any organization. While some offices can adopt an open plan layout, others employ a closed layout. In essence, an open plan layout suits employees, who are frequently exchanging ideas and require constant interaction among themselves. On the other hand, a closed office layout is suitable for managers and other employees, who work in an organization’s management as it eases the delivery of managerial issues. New interns require an open plan layout of the office since they need a plan that facilitates easy movement and exchange of ideas. To ensure that they deliver under minimal supervision, the management needs to use equipment and furnishings that are clear and visible so that they supervise the interns even from the outside. Therefore, it is very important to encompass this equipment in the design of the new office so that the organization can get the maximum from the interns under minimal supervision.

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