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Integrated Marketing Communications Mix for Renee’s Chocolate Research Paper


The contemporary markets are dynamic due to increase in competition and the change in the environment. New entities are constituted varying from miniature businesses to global multinationals. Moreover, leaders spend significant proportions of resources in marketing using a collection of techniques, which are modern and up-to date.

These arrays from simple methodologies such as billboards to intricate strategies like websites. With such abundance in the availability of media, it is worthwhile to choose the information, which ought to be communicated to the buyers. It is important to denote the techniques that aid in making such communication comprehensible and reliable to enhance wide coverage.


“Integrated Marketing Communications” (IMC) entails conceptions that guarantee linking companies forms of communication and messages. IMC aims to incorporate all promotional tools by a firm to ensure they work in synchronization. This paper aims to discuss IMC mix utilized by Reese’s Chocolate towards attaining successful market penetration for its products. Diverse aspects of Reese’s Chocolate IMC including Promotion Mix Strategy (PMS) together with message strategy gain attention in this paper.

Overview of IMC

IMC means communications progression, which includes planning, establishing, incorporating, and execution of different forms of marketing and communication (Mercer, 1996). These entail promotions, awareness releases, and functions delivered periodically to a product’s targeted clients and prospects. Significantly, the objective of IMC entails complete influence on the behavior of targeted customers towards certain products.

This tactic judges all contact points customers have with Reese’s Chocolate products. This enable the company through its outsourced marketing companies discover possible channels for conveying messages. The company also identifies communication avenues relevant to prospective customers. Regularly, IMC strategy demands consistency in delivery of messages to customers. IMC also requires that customers form the beginning point for shaping the information and media, which best suits informing, attracting, and inducing deeds.

Promotion Mix Strategy

Notably, promotion entails communication tactics by marketers that updates, sways, and reminds probable customers of a brand in order to entice their opinion towards the brand. In Reese’s Chocolate, outsourced marketers Arnold Worldwide execute all the promotional activities in a bid to sustain market leadership.

Promotional mix strategy entails the plans utilized by Arnold Worldwide for optimal engagement of most promotional mix constituents. Arnold Worldwide utilizes incorporated marketing tactics, involving publicity, videos posted online, designing Reese’s website, and internet promotions to market Reese’s Chocolate products.

The tactic for promoting Reese’s Chocolate brands emerges from the notion that products are consumer based. Thus, utilizing pull strategy best fits promoting the company’s products (Mercer, 1996). This is tenable because Reese’s Chocolate creates purchasers demand for its diverse products together with brands.

This strategy enables Reese’s Chocolate to gratify the shopper’s needs at their outlets. Regularly, Reese’s Chocolate brand and products gain market penetration because of the created purchaser demand. This emanates from the view that consumers tend to indicate their interest for the products. This materializes because of the superiority of Reese’s Chocolate brands of snacks in diverse marketplaces.

Promotional Tools and Forms

These entail the tactics, which gain use, in promoting Reese’s Chocolate products to the targeted customers. The tools help implement diverse promotional strategies designed to enable the wider market penetration for the company products. Advertising will gain use as a promotional tool for Reese’s Chocolate products, which are consumer goods.

This strategy emerges as a potent and fashionable device in contemporary marketing. The tactic potentially enables prospective consumers to purchase the advertised brands. Furthermore, the timing of these advertisements plays a huge role in attaining attractive outcomes.

The reasons for utilizing this strategy emanate from the notion that significant proportions of buyers purchase the product for personal use. Again, the Reese’s Chocolate products tend to enjoy wider marketplaces thus necessitating promotional tool, which avails coverage of similar magnitude.

Furthermore, the buying criteria and source of purchasing for Reese’s Chocolate products reflect the universality of brand image together with location of outlets. This call for employing advertising tactic that tends to penetrate the customer base. Notably, advertising also materialize as a tool for establishing customer demand for Reese’s Chocolate products.

Implementing advertising in the marketing mix requires the use of diverse forms of promotions. Social media gains use in advertising company products to online users. This internet based tactic enable the wider penetration of information concerning Reese’s Chocolate products.

The advantage of social media emanates from its user base that enables broad reach of promotional messages. Advertising is evident using billboards containing information by Reese Company put at strategic places in streets. This allows for imagery effect on consumers. Further, utilizing television to convey messages of this company also allow for visual appeal to consumers.

In advancing Reese’s Chocolate brands, sales promotion succeeds in attaining superior results for the company marketing objectives. It incorporates all the devices plausible for a marketing mix. Sales promotion entails swaying communication aimed at reaching prospective purchasers for Reese’s Chocolate products. It becomes an additional endeavor to augment profits because it generates compassion to the chocolate brands. The tactic enhances brand awareness creation for Reese’s Chocolate products. This is a necessity in an attempt to escalate the company sales and customer base.

Sales promotion choice as a promotional tool for advancing Reese’s Chocolate products emanate from its influence in attaining attractive outcomes. Notably, utilizing this tactic through proper coordination and execution together with diverse IMC plans may generate lasting value for Reese’s Chocolate brands. Sales promotion will also boost the awareness of brands manufactured by Reese’s company. It has huge opportunities to entice customers into trying diverse company products.

Further, sales promotions choice emanates from the need to avail channels, which enable Reese’s company to communication with customers. The tactic has significance in emphasizing advertisement premises and reacting to rivals promotion efforts. Most importantly sales promotion allows Reese’s Chocolate to attain short term and future based objectives of marketing.

Sales promotion would focus on consumers interests thus encourage the use of promotional forms, which help attain this. Samples together with bonus packs appear effective way of enticing consumers to try novel brands of Reese Company. Their perception and level of satisfaction with the product enables future purchase. This tactic merges as important since it enables huge consumer response. Further, bonus packs would also help attain comparable results because clients tend to execute more purchases to gain more of the bonus packs.

Promoting Reese’s products also employs Public Relations (PR), which entails utilizing reputation to gain understanding and sustain efforts of influencing views and conduct. It also entails planning and supporting efforts to create and sustain benevolence between Reese’s Chocolate and its customers.

PR gains use in enabling Reese to evaluate people’s attitudes to ascertain their interest areas within the business and implement programs to earn public attention. These programs will augment people’s ability to identify with Reese’s Chocolate thus increasing its customer base. Furthermore, PR portrays the positive-brand name of a company enabling people to embrace the brands availed by the company.

In the marketing mix, choice for PR originates from its capability to create knowledge and comprehension of Reese’s Chocolate products. This aspect of marketplace education emerges tenable when it compliments advertising in promoting the company’s products. Furthermore, PR entails all communications executed in the organization including those of promotional efforts.

Thus, PR will enable Reese Company attain far better outcomes when critically implemented. PR also emerges as a crucial tool because it incorporates several components of an organization, which it conveys messages.

This wider coverage of details availed to the public allows for more packed information which may critically influence customers opinions on Reese Company products. PR will escalate the benefits Reese Company will gain from the quality promotional outputs initiated. PR emerges as a broad and complete means because it reaches everybody and everything.

In a marketing mix, PR utilizes press releases to implement diverse plans for attaining market leadership. Press release entails narrations about organizations. Reese Company would design news, which brands the company in the public eye. The importance of utilizing press releases emanates from the notion that customers embrace them due to their credibility. People also tend to read press releases more than even advertisements. Press releases are cheaper because the story developers form part of the workforce.

Reese Company could also utilize sponsorships as a form of PR. This entails supporting and sponsoring events, people, or other organizations with keen interest to augment company publicity. Sponsoring sports competitions for Reese Chocolate Company would enhance its brand and people’s perception of its products.

This tactic reasonably contains advantages because branding of the company will materialize through utilizing sports wears with the company name and trademark. Corporate advertising also enables the building of Reese Company PR in the public’s eye. This aims to enhance the corporate image, which takes place through trade presses together with mass media. Corporate branding has advantages in influencing people perception of the company brand name.

Message Strategy

The three facets of promotion used by Reese Company belong to the group of mass communication instruments. The aim of three tools used is to influence the market on the benefits of using products from Reese Company. The messages aim at getting the market’s awareness and interest about the products that Reese is selling. The initial phase in advertising is to identify the goals of our advertising within the limitation of given time.

The goals are categorized depending on the main goals of the advertisement. These goals are to inform, influence or to tell the market about the products. The costs incurred in the process of this promotion method are estimated to prepare the budget. This estimation considers each produce that Reese Company is producing. New products require more finances to create knowledge in the market and encourage trial.

Those products that are older in the market require lesser budgets and market share influences the extent of advertising needed. Adverting strategy embraces two key aspects: developing the messages and choosing the media to utilize in the advertisement. Cautious consideration on message is engendering, appraisal, and implementation, not forgetting the factor of social responsibility appears imperative. Reese Company will design the message to influence the marked audience.

These messages are pertinent to create meaning, to make the customers believe on the quality of the products and to capture the sight of the customers. In deciding the media to apply, the company considers the reach, the frequency, and the media influence that the selected media will create. Resolving of the timing involves choosing the pattern to follow throughout the period of placing the advert over the media. Subsequently it is significant to mull over the geographical extent that the media covers to check on the effectiveness of coverage.

Sales promotions are the events intended at escalating the transactions Reese company. These majorly encompass gifts, short-term price reductions, exhibiting among others. This primarily involves actions together with conveying the messages that are associated with the products. Sales promotions aim at the final consumer and the distribution route.

The methods that Reese Company intends to employ are price promotions, coupons, and availing gifts to customers after they have made purchases, incentives to loyal customers, exhibition at the sale points, competitions and cash refunds at the sale points.

Reese Company shall discharge press messages regularly to publicize necessary information to the market to draw attention of the customers about the products. This is with the aim of stabilizing good associations between the company and the market. Through lobbying, the company shall maintain working associations with stakeholders and others in the business community.

Moreover, media enable extra efforts to improve relations with nonprofit entities to attain their support for the products. Therefore, the company will utilize Public relations to establish amenable relationships with the clients, financier, media, and their general coverage area. This is because it has a sturdy effect on public understanding on the products compared to advertising. Public relations are a noteworthy tool in creating a product name of our company (Mercer, 1996).


It is not possible to achieve successful market if only one promotional tool is used. This underscores the worth of the promotional mix. Moreover, the message approach and the implementation methods used in the integrated promotion contribute greatly to the success of a company during promotion. The success of Reese Company is dependent on its ability to decipher and utilize the promotional strategies.


Mercer, D. (1996). Marketing. New Jersey, NJ: Wiley-Blackwell

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