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Motorola Company’s Marketing Essay (Critical Writing)

How did Ogilvy & Mather apply the concepts of integrated marketing communications to build Motorola’s communications strategy? What was the goal of the campaign that resulted?

Ogilvy and Mather used several concepts of integrated marketing communication. These concepts were public relations and direct marketing in union with mass publicity campaigns. They were used as communication strategies to reach and communicate the information to the targeted audience. The main goal of the Motorola promotion was to create a brand celebrity that displayed youth and innovation.

This led to a positive response from the targeted audience with the Moto sales increasing by 20%. Motorola used express post to converse the new brand qualities and to persuade consumers to visit Motorola’s website and collect extra information regarding the company’s goods and services. In addition, Motorola may consider using retail marketing to contact their consumers directly. ‘Moto’ campaign resulted in Motorola becoming a lifestyle.

What were Motorola’s communication objectives?

In making advertisements, Motorola Company had several objectives in its plan; the same objectives resulted into the targeted results. These objectives include making the targeted audience aware of Motorola’s leadership responsibility in innovation and engineering. The advertisement displayed the features, designs, and efficiency of all Motorola phones. This opened up the mind of the young generations in love with technology and innovations. It informed the targeted audience about internal or hidden worth and virtue of Motorola’s ‘elegant technology’. This aimed at revealing how Motorola’s elegant technology creates a difference.

It further attracted targeted audience to Motorola’s products and retail shops for additional information. The campaign was launched to make sure Motorola is the product of preference for new and existing purchases, and build external marketers or distributors of Motorola’s products.

How did Motorola’s budget for the Moto campaign influence its development and success?

Budget is the financial forecast and limits of a company’s spending toward a certain issue. Motorola had forecasted the correct amount of budget (without deficit or surplus) for financing its Moto campaign. The budget catered for a depth market research before the campaign launching. This led to Moto becoming a high global brand with high global definition.

How can marketers use in-game advertising to practice IMC?

In-game advertising came up from the change in the number of hours spent by the targeted audience playing online games in televisions. For the male gender, men between 14 and 34 years spent nine hours per week on television and 12.5 hours playing online games. This created the need for in-game advertising. Traditional integrated communication lacks the part of targeted audience participation but the in-game marketing provide for customer participation.

What might Double Fusion mean by a “lean-forward” environment? How might such an environment appeal to marketers when considering buyer-readiness stages?

Double fusion is a powerful many-platform in-game publicity network in the current world. This connects the game servers with the advertising companies; companies can load their games. Lean forward environment calls for an active audience in the advertisements. All the mass media advertisements create a lean back environment for the audience because they are dormant. This environment gives marketers an advantage of involving the players and to some extent, creating an environment for the products comfort. An example is a car racing games, different models of cars will be available for the player to choose, and the player may be influenced to buy the best racing car.

What social responsibility concerns might in-game advertising raise?

For advertisements to be termed as socially responsible they must be transparent, responsible for their deeds, uphold values, and behave ethically. In-game advertising have raised several social responsibility concerns, marketers may be forced to exaggerate to a big extend the information given to the customers. Another concern is that because the advertisements are not watched by all family members, marketers may present advertisements containing behaviors contrary to the society believes.

How does the Internet influence IMC and the purchase process? Did you use the Internet? Why or Why not?

Purchasing process include need recognition, supplier selection, placing a purchase order, order follow up, goods receiving and inspection, payment, records maintenance, and vendor relations maintenance. IMC played a great role in combining all aspects of market communication to sell a product. Internet serves as a pool where different varieties of products are put together for customers to see and compare prices. Purchasing process is made easier through the internet since a customer can shop and make an order at the comfort of his or her office. Internet allows for interaction and communication between buyers and sellers. Yes, I used internet since it convenient and saves a lot of time and I can shop as I work.

Using your company or organization (or if you are a full time student a business you are familiar with) as an example, explain how a marketing plan differs from the marketing communication plan?

In the banking industry, marketing plan aims at achieving bank’s set goals outlined in the bank’s strategy. While marketing communication plan is more specific to what the bank wants to say about a service or product and the process of getting that information to the target audience. Marketing communication plan can constitute a larger part of marketing plan or stand-alone.

Pick an organization and determine what types of Integrated Marketing Communications (IMC) tools are being used to implement the IMC program. How might you change this mix to have an optimal mix of the IMC tools?

The IMC tools used by the Motorola Inc. are advertising, sales promotion, and direct marketing. To obtain the optimal mix, Motorola Inc. can apply advertising, public relations, and personal selling. In application of these three IMC tools, Motorola will have covered major areas in marketing.

In the attached article from the WSJ, many stores are putting their Black Friday deals on the web. How should IMC be applied from your perspective in this situation? Thoughts? Comments?

Black Friday deals are forms of promotion retailers offer to their customers to increase their sales, IMC tool of sales promotion can be used to enhance the sales expected from the deals. Retailers needs to increase their advertisements and use personal selling or direct marketing to convince their customers to buy more of their products.

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