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Sea Treasures Company: Change Models Research Paper


The presented case indicates that Sea Treasures is facing numerous challenges. Despite having been in business for over 50 years, the company is finding it hard to succeed in the changing environment. The current situation should be addressed using adequate change models and managerial strategies (Bucciarelli, 2015). This discussion describes different change models that can be used to deliver both long-term and short-term goals. The possible effects of the change will also be analyzed in details.

Short-Term Change Model: Rationale

It is appropriate to transform Sea Treasures’ situation before it gets out of hand. A short-term change that can ensure most of the aquarium decorator items are marketed successfully. This modification is characterized by an internet website to support the marketing process. This initiative can succeed with the use of Kurt Lewin’s Change model. This theory follows these three stages: unfreeze, change, and refreeze (Cummings, Bridgman, & Brown, 2016). This concept can be implemented after the company has created a new website to support the marketing process.

The first stage of unfreezing will be used to inform more employees about the current trends in the world of business. For instance, the relevance of technologies such as the internet in the world of business will be highlighted. Traditional marketing processes will be analyzed by the leaders and their respective followers. Individuals who are against the power of the internet will be guided using adequate resources (Cummings et al., 2016).

During the change phase, a new vision will be introduced to different marketers. Employees will be trained and guided to embrace the use of the internet. Salespeople will be equipped with the right skills and resources. Mentorship should be taken seriously throughout the process. The third stage will be applied to reinforce the utilization of the website. Rewards will ensure more people are willing to maximize their online sales (Cummings et al., 2016). A new workplace culture will support and promote desirable behaviors.

The rationale behind the application of Kurt Lewin’s change model is that it is evidence-based and capable of delivering positive results within the shortest time possible (Cummings et al., 2016). The theory outlines three phases that can be applied in both small and large scale corporations. The first stage is appropriate since it creates an environment whereby existing inefficiencies are identified. The marketers will get enough time to study and appreciate the weaknesses associated with Sea Treasures’ current business model. The second stage is supported through adequate training and introduction of new technology. These strategies will ensure the employees are willing to support the use of internet marketing. Finally, the final stage is applied to reinforce the intended change. The simplicity and effectiveness of this model explains why it can deliver desirable results in a timely manner.

Long-Term Change Model: Rationale

The long-term change should take effect within six months. After creating a website to sell aquarium decorator items successfully, the next move should be to expand the number of products marketed by the firm. This extension will include live sea creatures such as small sea turtles ad tropical fish. This means that Sea Treasures will be on the right path towards transforming its model. Since this is a large-scale change that should be implemented within six months, a powerful change theory capable of supporting planning and implementation is indispensable. This means that Kotter’s Eight-Step Approach is the most appropriate model for the change (Bucciarelli, 2015).

The first stage will ensure a sense of urgency is established at Sea Treasures. The firm faces challenges such as staff turnover and loss of stores. An efficient change will address these predicaments. The second step will be to establish a guiding coalition to support the process. The team will include different departmental leaders and logistics managers. The team will prepare different players before implementing the change. The third stage will be considered to create a vision (Bucciarelli, 2015). This will focus on increased the firm’s online offerings to include live sea creatures. The fourth step is to communicate the outlined vision to different stakeholders.

The next stage is to empower, guide, and prepare different followers to support the vision. Barriers to change will be dealt with during this phase. Short-term wins will be characterized by improvements whereby workers will be required to record positive sales growth. The seventh phase is to consolidate and replicate such improvements. The final stage will ensure these new approaches become part of the company’s culture (Bucciarelli, 2015).

The rationale for this change model is that it is capable of supporting the firm’s future state or aims. The model is applied systematically to ensure organizational change is implemented as a process informed by the existing challenges. The theory creates room for diagnosing the issues affecting the company. This knowledge is then considered to support the implementation process. The application of Kurt Lewin’s model can be described as a short-term approach that has already created a winning situation at the company. With the application of the model, the introduction of new technology will be appreciated by every worker. The model allows employees to resist before coming into terms with the benefits of the proposed change (Bucciarelli, 2015). Issues such as shipping methods will find a solution within the specified period.

Effects of the Implemented Changes

The above changes have the potential to revolutionize the performance of Sea Treasures. The implemented processes can catalyze a sense of rebellion from the workers. This is true because the organization has not been embracing the power of online marketing. Some employees might resist any form of change. However, the workers will become empowered in the long run. After dealing with the emerging challenges such as resistance, the employees will acquire new insights and support the new model. The use of the internet to market aquarium decorator items will guide the workers to achieve their goals (Schwarzl & Grabowska, 2015). They will also be sanctioned to pursue the firm’s goals.

The managers and executives at the firm will be in a position to achieve their potential. The workers will form new teams thus making it easier for the managers to offer adequate support. The leaders will support the proposed changes and eventually transform the firm’s business model. These leaders will be required to identify and communicate new concepts and visions depending on the targeted goals and existing challenges (Bucciarelli, 2015). They will embrace the best practices and eventually deliver positive results.

The executives will be forced to deal with emerging challenges. At the same time, these leaders will benefit from the gains arising from the new business model. Chances are high that the company will be on its track once again. More customers will begin to order different sea creatures from the company’s website. The marketing process supported by these two change models will eventually deliver positive outcomes to the executives (Schwarzl & Grabowska, 2015). The company will gain a competitive edge over its rivals in the sector.


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