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The Chemical Communication System Essay (Critical Writing)

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Updated: May 5th, 2022

Basically, chemical communication is the understanding a community has with the planet Earth. With the environment, be it economics or politics, this communication usually affects the relationship one has with the Earth. To evaluate this properly, the Department of Earth and Planetary Sciences (EPS) uses a scientific approach that includes many aspects of chemistry, physics and biology. Following these studies, challenges have been noted to affect this communication.

Understanding this communication system is one major challenge that is faced especially in physics. In relation to physics, the evaluation of the calculation of quasiparticle decay times based on many-body perturbation theories. This is visible in a representation of the quasiparticle in angular momentum verses the energy coordinates. The particle confirms to have properties instantly different from Fermi-liquid. The calculations explain the great stability and long-lived nature proving their competence for application in molecular electronics.

Chemical communication also faces the proximity mechanism that unravels it. This can be dealt with by viewing a variety of specialties in Biology. The appropriate elaboration of this communication is through the study of Biological Engineering, which is an application of different concepts and methods of biology to get solutions to life sciences. This branch of engineering uses the fast growth of knowledge called Molecular Biology to learn and improve on daily application with living organisms. This study has shown that chemical communication causes cohering or sticking together especially physically so as to end up with a continuous homogeneous group. The force takes effect at an insensible distance that goes against the law of variation.

Thirdly, unsolved questions of chemical communications are also a major challenge. This system of communication that is better known as pheromones is often used by many animals for diverse purposes. Communication is achieved by use of chemical marks and chemical scents. They are both used to mark their territory or attract the opposite sex for mating. Through this, animals can also smell their prey and note the presence of other animals.

Giving examples of this, the male lion, who is a loner, marks its territory for over 100 square miles. The Canada Lynx urinates on trees and tree trunks to mark their zone. On the other hand, the snake uses its forked tongue to collect pheromones of other animals in the atmosphere. In addition, scents can be used to identify members of a family, like in the case of the mule deer that has scent glands on its legs. Last, but not least, the domestic cat, that has scent glands at the end of its tail, forehead, and their mouth, rubs its head against someone or something to mark its territory.

Among our society, chemical communication can be either a cause of confidence or insecurity. An approach to the society with honesty and faithfulness may mark boundaries to be reached and realistic understanding to be attained. Nevertheless, with wrong intentions and approaches to the society, this may activate danger sensors, and may result in extinction of relationships.

Chemical communication has proven to be one of the strongest technical modes of communication on the Earth. Communication is accomplished not only among humans, but also with animals and plants. Through the evolution of communication systems, this type of communication has and will always remain constant in the universe.

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