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Entertainment & Media Essay Examples and Topics

Social Media Replacing Traditional Journalism

This research shows that due to the development in the digital world, the majority of people tend to refer to their devices when searching for news instead of buying a printed source and that social [...]

Social Skills in World of Warcraft Players

The main point of the article is that expertise development of a gamer depends on his or her successful use of social skills which helps to get access to the groups of skilled players and [...]

Social Problems in The Godfather Movie

Although at some points the main characters of "The Godfather" are represented as honoured and fair, the analysis of the events constituting the movie's plot make it clear that the criminal behaviour can be proliferated [...]

College Students Internet Addiction

The authors also note that the use and access of the internet have increased in the past decades. Additionally, the authors argue that conflicts between parents and young individuals are likely to result in internet [...]

African Americans Stereotypes in Editorial Cartoons

In the past, media critics have alleged that African Americans are prejudiced and underrepresented in the media industry. In the research questions, the article below analyses how African Americans are depicted in editorial cartoons and [...]

Public Relations and Cultural Intermediation

The significance of PR studies as such is both theoretical and practical; as for the narrow topic of the study, the primary importance of recognising PR as a cultural mediator, in the view of Edwards, [...]

Cartoons, Young Children, and Parental Involvement

This paper claims that parents should be more aware of the type of animations that are being watched by their children and need to become involved in their children's cartoon experience; the following sections present [...]

Amazon and Netflix: Movies Delivery

Amazon is also a leading marketer of movies in many parts of the world. The practice reduces the number of customers who purchase or rent movies from Amazon and Netflix.

Cyber Community: Effects on Communication

Deviant loners are known not to associate with other people, and therefore one of the impacts the cyber community may have on them is that it may encourage them to continue engaging in cyberspace crime [...]

Television Show: “Wil Time Bigtime”

Since its inception, Wil Time Bigtime has aired a number of shows that can deemed offensive and bad for society and this is one of the reasons why the show had to change its name [...]

‘Obama’s Deal’ Documentary Analysis

After the struggle which was won by the president following the singing of the health reform, a surprise in the support that the president and his party had enjoyed was realized to have faded from [...]

News Corp as a Media Conglomerate

The first social trend responsible for the emergence of media conglomerates is the transition from passive reception of news to active search for news.

Advertising Technology’ Changes in the 1980s

The current forms of advertising such as the use of print and electronic media have helped define the practice of advertising. In the 18th century, advertising was mainly in the form of announcements of the [...]

Significant Role of Advertising

The main focus of the Coke Zero Advertisement is to enhance popularity, educate the public and familiarize consumers on the unique aspects of the product. The Coke Zero Advertisement is a very unique and effective [...]

African-Americans in the Documentary “Pride”

The film is commendable due to its appeal in overcoming racial barriers of prejudice, racism, and stereotype projected against African-American by proving that blacks are equally capable to the whites. The cultural differences and ways [...]

Canadian Culture: Media Concentration Threat

The question that has been on the minds of media stakeholders in Canada is when media concentration in the industry will come to an end. They reported that concentration of ownership in the print media [...]

Social Networks in the Modern life

I understood that the use of smartphones and the Internet was essential for the development of the information spread. Posting and reposting information, commenting other's posts and sharing the data via the social platforms was [...]

Mass Society and Popular Culture Theories

Both the popular culture and the mass society are theories that are used to explain perspectives in media. For some scholars mass society is a menace since it can destabilize the differences established amid the [...]

Vintage Coca-Cola Company’s Advertising Campaign

The vintage Coca-Cola advertisements have become very successful in the sense that they assist the Coca-Cola Company in accomplishing two major goals of the advertisement due to the company's pioneering work in advertising and really [...]

The 2014 Joondalup Festival Details

In addition, the report focuses on identifying the theme of the event, objectives associated with the event and the philosophy of the event, among other event aspects.

The Media Industry in UAE

In a bid to improve the efficiency of the media industry and ensure that it abides by the law, UAE's government drafted a strategic electronic framework, which was to be used between the years 2011 [...]

TV Shows’ Influence on Families

Despite the fact that the article is long as compared to the other article, the story and all its explanations flow in a rhythm that is encouraging and not tiring.

Bowling Game: Product Assessment

A number of analysts assert that the bowling industry is suffering from this continued decline owing to the lack of revolutionary technological breakthroughs in the industry.

Syrian Missiles’ Attack on a Russian Airplane

According to the Huffington Post reporters, it is the crew that believed in the missile attack and the dangers it could have posed to the airplane and its passengers. Definitely, what happened to the Russian [...]

The Documentary “Taboo: Blood Bonds”

One of the things that attracted my attention is that women have to ensure the wellbeing of children almost independently, while their spouses do not have to take many responsibilities. This is one of the [...]

“The Other F-Word”: Documentary Film

The analysis attempts to develop a comprehensive understanding of the identities and identity formation through music and the consequences of these identities to the individuals involved.

Content Analysis of Advertisements

This study will investigate the relationship between names of products that promote well-being and the titles of television adverts used in marketing the goods.

Dove Ad Campaign for Real Beauty

The advertisement is a mediator in explaining to the viewers that mostly women forget their physical and emotional self, and become overly critical of themselves.

Newspapers’ Discussion: School Desegregation

In spite of the fact that many newspaper authors covered the school desegregation events rather subjectively, the approaches to discussing the process of school desegregation in the American states are different in relation to the [...]

TV Soap Operas: Reasons of Popularity

Soap operas are popular since they have interesting stories that captivate the minds of the audience. In addition to this, soap operas are popular since they keep viewers company.

Romania’s Social Media and Technologies

The list of the most demanded mass media nowadays includes the internet as one of the strongest competitors. Regardless of the rapid growth of the popularity of the internet in Romania, the demand on television [...]

Necessity of Banning Online Advertisements

A possible solution to this problem is to ban the internet advertisements related to alcohol and cigarettes promotions. According to The Telegraph, children are addicted to the internet, and "some youngsters are "consuming up to [...]

Location-Based Marketing and Advertising

It is proved that targeted marketing and location-based marketing, in particular, helps to meet the needs of consumers and pay more attention to their personal information in order to choose the most appropriate services, discounts, [...]

WeChat Social Network Service Strategy

This feature makes the app more valuable and useful because it can connect users in different social network services and thus increase the number of people it can reach.

Cultural Diversity in Media

Considered that posters have the capability to influence and shape peoples' perceptions, the portrayal of women as sexual commodities will affect the manner in which the society perceives and treats them.

The Camel Brand: Tobacco Advertising

This paper examines the influence of the Camel cigarettes on customers and different aspects of the print advertisement of one of the oldest and the most prestigious brands of the tobacco in the world - [...]

Advertising Essential Tools

The man tells the woman "nice car" the woman is motivated to showcase the capability of the car. The need for dominance is of utmost importance in any commercial and should be addressed appropriately.

Huffy Corporation’s Advertising

To understand the reasons why the Huffy advertisement published in the magazine for women is effective to evoke the consumers' interest, it is necessary to analyze the magazine's ideal reader; such features of the advertisement [...]

Press and Politics Relations in America

An example of a study on the relationship between media and politics in the US is the research by Andrea Hickerson on "Media Use and Transnational Political and Civic Participation: A Case Study of Mexicans [...]

Media Role in Global Understanding and Cooperation

The increased global understanding and cooperation courtesy of media can be viewed from different perspectives as discussed in this paper. However, regardless of the view taken, media have increased global understanding and cooperation.

Canada’s Communications Policy

Thesis topic: The Canadian communication policy and the importance and implications of the convergence of telecommunications and broadcasting fields. Statement of the problem: Over the years, telecommunications and broadcasting fields are swiftly budding and assembling [...]

Communication and Media in the UAE 50 Years Ago

After several decades of working in the field of media and communications, he is able to evaluate the changes that occurred to media with the advent of the new technology and define the positive and [...]

The Effects of Social Media on Society

The social networks broke into the everyday life of the majority of common people in the middle of 00s, first giving neglectful and suspicious attitude, as a tracking instrument of the government.

Role of Media in the Modern Society

Despite the fact that the general meaning of this concept means whether the depictions of something is accurate, Stuart Hall argued that the concept of representation plays an active role that is related to the [...]

The Poster “Flirt”: Advertising Analysis

In spite of the fact that the poster is only an advertisement, it truly is a work of art. The young woman attempts to show her modesty, positioning the lower part of her body farther [...]

Transculturation Role in Media Translation

Also, it is necessary to mention that one of the reasons transculturation needs to be applied to media translation is that this approach has proven to be extremely successful and was met positively by a [...]

The Issue of Privacy in the Digital Media

From this point, consumption of the digital media is the complex process which includes the issues of copyright and privacy because people should be responsible for sharing the personal and copyrighted information, and web sites [...]

Digital Media in the Modern Society

With the advent of the digital era, it has finally become obvious how small the world really is and how easy it is to reach out to the people in the remotest corners of the [...]

Distrust in Media: Causes and Consequences

The media does not guarantee the provision of verified news resulting in a fall of public trust in media and a decline of confidence for institutions. The decision of whether to trust in media or [...]