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Fake News and Unfair Media Portrayal

Lastly, when in the exploration of communication media as a vehicle for information transference, it is important to mention that the choice of a communication channel depends on the message that one is trying to [...]

Utopia Fantasia in the “Black Mirror” TV Show

Stated differently, this paper demonstrates how the concept of utopia has evolved from the quest for a virtuous and free life to the desire for people's approval from the lens of an individualised life.

Media Violence and Aggression Risk Factors

The topic of exposure to violence in mass media and a consequent probability of developing more aggressive behaviors is widely investigated and discussed in the literature.

Social Media Appropriation for Activism

The new practice of socializing via social media allows for building new types of relationships between people, and this phenomenon is actively used by activists to make their ideas attractive to the public and share [...]

The Documentary “The Lost Libraries of Timbuktu”

The historic and exotic city is positioned strategically north of the large Niger River on the southern edge of the Sahara Desert. The text written in the margins was added after the original text of [...]

Social Networks Diversity Analysis: Facebook

In particular, regarding the criterion of a social class, the overwhelming majority is similar. In this context, it is appropriate to use the concept of "the wisdom of crowds" suggesting that larger groups can offer [...]

“Django Unchained” Movie by Quentin Tarantino

After the Brittles are caught, Schultz and Django discover that Broomhilda had been sold to Calvin J. However, Calvin's house slave Stephen reveals the nature of Schultz's and Django's true plan and informs his master.

“The Great Depression: 1929-1939” Documentary

Despite the promises given by the President and the leaders of finance, the situation did not improve. The narrator remarks that people were losing hope, and no one knew how to improve the situation.

Eating Disorders in Traditional and Social Media

One can argue that traditional media, through the depiction of ED stories, started the discussion about mental health, introducing concepts of anorexia, bulimia, and other conditions, often described in a negative light due to the [...]

Media and Democracy: Free Press and Fake News

Thus, it is not possible to say that the freedom of the press is sufficiently protected in the United States since journalists do not always have an opportunity to present the real facts.

Journalism in Vietnam: Media Effects on War

The way in which the media depicted the situation in Vietnam was also in striking contrast with the attitudes in the American government.

Vietnam: The First Television War. Media and Public

The media through its scepticism and the realisation of manipulation of the information and figures by the U.S.government intervened and provided the public the gruesome details of the war.

French Specific Content in Media and Television

Broadcasting, on the other hand, is the process of disseminating the contents of the programme to target audience. This policy serves to check and regulate the contents of programmes by media houses and the mechanism [...]

Gaming Effects on People’s Social Lives

We were interested in understanding the patterns of social activities among students and employed people as well as their patterns of behavior when playing video games.

Alzheimer’s Disease in Newspaper Articles

The number of patients diagnosed with Alzheimer's and diabetes in the United States, and indeed globally, has increased significantly in the last few years. This means that the main interest of such collaboration is to [...]

New Media Influencing the Way of Communication

In this study, the researcher will investigate the influence of new media on the way of communication Facebook is currently the most popular social media platform, with an estimated 1.

“Unacceptable Levels”: Film Analysis

The film describes the development of the chemical industry that began in the middle of the 20th century. This issue occurred for the first time in the history of the United States.

Film Analysis: “A Girl in the River”

The problem is aggravated by the fact that the majority of the population believes that honor killings are justified by the intention of the act.

The Film “Immigration Battle”: the DREAM Act

In conclusion, it is necessary to note that the film Immigration Battle shows the struggle of some people to make American society truly Democratic and just.

Celebrity Advertisement in Social Media Marketing

The present research aims to test the hypothesis that exposure to SMI advertisement leads to a decrease in the perceived trustworthiness of celebrities who also engage in social media marketing.

Broadcast Culture Development: Participatory Culture

This paper defines the participatory culture and compares it with broadcast culture, indicates some factors that allowed for the spread of the participatory culture, and identifies some aspects of its impact on the society.

Violence in Media and Accepted Norm in Society

At the same time, these concerned groups represent the stratum that has the most power in influencing the spreading of media violence and mitigating its effects. The government can ensure that that rules and regulations [...]

Wal-Mart’s Reputation Research Using Twitter

To determine how social media can be used to know more about a company, I monitored Wal-Mart for a whole week to determine the perception of people about the company, its products, and its services.

Theater’s AdWords Campaign and Its Results

The event campaign is directed to attract more people to the theater. The campaign has made it possible to inform more people about the theater.

Facebook as a Social Network and Its Privacy Policy

The case study explains that the privacy policy and privacy settings on Facebook are such that they considerably violate the privacy of the social network's users by selling their data to third parties for a [...]

How YouTube Changed the Way We Communicate?

Moreover, the extensive selection of documentaries available on YouTube allows anyone to see the nature of the farthest locations of the Earth without the need to leave the comfort of their home.

Catherine Bond’s Social Media Campaign

This paper includes and provides information about other companies' strategies on various social platforms and social networks that our team is currently working with, implications of the team's works and analyses for the Catherine Bond [...]

Flawed Representation of Women in Media

In particular, modern movies and TV shows are often reviewed in regard to the way they portray women; at the same time, Hollywood is frequently criticized for the creation and maintenance of rather harsh conditions [...]

Fashion Advertising Impact on Social Identity

The concept of social identity in modern society is increasingly becoming important in a global society as people try to identify with specific cultures and practices.

Fake News: “Gut Instincts” vs. Faith in Evidence

One of the ways to do it is to compare the two ideas and determine their similar and distinctive traits. The supporters of the theory of instincts, according to Dyer, do not always trust information [...]

Civil Rights Movement in “Freedom Riders” Documentary

As a commemoration of the fiftieth anniversary of freedom movements, Nelson's movie is a story of segregation and racism, abhorrence, courage, and the general brutality of the depicted events.

Texas in 70s: “La Raza Unida Chapter” Documentary

The speaker talks about the events that happened in the 1970s in the state of Texas. This interview is a part of the CRBB collection of videos about the history of the La Raza Unida [...]

Barrios and Barriers: The Tucson Civil Rights Era

Although the second decade of the 21st century seems to be far away from the events described in the film racial issues continue to be one of the most heated topics not only in Arizona [...]

Advertising Impact on Children and Related Illnesses

In the contemporary world, advertising is one of the most lucrative businesses. The world is currently in the age where the majority of the population has access to information.

Addictions in Free Markets

As a result of the lack of communication with the rest of the community members, people that experience stress as a result of dislocation may try to fill the void with developing an addiction.

Excessive Video Gaming as Antisocial Behavior

It is necessary to make adolescent gamers aware of the negative effects of video games on their psychological well-being and social life.

Intercultural Communication in the Series “Tyrant”

Caught up in the middle of a revolt against the ruling family, he loses his father, who died during the coup, and is forced to help his brother and the new president to overcome the [...]

Modern Advertising and Social Networking Services

That is why they need to be explored and studied to understand the needs of consumers. Not to take away from the importance and usefulness of what Hunter presented, I found more useful information in [...]

Consuming Media: Technology and Preference

In both old and new ways of consuming media content, the process is both technology-driven and consumer-driven, while the differences are found in the technology that altered the speed of accessing information and the ability [...]

The Article “Cesar Chavez Begins 7-Week Tour of US”

The key issue raised was the intention of Chavez to encourage the general public, as well as farm workers, to continue supporting the grape boycott. Overall, the article was written to keep the audience in [...]

Media and Its Delivery Methods

However, no alternative to this form of media existed before the invention of the Internet, which highlights the differences in the inter-generational use of media.

“Empire”: TV Show Overview

In particular, the analysis will be comprised of the introduction of the selected show, the examination of its background, and the impressions it makes on critics, the industry that produces the show, the social context [...]

“The World of Dance” Event

As we have already stated, the World of Dance is a unique event in the sphere of art that tries to attract the attention of people across the world.

Fake News: Editorials and Media Discrediting

Due to the criticality of the challenge of fake news, editorials developed standards and barriers to guarantee the relevance and accuracy of presented information.

Journalists Role on the Public

Using the case of the United Arab Emirates, this discussion explains why journalists have a unique role in shaping the public's values and attitudes.

The American TV Series: Characters and Themes

One of the most important trends concerns the representation of the social diversity of the American population in the media, as well as the growing scope of themes and issues discussed on TV.

Young People and Fake News

According to Oliver and Wood, fake news can be traced back to the 1835 Great Moon Hoax when a prank went viral in the U.S.and Europe following a publication in newspapers, including The Sun, describing [...]

Television Show Suggestion: M*A*S*H

While the unit that was shown in the series was fictitious and the story was focused not on the war itself but the individuals working in the MASH, the portrayal of war events also contributed [...]

Celebrity Culture: Positive Effects

Introduction Negative Effects Positive Effects Conclusion Student Name Professor Name Course Date

Effects of Famous People on the Culture

The authors carry out the analysis very diligently by studying the effects of a range of factors on the changes in the impact of celebrities on popular culture.

“Freedom Riders” a Documentary Movie by Firelight Media

The main goal of this paper is to discuss the impact that the media had on the progress of the civil rights movement and highlight strategies implemented by civil rights organizations.

The Methodology for Interviews

A majority of the new companies are the ones that use unconventional methods of the interview. They may present their work to the interviewers for them to choose the best.

Is Facebook Making Us Lonely?

The attractiveness of Facebook, the cause of its influence, is that it allows us to be social while getting us out of the disconcerting reality of the world - the unintentional revelations we make, the [...]

News Media’s Effects

That said, the social responsibility of the news media is based on the internal code of ethics of journalists and recognizing the fact that they are responsible for every story they make up and publish [...]

Piedmont Media’s Algorithm

In order to streamline and enhance this process, Josh Lynn of Piedmont Media Research developed an algorithm that is likely to assist the professionals greatly.

The Documentary “Berkeley in the Sixties” by Mark Kitchell

The film begins with the off-screen narrator telling the audience that throughout the sixties, the University of California remained at the forefront of people's struggle to be in the position to take full advantage of [...]

The Documentary “Last Train Home”

The social issues that have been shown in the documentary are living condition of migrant workers in cities, the growing gap between the children and their absentee parents, and the change in the position of [...]

Facebook and Twitter: Privacy Policy

The popularity of the networks, and the fact that they collect so much data, constitute the rationale for choosing Facebook and Twitter as the objects for the present research.

“Nostalgia for the Light” by Patricio Guzman

The reason for this is apparent the deployment of such an approach will naturally prompt the audience to think of what is being discussed as such that directly relates to what happened to be their [...]

The Documentary “Genocide”

According to the documentary, genocide is the outcome of mass hysteria. After that, the international community will be able to have an impact on the decisions of political leaders.

The Popularization of Instagram and Its Effects

Therefore, it can be hypothesized that the positive impact of Instagram is multifaceted and can be divided into several different directions that combine into a unique experience helping humans to appreciate themselves and find more [...]

Advertising Analysis: Real Beauty Sketches by Dove

In reality, the Internet is a field of endless opportunities for the creative advertisement campaigns because it facilitates the marketers' connections with all types of consumers and the opportunities for the research in the consumer [...]

Documentary Film “The Immigration Battle”

In recent years, the issue of deportation separating families has come to the forefront of the movement, which can be seen in the movie.

Media Consumption and Its Role in Society

This research paper is designed to investigate the question of inter-generational differences in media usage and consumption and allow the researcher either to prove or disprove the usefulness of numerous social and mass media information [...]

Ethics of Advertising

The ethical approach to business decision making should not be disregarded because it directly influences the image of the business in the eyes of the public and the media.

Twitter’s Business Model and Advertising Revenues

On top of these, the Twitter churn rate is estimated to be 60%. Through the advertising revenue model, Twitter can employ strategies to promote the use of its services to generate revenue.

Media Ethics in the United Arab Emirates

The authors and editors must be moral in keeping the balance of morality and ethics. The ethical theory of virtue can be applied to both the content of books and media in the UAE.

“Return of the River” by John Gussman and Jessica Plumb

The livelihoods of the members of Elwha Klallam tribe, who were not officially considered the US citizens until the late 1920s, were destroyed by a flood that followed the construction of the dam.

LinkedIn as a Job Tool in the UAE

According to the LinkedIn statistics, the number of employees who identify themselves as entrepreneurs in the UAE and use the network has almost doubled in 2016.

The Impact of Social Media on Co‐Creation of Innovation

The article at hand analyzes the issue of co-creation in the context of the innovation process. Their findings of the social media impact on each of the identified types can be summarized as follows:

“Understanding Media and Culture” by Jack Lule

According to Lule, media depicts male characters as leaders who are energetic, antagonistic, and full of aspirations in their lives, a situation that the chapter emphasizes a demonstrating the level of gender-based labeling in the [...]

The Documentary “Origins of Yoga: Quest for the Spiritual”

In the film, it is noted that people who decided to devote their lives to the practice of yoga would leave their homes, "abandon the conventional life" and the "householder stage" to "wander around in [...]

The Documentary “Freedom Riders”

The movie reveals that the activists of the 1960s capitalized on the changing media landscape in an attempt to pursue their aims.

“Freedom Riders” by Stanley Nelson

Having invited many participants and witnesses to star in the movie and having included numerous original recordings of the events that happened in 1961, Nelson became able to create a profoundly impressive account of one [...]

The Documentary “Immigration Battle”

In their documentary Immigration Battle film, Shari Robertson and Michael Camerini show the human factor and the guilt of both the Democrats and the Republicans regarding this failure to end the deportations.

Popular Culture and Art Definition

One might argue that the transition from the rejection of popular culture as an element of art to its acceptance and the celebration of the opportunities that the combination of the two may provide is [...]

Media Advertising

This section uses the social learning theory, in-group bias theory, and the cultivation theory as three prominent schools of thought, which describe the process of how stereotypes create imagery among people and groups.

The Documentary “Triumph of the Nerds”

The introduction of personal computers to the market revolutionized almost every aspect of human life today."Triumph of the Nerds" is a 1996 documentary about the history of personal computing since the creation of the first [...]

Fake News Understanding

Hence, it is necessary to stress that the principal cause of fake news is people's desire to shape certain views, attitudes, etc.

Richmond Folk Festival

The major goal the organizers of the festival pursue is to present the best traditional musicians found all across the country and to let the audience enjoy their unique talents.

“Street Fight” a Film by Cory Booker

The main goal of this paper is to discuss the concepts of leadership and power, using examples that are presented in a film Street Fight. His slogans emphasized the importance of changes in the leadership [...]

Sony PlayStation Creative Strategy

The purpose of the project is to advertise the new PlayStation console among the target market with the help of the Internet, i.e.social media, and draw the consumers' attention to the product by means of [...]

Fake Facebook News: Awareness and Protection

In the case with youth, it is of huge importance for the service to double-check the uploaded information since public opinion is usually formed of the knowledge people receive.

Celebrity Culture and Its Influence on Society

Before discussing the way Angelina Jolie and other celebrities affect modern society, it is necessary to identify the origins of the celebrity culture.

Dove Company’s Social Media Content

One of the major focuses of marketing strategies employed for the promotion of Dove is social justice and the empowerment of women namely.

Carter Capital Management’s Google+ Advertising

One of the most important steps is opening a Google+ page, which enables the company to start interacting with potential customers and partners across the social network.

Facebook’s Privacy Policy and Ethical Controversy

The momentous benefits of Facebook covered up for the shortcomings of the media. Since many people use this media to connect globally, companies have made the maximum advantage out of it by advertising their products [...]

Ernie Pyle’s Life and Writing Style

Pyle was not much interested in the movements of troops and strategies of generals on the contrary, he took the "everyman" approach and the perspective of the common soldier, which turned out to be a [...]

Oman in “Routes of Incense to Those of Black Gold”

However, these symbols are also used in the documentary in order to accentuate the direction in the author's story from discussing different ways followed by the country during its development to accentuating the core of [...]

World Wildlife Fund’s “Fish” Poster and Effects

According to a statement by the WWF, the goal of creating the poster was to attract the attention of people and have them examine the variety of climate change issues discussed by the Fund.

“The Body in Room” Article by Mark Bowden

Essentially, the author fulfills the role of a narrator by providing the necessary information on the case and clarifying the obscure details of the case.

PepsiCo Inc.’s Kendall Jenner Advertisement

The move was utter ridicule of the urgency of the existing issues and diminished the severity and magnitude of why people go on streets to demand respect for the lives of minorities in the United [...]