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Entertainment & Media Essay Examples and Topics

Family TV Shows

In the traditional view of a nuclear family, it is the woman who is supposed to be patient with the man. It challenges the model of a happy and perfect family which was and is [...]

Hopes and Fears in Regard to the “Network Society”

On the other hand, the importance of mass media and communication means has led to prevailing role of computers and other instant messaging devices over personal communication, and the resulting depersonalization of human relations.

Advertisement from Cosmopolitan

At the chosen semiotic level, it is possible to identify the following signs: the picture of Jude Law that introduces the image of a handsome, smart, intelligent, and stylish man who makes use of the [...]

Analysis of Advertisements in Magazines

Shape Magazine in 2010 The fitness culture increased in the 2010 period with issues of weight loss, style and beauty, health and increase dietary consciousness. The target audience of the magazine is specific to the [...]

Tabloid versus Broadsheet

With regard to broadsheet newspaper, the power of the elite highly determines the kind of news and stories which feature in these papers.

When the Levees Broke: A Requiem in Four Acts

When the Levees Broke truly reveals that Lee was driven by the issues this tragedy addressed and incorporates all of the characteristics that distinguish his film style consciousness, talent, and passion.

Social Sites Are Becoming Too Much of a Good Thing

It is necessary to note that the author's argument is plausible and well-grounded as Lee uses all three means of persuasion, i.e.ethos, pathos, logos. On balance, it is possible to note that the article in [...]

Sylvester Stallone

When he was nine years old, his parents divorced and this was another rough episode in his life. This shows that he was not afraid of challenges and was devoted to his work.

The “Cosby Show” Effect on Media and Society

The "Cosby Show" and the character of Cliff Huxtable had a significant effect on media and society. It was illustrated how the family supported the implementation of a persom into the world, the views of [...]

The Little Mermaid

The settings also remained quite similar to the ones in the book; both the underwater world and the kingdom look quite generic in the movie, allowing for placing the story in a typical European country; [...]

Twitter and the hardships of life

The use of social networks has added to the hardships of life, as people endanger their personalities and reputations by their postings to the public.

Effects of Violence Media on Aggression

In case a child is exposed to continuous violent media, chances are high that such a child would develop a deviant behavior, which might lead to the development of aggressive behavior.

Representation of the Body in Advertising

Image1: Strong hands and muscles The female body Representation of the female body is achieved through nudity. In contrast, the female body is represented as sexy, seductive, vulnerable, weak, and an object of pleasure.

Antisocial Networking

She compares the various changes that have taken place since the end of technology era of adults to the current era of teenagers.

Advertising in Abercrombie & Fitch

Therefore, to reach to and persuade plus-sized women to accept Abercrombie & Fitch clothes, the advert uses or amanufacturers' a plus-sized woman who is a model of the targeted population.

Converged Media

Compared to the past, the cost of setting up a media firm has significantly dropped. Converged media has reduced the cost of media products and software.

For The Bible Tells Me So

The consequences of socially constructing homosexuals and homosexuality as an abomination according to the film "The Bible Tells Me So" are destroyed family relationships and discrimination of the homosexuals by the society.

Classification of Facebook as a Communication Media

Facebook is perhaps the largest and most effective social site that has converted the world into a small village where people can interact, socialize, and exchange information and ideas and do business free of geographical [...]

Effect of advertising on people

Therefore, the purpose of this report is to describe the research procedure and discuss the effects of advertising on people. An advertisement agent, a marketer and a has-been head of a business faculty, she answered [...]

A semiotic analysis of an advertisement

Questions such as "How does body language convey the intended meaning of the advertisement?", "Is facial expression an important part of the sign system?", "What concept is signified by the clothes worn in this advert?", [...]

The Problem of Desinformation in Internet

With the emergence of mobile devices, the Internet and the ever more participatory culture of media, these formerly discrete media channels now find themselves subsumed by the ber channel that is the Internet as of [...]

Understanding Media and Communication

The discussion exemplifies the techniques and devices used in storytelling in music and films. The ability of film to make use of both sound and images has granted it advantage over music in storytelling.

Audience Manufacture in Broadcasting

Audience manufacture calls for concise determination of size and behavior of the audience and by the use of a set of measurement procedures shaped by industry dynamics and technological usage patterns, the audience is manufactured [...]

Misunderstanding YouTube

Viacom should understand that commercial media on YouTube is like transformational of cultural commodities to cultural resources and YouTube just offers a platform for the audience to produce second order commodities that they can and [...]

Cons of the Media

The media also known as the fourth state plays an instrumental role in keeping the public informed of what is happening locally, regionally and even beyond the borders as well as keeping the other three [...]

Americanization of Global Media

The paper therefore examines and categorizes various texts that fall under the purview of global media studies and analyses the context and magnitude of influence of Americanization on the media in particular and the general [...]

Print Media Journalism

Reporters are small cogs in large business organizations that have a vested interest in producing a marketable, neutral product" Bennett upholds the centrist view of print media journalism, though he accepts that "as the political [...]

New Media and Advertising

Going with the times, the contemporary companies have to meet the requirements of the contemporary market and develop the new media advertising campaigns of their products for the purpose of establishing the contact with customers [...]

Advertizing and Globalization

Like globalization influences the principles of advertising, the advertising industry plays a tangible role in the development of economic and cultural change.

Billboard and Popular Culture

Creators of the high culture have been on the quest to appeal to the wider public through the mass media and that is where the billboards come in.

Movie Theater Ads

Although there are several modes of advertising, this research found out that movie theater is one of the best modes of advertising.

Global Consumer Economy

Potter and Sheehan seem to converge on the understanding that the institutions of advertising and marketing are the focal point in business operations especially in the societies of abundance.

Social Media – It’s Real Value

This is to expose the real value of social media as it is used today in our social lives as well as in the workplace, so as to be able to fully exploit it.

Media Relations

In addition, Wikipedia has streamlined the process of information delivery on the internet because it allows individuals to add or delete unwanted information. The media has been accused of bias in almost every instance it [...]

The Effects of media on the Arab springs

While the ultimate impact of the Arab Spring in North Africa and the Middle East remains to be seen, it did lead to the collapse of four regimes and the establishment of democratic governments in [...]

Beyond the Nuclear Family

Such issues as the definition of family, family structures and roles, influential factors for changing families, and the family of the future are discussed in Beyond the Nuclear Family directed by Suzi Taylor.

Effects of the Media on Delivery of News

Prior to the television, the invention of telegraphy has become the trigger of information spread among people. New capabilities of delivering news through television and internet do not contribute to the welfare of society in [...]

Analysis of the Magazine Cover

The main goal was to evoke the interest of the readers into the content of the magazine. This is one of the major issues that can be identified.

The Kony 2012 Controversy

The film attempts to attract the world attention to view the inability of the leaders in the western world as being the major factor that has resulted in the inability to stop Kony and his [...]

Is Media Biased

Al Jazeera is the largest media outlet in the Middle East reporting events mostly to the Arab world. The media outlet has equated revolutions in Egypt and Libya with the ejection of totalitarianism in the [...]

Assumptions and Critical Thinking

Assumptions refer to the things that a researcher might take for granted in the research process, yet they are very important, as far as the success of the research is concerned. An individual is encouraged [...]

The film industry

The violent battles of Europe were rather far from the western civilization and so, films were used to transfer the atmosphere of the battle to the citizens and soldiers.

Effect of Social Media Sites on Our Lives

Social networking sites aim to promote the establishment and maintenance of networks of friends over the Internet and allow individuals to easily connect with one or all members of their social networks, regardless of time [...]

Facebook Usage in Business

The page shows the popularity of Safaricom limited due to the comments made on their Facebook wall and credible attitude designated by the 'likes'. This makes Safaricom and Facebook trustworthy to the customers.

Advertising and Consumer behavior

Television advertising also has a major impact on the behavior of teenagers and children. From the discussion, it is fais to stress that advertising, as a promotional strategy, plays very important role in creating awareness [...]

Social Media Sites

Therefore, the essay will categorically expound on the numerous benefits that these social media sites have brought to the world. The large market that social media sites create also results to increase in the number [...]

Effects of Advertising on People

Interestingly, a wealth of literature demonstrates that the goal of advertising has shifted from the creation of empowerment and consumer fulfillment to premeditated creation of a mood of restless dissatisfaction with what people have and [...]

The Crisis Communication in the Toyota Motors

The management believed that the firm was able to realize its objectives, given the kind of labor it had and the resources. The management of the firm made a decision to recall all its Lexus [...]

I Love Lucy vs. See Dad Run

In addition, she is more sophisticated compared to Lucy; this shows the strides that have been made in fashion, lifestyles, and social conducts.

The Analysis of a Photo

This is one of the details that should be considered. This is one of the main pitfalls that should be avoided.

Online video and computer games

Video and computer games emerged around the same time as role playing games during the 1970s, and there has always been a certain overlap between video and computer games and larger fantasy and sci-fi communities.

The Summary of Harvest of Empire

Thus, the active immigration processes and the 'invasion' of the Latinos in the USA are the logical consequences of the prolonged territorial expansion of the USA and its economic influence in the region that is [...]

Killing Us Softly

Looking at the modern advertising no matter where it is put, it is possible to see the message devoted to women which is carried, women are never judged for their achievements, they will always be [...]

Overview of Social Networking

This is achieved by raising the incentives of the internal research teams and reducing the resistance to changes in the organization. Thus, marketers have turned to the social media and are seeing success in the [...]

Social Media Overview

For an individual to share a video through YouTube there will be need for the individual to sign up for an account with YouTube.

Addiction of Digital Media in Society

Currently, this rapid formation and the transformation of the landscape of digital news bring about a divide in the American community regarding the influences of digital news.

News Media and Journalists Ethical Code

One of the ethical considerations is that the journalist should keep off from distortion of facts since providing inaccurate information would discredit the performance of the journalist, as well the news agency.