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Character Analysis of Actor James Pacino Alfredo Essay

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Alfredo James Pacino, as an actor, began his journey to stardom from a humble point. He was born in New York City on 25 April 1940. He later moved to East Harlem. His parents divorced when he was two years old. This separation had a negative impact on his school performance. Owing to the poor performance, James Pacino dropped out of school. Pacino, thereafter, left home and met his acting teacher who transformed his life entirely.

He moved to the Greenwich Village where he pursued acting as a career. However, his early-age preparations and passions in the field of acting propelled him to the heights he has reached in his career today. His early training was not in vain, as it was instrumental in securing his different roles in theaters where he developed his acting skills. In 1963, for instance, Pacino featured in a play known as ‘Out There’. This was just one of the many movies that the actor has been seen taking different roles.

Pacino lived the better part of his early childhood life without his father. This was because of the parents’ divorce. As he grew up, his peers nicknamed him ‘The Actor’ although his ambition was to become a baseball player. He attended school in New York at ‘Fiorello H. LaGuardia High School’. He, however, did not perform quite well in academics, and he would attain very low grades in almost the subjects except for English.

Pacino’s poor academic and family background did not deter him from achieving his set dreams. He lacked a father who would become his role model, but he was able to influence the theater world. This depicts him as a man of a strong will, who shakes off the past and turns around his life. Without the support of a family, he rises from grass and shines in glory. He becomes an icon to children raised from a dark background, and his story encourages them to pursue their dreams in life.

Life in and out of the stage

Pacino’s life in his acting career is far much different from his private life. While acting, he comes out as a very active individual. This is the opposite of his private cool and quiet life. Antonio’s life is inspirational, and with his character in movies, his resilience is clear. He has established himself as a tough person in the various roles he takes on the stage. In the film titled, The Godfather, for example, Pacino is seen as a very attractive public figure.

This is depicted in the manner with which women cite his sunken eyes. Chinese astrology describes his character as a double metal dragon. His life history that is full of challenging highs and lows shows his move to greatness as a difficult journey. His ability to persevere and stand strong in the midst of trouble makes his personality admirable. The actor displays a character of self-confidence and determination. He is an enterprising person, and through hard work, he has been able to show that to the world throughout his career. On stage, the actor makes very close relationships and friendships.

He believes in his mind, and he is not afraid to differ with any individual. When his mother did not support his idea of dropping out of school, he left home and lived on the streets. This portrays him as a temperamental and unrepentant individual. His ability to become two very different people on different occasions is an advantage to his career. In his real life, he still practices the same double life. Pacino commonly referred to as a bachelor, has had a number of romantic relationships with different women.

He is a father of three children, one from his divorced wife Jill, and twins from his other divorced wife Beverly D’Angelo. He is a man with very solid and firm judgments and a tough personality. However, his strong and tough personality does not allow for much interaction, which explains his low social activities. He is not antisocial but again he is not much into socializing especially publicly. He is a reserved person who loves to keep things to himself. Nevertheless, he has great interpersonal and communication skills. Pacino is, in addition, able to make sound decisions. This makes him more of a good leader than an actor. The above traits have greatly contributed to Pacino’s rise to fame in the film industry.

Life skills

Pacino is a team player and a loyal team member too. This is because of the personality that enables him to be able to effectively dealing with different individuals. Pacino is very dependable, and he delivers to his promise this makes him a trust worth individual. The actor is also famous for his stands and discipline in both acting and real life. He also never fails to put into practice the above traits whenever a challenge presents itself.

He is never afraid to state his position on a matter, and he always takes responsibility for his actions both in acting and in real life. His personality as a charming, cool person draws his fans close, creating an unbreakable attachment between him and them. Apart from the above traits, the actor never settles for anything less than his ability and he has an insatiable appetite for achievement and progress in whatever he does.

He always does his best to stay ahead of everything he lays his hands on throughout his life. This is what propelled his great name up in the acting industry. Pacino has a particular love for knowledge, and seizes any opportunity there is for him to learn. His alluring personality allows him to fascinate even the most discriminative audience. He knows exactly how to present himself to the audience, which is an asset in his career path and has clearly worked to his advantage.


Al Pacino is a successful actor in general. His ability to get to his current level of greatness is a great show of success. The different characters he plays in the movies have expressed the same message in his entire career. He seems to send the message of courage and perseverance. His ability to create friends and overcome enemies is a lesson for the audience to express courage and strength in all their situations. The themes in most of his movies and plays he has participated in are also on the same subject of exploiting inner strength and expressing faith to oneself. His philosophy is going for whatever he wants without looking back. Setting goals and following them through is something he treasures and believes in strongly.

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