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Entertainment & Media Essay Examples and Topics

Advertising: Objectives and Tactics

The tactics that will be employed for each objective will be done on the backdrop of many considerations based the nature of the intended change, the target public, the outcome to be achieved, the amount [...]

Mass Media Types

Advertising now gives a lot of information to people and it is obvious that they expect it to correspond with high ethnic standards.

Events: E3’s and Comic-con’ Conventions

The videos, comic, and video games conventions are large meetings of industry personnel, fans, and creators in the different genres of entertainment. Conventions create a sense of community for the fans of the movies, comics, [...]

Media Representation of Black Woman

People who support the above views also support the negative portrayal of African-American women in the media because they believe such representations are true.

Advertising Principles

In this case, the ad uses the need for prominence and the need to achieve. The ad uses the needs for prominence and achievement, the social equality phenomenon and the "men's men" ideology in communicating [...]

Challenges Facing Women in Sports Media

According to Laird when talking to Deitsch, the last 12 months have shown a growth in the intensity of negative moments towards women anchors with Deitsch seeing the problem getting worse. The only role men [...]

The iPad Air Pencil Advertising

Description of the ad The iPad Air Pencil television commercial of 2013 is one of the most successful television commercials of the recent time.

Documentaries as a Education Tool

In this context, the importance of ensuring that the audience is interested in the documentary's content is critical. In this regard, the effectiveness of a documentary in providing information is realized ethically.

History of Documentaries

In the first half of the 20th century, documentaries aimed to exemplify the reality through the study of the indigenous population.

Television Commercial

It is also necessary to add that the commercial also has a valuable message. In conclusion, it is possible to note that the commercial of Kellogg's Froot Loops can have two implications.

Media Industries Aggregation

However, a sociological analysis of the same phenomenon reveals the dominance of conglomerates places too much power in the hands of a few individuals.

Mapping Digital Media in the UAE

While there are some obstacles to the expansion of the online VOD market, in the Arab area, 69% of trade specialist respondents think there is a potential for offering free content while also charging for [...]

Mass Media Effects and Evaluation

Because of the process of subject matter shrinking, which can be observed within the realm of most of the XXI-century media, the audience, which these programs are targeted at, also seems to have split into [...]

The Oprah TV Show

One of the most influential and successful talk shows is the Oprah Winfrey Show that aired between the years 1986 and 2011.

Film Reflection: Behind the Labels

The film chronicles the tale of unchecked corporate voracity and the insensitive management of the garment employees who had been sourced from the Asian continent to work in Saipan's sweatshop establishments.

How Body Image Affects Teens in Media?

Tiggemann and Slater argue that one of the effects of this media saturation is the continuous transmission of beauty ideals and images. Therefore, the images that they are exposed to in the media affect the [...]

Media Influence on People

The aim of this paper is to review the academic articles on the problem of the media influence on the body image.

Events: Expo 2020 in Dubai

American organizations and citizens will have to attend the 2020 Expo in Dubai to gain more knowledge of modern commercial ideas and aspirations that are likely to arise from the exhibition.

Digital Media Impacts on Television

This has significantly reduced the number of people who rely on television to get breaking news for various incidents that occur in different places. As a result, their popularity has reduced the amount of time [...]

All the President’s Men

However, the reality in All the President's Men is depicted vividly and completely, and it is possible to speak about the successful representation of the documentary facts in the context of the highly artistic work.

“Helvetica” by Gary Hustwit

He describes the font as being "neutral," and this is an important fact because "the meaning is in the content of the text and not in the typeface".

Race Event Plan

Due to the rise in the number of needy students in need of funding to raise their school fee, I have proposed that we organize a five-kilometer race for life event for the school that [...]

Social Media and Democracy

For example, in 2009, during the Iran elections, citizens were able to comment on Facebooks and Youtube, and the whole world was able to follow the election proceedings.

Mixed Media Messages on the Body

Unless one has the capability or the knowledge to sieve what is necessary and what is not as provided by the media, people will follow what the media provides them with the illusion that it [...]

The Film “We Were Soldiers”

While the film focuses on the events on the battleground, it equally provides the viewers with a parallel story of the families and wives of the soldiers in the war as they grief for their [...]

Lexus Car Advertisement

The advertisement provides both the visual and written messages to attract the audience to the product and evoke the desired associations which can be effective to stimulate the customer in choosing this product instead of [...]

“Capitalism: a Love Story” by Michael Moore

In the aftermath of the 2008 financial meltdown, when the majority of Americans wanted an explanation as to what had happened to their country, the famous film director, Michael Moore, made an attempt to give [...]

Television Shows and Obscene Language

Thus, television shows should not be allowed to use the obscene language because the television language is based on the definite language norms, and the usage of obscene and profane words cannot be discussed as [...]

Violence in Video Games

To conclude, it is assumed that the dispute among researchers, the public, and authorities on the question of the relationship between violent video games and aggressive behavior may not have a universal answer.

Use of Smartphones

In regard with mobile phone technology, this paper examines the growing use of smart phones in the world, and the kind of impact these types of phones have on people's lives.

Advertising for Consuming Kids

The narrator in the film, Consuming Kids, argues that the fact that children spend an "equivalent of the combined economies of the world's 115 poorest countries" has attracted many marketers to this market.

Readers and Online News Websites

The paper will also take into account the thoughts of the readers on their role in that success, and members of the site's staff on the news and the new developments they wish to adopt.

Fast Food, Fat Profits

This is one of the issues that can be distinguished. This is one of the limitations that can be singled out.

Twitter API Analytics

The studies on the uses of Twitter have emphasized on the isolated and critical events including political and crisis communications, popular culture and events such as sports.

Documentary Review: Kony 2012

The documentary's goal is to make people aware of the horrors that are still taking place in Uganda, the work completed by the organization called TRI and to make people join the community of those [...]

Media Industry Structural Changes

These are: the digitization of media, the degree of commercialization of media in the contemporary times, and the continued embrace of integration between different players in the media industry.

The Swanston Street Wall Collapse

The investigation involves analysis on effects of the advertisement board, Grocon's reluctance to start the construction since purchasing the site from RMIT University in 2006, and the legality of the wall built in early 1970s.

The days of broadcasting are behind us

The essence in the modernity of televisions and their broadcasting techniques that expanded the public communication services to the representation and expectations of the modern society did not take long before the massive growth of [...]

Media Violence Study

This is evident in the article, which was written by Grisham, where he explains that Sarah and Ben went to Memphis to watch the Grateful Dead Movie.

Influence of Media on political advertising

In the political system, the only channel to reaching citizens is through the media especially internet and television. The media is also a very powerful tool in shaping and determining the progress of political contest.

Propaganda in the Democratic Society

The article focuses on the effects of propaganda on the democracy. In the article, he focuses on his experiences in the media industry with respect to the past and the present news.

Advertisement and Networking Sites

Further, they enable the users to sort out the services and goods offered by the business in terms of price as well as view the goods hence making the classified ads more convenient.

Social Media – Facebook

Talking to friends and relatives or family members is now possible with a single Facebook account which is a perfect platform to chat and communicate.

Print Media Is Dead

Two important aspects of the digital world are worth discussion as a cause of the decline- the economics of print media versus digital media and the change of consumer preference from print media to digital [...]

Old Media and New Media

Thus, it is possible to state that the distinction between old and new media is becoming totally blurred as the third type of media occurs.

Propaganda Movement in Mass Media

Through the study of Gimenez et al, it was seen that the correlation between the propaganda model and the power of the media can be summarized on the impact of irrational exuberance as a means [...]

Broadcasting and proper use of media

This paper analyzes the use and purpose of broadcasting and proper use of media."The days of broadcasting are behind us", as the new age has brought a number of other mediums that make broadcasting unnecessary.

Media in the society

Individuals in a society are now able to interact and relate with persons of different societies through telephone, mail and the internet unlike in the pre-industrial era where communication channels were limited and therefore the [...]

7Up Advertisement Campaign

By suggesting that the drink is perfectly safe for children under 11 years old, the creators of the advertisement seek to show members of their purchasing-audience that their product is a healthier choice compared to [...]

Data Capture & New Media

In this regard, I would apply the concept of uniqueness by doing things differently and in a manner that would be certain to make my products recognizable by my target among other competitor products.

Woodstock Music Festival

Even though the Woodstock Music Festival was intended to be a ticketed event, ultimately, the planners stopped collecting the tickets because the crowd started to cut away and to trample the fences which made even [...]

The Mass Media: Positive Attributes

This is true when it comes to the media since the problem with people is that they do not stop to think about the role played by the media and that is why most of [...]

“Sicko” Documentary

Basically, it compares universal health care system in other countries to that of United States. This reached its peak during the warm up to 2008 elections in which major components of health care reforms were [...]