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Broadcasting and proper use of media Essay


Media is important to society as it is one of the main sources of information. In the course of playing its role, media faces some challenges. Broadcasting has been a part of the society for a long time, but seems to have run its course.

The main challenges faced by the media relate to greater public views. Individuals in media should engage in moral reasoning as it is important in passing of content. This paper analyzes the use and purpose of broadcasting and proper use of media.

Facts of broadcasting

  • “The days of broadcasting are behind us”, as the new age has brought a number of other mediums that make broadcasting unnecessary.
  • Radio is becoming less used in the digital world.
  • It is not as intriguing as it was before, comparing to television and internet.
  • Broadcasting is usually meant to send out a message or opinion to a great amount of people.
  • Is more personal than any other medium, as people prefer listening to certain shows (Hoeg, 2009).

According to Paddy Scannell, broadcasting takes place after the events have taken place and the media has an important duty to let people know about the situation.

  • It is significant to be able to draw a picture using words.
  • CNN and other programs are taking over regular broadcasting, as the offer a visual image.
  • A person, who sees live events and then joins a discussion, is better oriented in the news story and feels included visually.
  • The fact that news is presented live and different people or experts can be consulted, has many advantages (Scannell, 2006).

The technological changes have greatly progressed the way news travels, and Lev Manovich stresses how computers are taking over almost all other forms of news delivery.

  • Modern news is presented with an open view and contexts that are multilayered.
  • The amount of visual and audio information has greatly increased and become more interactive.
  • The use of computers creates a better organization of news and allows the user to address side stories or follow the main events more closely.
  • A great number of sources can be consulted, so it is now unnecessary to rely on only one source.
  • Automation has made the process extremely easy, allowing for a more comfortable and thorough news reception (Manovich, 2000).

At the same time, Jim Thompson has been one of the key figures in sport broadcasting, and it seems there might be some future for broadcasting after all.

  • It is a unique style of information transference and connects better with listeners.
  • A person must have certain characteristics to be able to attract people and retain their attention.
  • Some forms of news are better presented as a broadcast.
  • As there are many people who have little time to watch the news or prefer broadcasting, it might possibly stay a part of the greater society (The Powerful Voice of the West 2011).

Conclusion and recollection of positives and negatives

  • Even though technology has changed the world, some things stay a part of society.
  • The unique style of broadcasting creates a specific setting for news.
  • The new generation uses internet and computers, so the need for broadcasting might disappear.
  • Most likely, broadcasting will be modified, but will not disappear completely.


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