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Entertainment & Media Essay Examples and Topics

Challenges and Solutions

This essay looks at advertising in fashion and some of the ways used to make advertising in fashion successful. It suffices to mention that scholars have created a link between advertising in fashion and the [...]

“Please Vote for Me”

There is no use denying the fact that it is one of the most fast-growing economies in the world and, that is why it is rather efficient and, moreover, it is possible to predict the [...]

M&M Chocolate Company’s Advertising

By shifting the palette into the sepia-tone area and creating the hairdo that could make the audience view the character as not merely edible, but delicious, with every single detail conveying the message of tasting [...]

“Cuban Missile Crisis: Three Men Go To War”

The film Cuban Missile Crisis: Three Men Go To War produced by the Public Broadcasting Service throws light on the actions of the political leaders who were involved in the confrontation that could result in [...]

Media and Youth Violence

First of all, it should be said that such a spread of the influence of media became possible due to the development of digital technologies. With this in mind, it is possible to state the [...]

The 2012 Diesel Perfume Advertising

The most brilliant idea, however, concerns not the form of the "hand" itself, but the fonts that the designer used to put the title of the fragrance and the name of the company on the [...]

Calvin Klein Advertising Strategy

For the case of the advertising campaign regarding the redeveloped perfume by Calvin Klein, Eternity, the perfumed was first presented as a female perfume.

Corporate Leaders and Social Media Tools

They need to know in order to benefit from the power of social media when it comes to enhancing communication capabilities, and the ability to accumulate data through user-generated information. In the present time, social [...]

International Social Media Blocked In China

Due to the social media restrictions, the Chinese are prevented from staying in touch with the rest of the world. By blocking the social media services in China, the government makes it impossible for its [...]

Coca Cola Company Advertising Campaign

The findings of this study discovered that the best strategy to evaluate the efficiency of advertisement is to look at the volume of sales as well as the number of customers attracted by the advert.

Marriott’s Advertising Campaign

The hotel encourages its guests and travelers to share their emotions, experiences, and stories about how it is to be in a relationship with a person of the same sex.

Legal Manipulation in Advertising

Therefore, the aim of this research is to discuss the history of advertising, types of advertisements, and the purpose of advertisements in order to conclude the source of advertisements' negative effects on the public.

Jero: A Balinese Trance Séance Documentary

The film about Jero, the Balinese medium, is designed to document her professional performance, catch the details of the ritual on tape and present it from the anthropological point of view, the filmmakers do not [...]

Advertising Comparative Analysis

The advert is printable, eye-catching, and it is obvious that the person who prepared the advert took superfluous time to put the pieces together.

Strategic and Consistent Advertising

The producers and distributors of goods and services often compete for the loyalty of the existing buyers. The advances in technology have aided the development of advertising business to a new dimension in the recent [...]

Media Analysis: Jacob’s Cross

In the Jacob's Cross episode that was watched the following scenes that apply to the social justice theme were observed: This episode begins in the morning by Jacob calling his attorney and some other close [...]

Myth or Reality of an Ideal Commercial?

It is quite doubtful that the advertisement will make one buy the given product the entire show is more likely an amusement than a call to action. Speaking of the advertisement that could be changed [...]

Why We Fight by Eugene Jarecki Documentary

The analysis of the position of the American government according to the military conflicts round the world and the level of participation in them of the national troops can support the idea that the American [...]

Inside Job by Charles Ferguson Documentary

The secret of the film's success is in the fact that Charles Ferguson focuses on the financial crisis as the multidimensional phenomenon and vividly discusses all its aspects in detail and with references to the [...]

The March of the Penguins French Documentary

The makers of "The March of the penguins" leave no stone unturned as they film every detail of the journey and they deserve credit for enduring one of the most unforgiving climates on the planet [...]

Television Effects on Society

Nevertheless, the impact of television on children is the most dangerous because children have no abilities to assess the information presented in TV programs and shows critically.

Wikileaks Reports and Their Influence

Interviewing is a research methodology where the researcher reaches the target population through either by phone or in person to get the research information.

BBC and Fox News Reports Comparison

In the article, Craig Shirley termed the rankings as senseless and this shows the subjectivity of Fox news and that it's out to give information as it is on the ground and not sugarcoating the [...]

Racial Inequality and Hoarding

In the article "Racial inequality: a public health issue" in the KALW NEWS website on September 28, 2010, the author Heather Gilligan talks about the issue of public health and racial inequality.

Advertisement of Clinique Night Cream

The purpose of this analysis is to highlight the fear and ageism, particularly in women under the age of 30, which advertisers manipulate to market and sell products.

Pop Culture and Print Media

The mass media has greatly influenced the way of life in the modern world. Americans tend to identify themselves with the idols found in the magazines and other print media and aim at achieving a [...]

“Marry Me” through Google Glass

Google Glass is now omnipresent because of the new media in a postmodern advertisement. It is a perfect example of a postmodern advertisement in the era of the new media.

Photojournalism Ethics

As of today, most photojournalists were able to rid themselves of an illusion that their professional activities should somehow be observant of the notion of 'good taste', simply because the presence of a 'good taste' [...]

Social Media at Cape Breton University

In addition, the platform has reduced the cost of acquiring information about products that most businesses deal in given the comparably low cost of accessing the internet to making physical visits, as well as the [...]

Advertising Technology: Machine Learning Advancements

This paper focus on the description of advertising technology, the insights gained in its development, and the interpretation of machine learning coupled with how tech ads contributed to the development of machine learning and other [...]

“Dogs and Monsters” by Stanley Coren

Thus, the main purpose of the article is to compare the process of bioengineering the domestic dog to that of the evolution of guns so as to satisfy the need of the users as well [...]

Journalism Ethical Dilemma: Moral Discourse

This situation resulted in an ethical dilemma for the journalist who has to decide whether to publish the article about the accident and potentially dangerous products or to take the money and remain silent.

Facebook and Infidelity Behaviors

Because of the increase in the use of social networking sites, it would be helpful to comprehend how Facebook unfaithfulness is comparable or dissimilar to other infidelity conducts.

Woman Image in the Arab Media

The entity that bears the responsibility of choosing the information that gets to the public and the information that does not is, therefore, the gatekeeper.

Documentary The Lost Boys of Sudan

What it means is that the very manner, in which Santino tends to assess the surrounding social reality, is fundamentally inconsistent with the assumption that one's willingness to immigrate to the U.S.presupposes the concerned person's [...]

Water Crisis in the Documentary “Chinatown”

Water is a critical commodity in the film because it motivates every character, causes conflicts, and affects the lives of the ranchers and farmers in the community. The movie explains why the water demands of [...]

Social Media Marketing Attitude Survey

These research questions helped me to decide the scope of the survey and questions to be included in the questionnaire. Firstly, I had to develop an understanding of the ethical issues related to the informed [...]

Bright House Networks Company Advertising

Bright House Network monetizes and personalizes the products and services concurrently to the advantage of the customers. From the discussions, it is evident that Bright House Networks is such a great company that offers indispensable [...]

How Advertisements Affect Teenagers?

Negative influences of advertising on teenagers include embracement of unhealthy eating habits, lack of self-esteem and confidence, perpetuation of violence and stereotypes, propagation of drinking and smoking, enhancement of teenagers' propensity to risk, and development [...]

Television Show “What’s My Line?”

The show was a hit in the US and was aired in the CBS Television. In the resent years, in the year 2013, the show was ranked in the 7th position among the sixty greatest [...]

Documentary “Inside Job”

It begins with the Great Depression, and details the evolution and devolution of regulation of the financial industry over the next three quarters of a century.

Contraceptives in the Movie “The Pill”

Though the significance of the acceptance of the specified medicine is often overlooked, it is the introduction of the famous pill that was a major step forward in promoting the prochoice view on the issue [...]

What Was the CNN Effect?

In many parts of the world, it has been utilized effectively to control the behavior of individuals in the sense that it determines what they consume in the market, the type of leaders elected, and [...]

Ronald Reagan Cigarette Advertisements Pics Analysis

In particular, it is necessary to show how the designers persuade the audience to purchase cigarettes, namely Chesterfield. In this case, one should speak about the credibility of the actor who promotes Chesterfield cigarettes.

“Secrets of the Viking Sword”

It is also clear that the price depended on the quality of the product. Hence, another concept that can be found in the film is the quality of the product.

Hot Coffee Documentary

The film "Hot Coffee" informs the viewer about the facts surrounding the case. It informs the citizens why many corporations have continued to support this reform.

Aljazeera Satellite Media Channel in Saudi Arabia

Aljazeera's neutrality in broadcasting global events is a demonstration of the desire to incorporate the diversity of people and regions in disseminating information. For example, the broadcast of exclusive interviews and footages from Aljazeera in [...]

“The Harvest-La Cosecha” by Angus McLennan

Just as is the case in The Harvest-La Cosecha documentary, McClelland reveals that the online-shipping business in the US targets vulnerable pool of people to offer cheap labor without asking questions.

The Andy Griffith Show and I Love Lucy

One of characteristic features of the two sitcoms is that they have audience reaction as a background. In conclusion, it is necessary to note that The Andy Griffith Show and I Love Lucy sitcoms are [...]

The United Kingdom Media Trends

The BBC is the public broadcaster in the UK providing radio and television services to the country and beyond. The report looks at the media trends in the UK by touching on various media platforms, [...]

Popular Culture and Electronic Media

Each type of electronic media contributes to influencing communities and societies around the world, a thing that has led to the alteration in popular culture to this day.