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Entertainment & Media Essay Examples and Topics

Social Media and Job Performance

In this case, providing the explanation of the paramount importance of this tactic for the security reasons to the workforce will contribute to the elimination of the development of the wrongful attitudes among the employees [...]

Media and Communication Role in Economic Recovery

In the course of the economic crisis of 2008, apart from covering the news and providing factual information, the TV was aimed to be a calming factor and create a favorable atmosphere to convince the [...]

Erving Goffman’s Codes of Gender in Advertisement

The woman in the image is shown in a pose that makes her vulnerable and defenseless, which corresponds to the notion of ritualization of subordination.

Event Planning and Implementation: Wedding

The major issues are the transportation of the guests, their placement in the hotel, the selection of the hotel, and its readiness to host a wedding matching the unique requirements of the planned event.

“The Retirement Gamble”: Privatizing Social Security

This paper uses "The Retirement Gamble" film and other scholarly articles to not only discuss the pros and cons of privatizing social security, but also to reflect on some of the pertinent issues raised in [...]

The Documentary “Inequality for All?”

As competition continues to become fierce in the global market, more companies will be expected to engage in different malpractices thus threatening the lives of more people. Experts also believe that this problem will continue [...]

Discourse in the “Prison Break” TV Series

Moreover, seeking to bring back the success of the past, Fox, the channel that used host Prison Break, decided to revive the show in the form of a short sequel.

Henna Night Event Cost Estimation

Expenses of the food served to guests will equal about 40 000 AED due to the significance of the given part of the celebration.

Mdewakanton Sioux Indians in Media Representation

Ethnocentrism can divide the world into two camps, which are perceived as different by viewers; these camps consist of friends and enemies and lead to favoritism with regard to one of the groups and suspicion [...]

“My Year of No Shopping” Article by Ann Patchett

Moreover, the author continuously describes situations that have happened to her before the experiment to make a clear comparison between her feelings before and after she decided to undergo this process.

Hip Hop Culture in “The Otherside” Documentary

Regardless numerous discussions about Hip Hop, this culture remains to be a considerable part of human life that helps to understand that such issue as racial profiling is not only something that is required by [...]

“Race – The Power of an Illusion” Documentary

One of the most amazing facts uncovered in the process of viewing the first episode of the "Race The Power of an Illusion" documentary is that people of different races have significant genetic coincidences.

“Fast Food Nation” Movie by Richard Linklater

This is a story of how one of the most favorite things in the country is destroying people's health and undermining the belief that the world is a friendly and kind place where people love [...]

Government Control of Media in Different Countries

According to Gehlblach and Sonin, the scope of media independence is contingent on two major factors: the government's organizing character and the range of the advertising market.

Brexit and Trump’s Election in Online News Media

The former British prime minister once stated that the internet had the power to 'excite the attention of hundreds, thousands, millions of people and stirs them to action'. In the end, the side that understood [...]

Northern Exposure: TV Medical Comedy Series

The following topic was determined for further research on the selected TV series in the context of the history and development of American radio and television before the 2000s: The importance of Northern Exposure for [...]

Television and Communication with Viewers

In this article, the author shares some insights on the contemporary media communication between fans and the creators of popular TV shows.

Chernobyl Disaster in New York Newspapers

Still, media statements from 1986, and especially the day of the initial report, can be considered the first reaction of the media to the accident.

The Status of Jamaica in the “Life and Debt”

Jamaica was one of the countries that benefitted from the IMF and the World Bank funds. The money from the financiers required a structured payment that the country could not live up to immediately.

The Documentary “Life and Debt”

The film aims to analyze the relation of the IMF to the process of globalization. The process of globalization and the cooperation of the countries with the IMF are affecting the countries of the third [...]

“Advertising at the Edge of the Apocalypse” by Sut Jhally

Although the author of the article finds many negative connotations of the commercial promotion, it is possible to say that the instruments and activities used in advertising are neutral in their nature, but the motivations [...]

The Documentary “Hip-Hop: Beyond Beats and Rhymes”

Hip-Hop: Beyond Beats and Rhymes is a documentary movie that helps not only to understand the nature of hip hop but to connect a single style of music with the necessity of such crucial issues [...]

The Documentary “How Hackers Changed the World?”

The documentary provides detailed information, as to what were the process's sub-sequential phases, while presenting the audience with the excerpts from the interviews with the most prominent members of Anonymous and promoting the idea that [...]

Why Is “The Amazing Race” So Popular?

The Amazing Race is an example of one of the distinct type of the show, which has become popular both because of the presence of some familiar elements, like the characters who are easy to [...]

The Profession of Pharmacist: Career Image

The factors that were considered during the work included both characteristics of the people or objects that were depicted and the messages related to the profession.

AIDS Discrimination in the “Philadelphia” Movie

"Philadelphia" is the film that appeared on the screens at the end of the 20th century. He is a lawyer, who copes with his duties easily and is known as one of the best professionals.

Media Violence Laws and Their Effectiveness

Thesis statement: With the increasing levels of criminally assaulting behavior in the USA and other countries caused by media violence, it is assumed that the relevant laws have a significant potential for reducing the scale [...]

Facebook’s Usage and Disordered Eating

There is a potential to use this type of research not just to increase the understanding of the issue, but also to support strategies for solving it, and the fact that the authors did not [...]

Ethics of War Journalism: the Syrian Crisis

Even though the picture under analysis, in which a child is being held at a gunpoint, can be interpreted as a shocking content and a graphic representation of violence that is inappropriate for showing in [...]

Propaganda Techniques in Advertising

The end goal is to solidify the brand in the subconscious mind of the buyers, in order for it to be able to compete with other brands.

TFC TV Company’s Competition Problem

The TFC's vulnerability to this threat is justified by a variety of factors, including the lack of audience-specific approach and relatively low revenues from CPM and advertising.

Mass Media and Its Political Influences

One of the most recent famous examples of linguistic framing in the news is the use of the term 'Muslim ban' to refer to Donald Trump's executive order to limit the travel rights of people [...]

Facebook’s Role of in Establishing Relations

The appearance of social networking sites has changed the life of people and their relations. Nevertheless, these capabilities of Facebook might have a harmful effect on the people's relations with their relatives and friends in [...]

Made in America Musical Festival Planning

Overall, festival planning involves many steps and stages that are crucial to the success of the event, as well as to the safety and security of all visitors.

“Let’s Talk About Boundaries” Black Sitcom

The paper tries to analyze the success and failures of the black sitcom, "Let's talk about boundaries." In the past, the contemporary black sitcoms portrayed failure of the black race than the positive achievements to [...]

Facebook Communication and Social Capital

The purpose of the study by Ellison, Vitak, Gray, and Lampe was to scrutinize the relationship between certain types of Facebook-enabled communication, and the perceived bridging social capital.

Stereotypes in Disney’s “Aladdin” Movie

We all know that Germany produces quality products, and that everything made in China is prone to breaking, that democracy is good and communism is bad, that Europeans are cowards and the Middle East is [...]

Violence in Media and Real-Life Aggresive Behavior

Regardless of the variety of factors that may be perceived as the premises of violent behavior and adverse outcomes, the existing evidence claims that the problem of increasing violence rates is inextricably linked to the [...]

Woman in Boxing in “One Million Dollar Baby” Film

One of the outstanding representatives of the movie industry that displays the personality of a woman in sport is Clint Eastwood's film One Million Dollar Baby.

Documentary Films Concept and Definition

The definition of documentary films addresses such features as the level of control, the institutional base, the structure of texts, and the attitude towards viewers.

Polish Mass Media and Governmental Control

At the present day, mass media is perceived as not only the mean of communication with the help of which the transferring of information is realized, but also as the tool that aims to defend [...]

Emotional Intelligence Criticism by Steve Tobak

The main idea of the article consists in the fact that the modern tendency of promoting EI is the result of the profit it generates, which is why its promoters tend to provide insufficient information [...]

“Gun Violence and Media Effects” by Elson and Ferguson

The article is a response to the claims of the US government that media triggers gun violence. The article is based on the assumption that media is mistakenly identified as the factor causing violence.

Media Ethics: Fake Online News

The end of the article states one simple truth and the necessity not to ignore "the elephant in the room" and not to be stupid because the Internet and truth are two incompatible concepts.

The Movie “The Central Park Five”

The movie "The Central Park Five" is a vivid example of the way mass media have distorted the truth and led to the imprisonment of five innocent men.

War and Violence Metaphors in Newspaper Headlines

For both purposes, the use of metaphorical language in headlines is crucial to catch the people's attention and to trigger a chain of association that will direct the readers' focus to a particular side of [...]

Hello Kitty as a Kitsch and Anti-Feminist Phenomenon

In this scenario, Hello Kitty is linked to the notion of kitsch because it connects adult men and women that are attached to the cute image to constant consumerism.

Global Communication and Media: China and Hollywood

The modern understanding of media and communication policies is directly linked to the phenomenon of the Internet that increases the amount, and the quality of misunderstandings and disputes about the way communication and media should [...]

Fear of Missing Out (FoMO) and Social Media Usage

The first hypothesis, for instance, is that the greater the number of social media platforms used regularly, the higher the level of FoMO a person will experience.

TV Content: “The Walking Dead”

The essay analyses the content of six episodes in the first season of the television drama The Walking Dead. Consequently, the presence of violence in the program is in the storyline as it is the [...]

Event Management in the UK and Russia

Furthermore, the analysis of the relevant and credible sources helps to provide the rationale for the assumptions and prove the hypothesis stating that the despite the tendency towards the rapprochement, the cultures adhere to a [...]

Media Influence, Cosmetic Surgery and Women’s Health

The scope of the research is to provide a comprehensive and well-grounded answer to the following question: Does the image of women promoted by the media cause them to undertake cosmetic surgery?

McDonald’s Company: Bandwagon Technique

For instance, McDonald's company is one of the companies that have traditionally used the approach to attract more customers. This approach is quite effective in creating a positive appeal on various products because most people [...]

American Entertainment Industry: Digital Transformation

The purpose of this paper is to examine the aspects of the current competition between streaming companies and television networks with the focus on observed digital transformations in sharing information and to discuss what further [...]

“The Gate of Heavenly Peace” Movie by Spence

The political environment portrayed in the movie features a turbulent situation in the country and the efforts to preserve the history of China.

YouTube and Citizen Journalism in the Arab Spring

The success of the protesters in Egypt, Libya, Tunisia, and other Arab countries shows how much new media contributed to the protests. This makes it hard for new technology to take the place of traditional [...]

Salem Cigarettes Ads and Rhetorical Appeals

The advert is trying to persuade both the male and female of the tender age that it is fashionable to smoke cigarettes.'If one can smoke Salem and look handsome and cool why not me?' that [...]

Chicana and Latino Actors in Hollywood Movies

For the duration of Hollywood's existence, the role of Chicana and Latino actors in the industry has been extremely marginal even though these people make up the majority of the population in California.

Digital Video Production in Australia

The discussion covers the following issues: Digital video production, recording, and HDTV implementation in Australia; Impediments of HDTV in the market; Australian HDTV system; How to make HDTV system interactive and lastly we will describe [...]

Social Networking Threats for Children

Inappropriate Content: The Internet offers easy access to all type of content, including pornography, horrific images, inducement to indulge in criminal acts etc, which may not be appropriate to children as they are not endowed [...]

The Rise of Digital Influence

PlayStation is a worldwide brand that illustrates how individuals associated with it become influential in terms of marketing, how the capacity of influence is recognized, what effects the digital word-of-mouth has, and how successful engagement [...]

Neural Networks Used in Social Media Industry

Despite the fact that neural networks can be useful in data analytics, they can have a negative impact on users of social media due to the fact that they can be used for data mining [...]

Public and Private Sector Events Organization

It was held at the end of November with the primary aim to promote manufacturers presented in the area and support their products by demonstrating them to members of the community.

Media as an Agenda-Setting Tool

The efficacy of the type of media used depends on a variety of factors that should all be analyzed to ensure that the most applicable choices are made.

“The Medium Is the Message” by Marshall McLuhan

In order to understand McLuhan's Equation, it is necessary to remember that the main premise of Understanding Media: The Extensions of Man was the notion that media could extend people's central nervous system.

The Documentary “Nas: Time Is Illmatic”

In the documentary film entitled Nas: Time is Illmatic dedicated to the twentieth anniversary of the Nas' debut album, the history of the musician's life and the album is revealed to the viewer.

The Documentary “Muscle Shoals”

The challenge of the musicians described in the movie was that they struggled to find their own styles and sound to compete with the mainstream music of the time.

“Salt of the Earth” vs. “On the Waterfront” Films

Moreover, the development of any community could be considered the chain of new issues that trigger the process of the development of a certain movement resulting in the acquisition of new ideas and further sophistication [...]

Video Games as a Legitimate Sport

The opportunities for memory development and the further enhancement of the relevant skills acquisition must be regarded as the key characteristic that makes video games a legitimate sport.

Should Video Games Be Considered a Sport?

The lack of physical exertion in video games denies them the opportunity to be considered a sport. Video games should not be considered a sport because they neither involve physical exertion nor the application of [...]

Crime Television Series: “Al Fin Cayó!”

The major weakness of the finale is that Escobar as a character is not integral enough for the episode to make a strong statement.

Gut Instinct, Fake News and Conspiracy Theories

In the course of analysis, it was established that people who are sure that political power controls the world and dictates how to live are more likely to believe conspiracy theories.

Newspaper Industry and Its Challenges

Nowadays, the majority of researchers who are concerned about the problem of the dissemination of information in the modern world acknowledge that news organizations are having significant financial troubles related to changes on a global [...]

Pop Cultural Influence on American Youth

According to Bennett, there is sufficient evidence to state that both criminals actually enjoyed the process not least of all due to the glamorization of mass murders in music and cinematography.

SnapChat Application’s History and Functions

It is the Snapchat Company, which has gained considerable popularity and has become one of the most common platforms for the exchange of quick messages, photos, and videos.

LinkedIn Network’s Success and Functional Area

At the time of the service's arrival to the scene, the online domain was already familiar with the concept of social networks, mainly due to the massive success of platforms such as Facebook and MySpace.

Media Persuasion to Undertake Cosmetic Surgery

One of the downsides includes the pressure on women that is applied to them by the image that the media has promoted over the years.

Ethical Issues in Mass Communication and Advertising

The following are some of the primary ethical issues that mass communication and advertising need to observe in modern society where media plays a crucial role in shaping public opinion.

Viacom MTV and Its Influence on World Culture

According to Mirrlees, this phenomenon means the expansion of the interests of a particular country and the introduction of its cultural ideas, which today, as a rule, are expressed in the form of films and [...]

“The Pop Culture of Sex” Article by Salmon

The article by Salmon is devoted to the inquiry into the reasons for the popularity of pornography among men and romance among women.

Video Games’ Effect on Spatial Performance

The topic of the present study is the effect of video games playing on a person's visuospatial attention performance, that is, the response time and accuracy in video game latency.

Advertising Regulation Rules, Laws, and Standards

The guidelines of the International Advertising Association ) and the World Congresses highlight the importance of effective and regulated advertising and the need for organizations to undertake self-regulation.

Science and Scientists in Media Representation

However, my classical thinking of science and scientists is fading quickly in the wake of pop culture, which gives a different perspective.

When Gaming Is Good for You?

The author has used diverse strategies to gain the trust and readership of the audience. Conversely, the author warns that gaming is dangerous.

Character Analysis of Actor James Pacino Alfredo

However, his early-age preparations and passions in the field of acting propelled him to the heights he has reached in his career today. Pacino is very dependable, and he delivers to his promise this makes [...]

“Slavery by Another Name” Documentary

To assure the existence of the social and historical support, the movie is presented in the form of the documentary and can be viewed by an extended audience to spread awareness about the drawbacks of [...]

“Leaving Alabama Behind” by Roy Hoffman

The author engages readers in a history game involving questions in order to generate information about news stories that are of significance to the Alabamians.

The Documentary “The Lost World of Communism”

Romania was no exception, and the period from the 1960s to the 1980s is known as an epoch of the Ceausescu dictatorship. It reveals the dreadful truth about the power of the Ceausescu family and [...]

“Wild Carpathia III” by Charlie Ottley

This area can be named the heart and soul of rural Romania because ancient traditions and customs are carefully kept there despite the globalization and modernization of the world. There is no spirit of death; [...]