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Online Policy Primer Essay

Online policy primer is the so-called docket which is written to inform the users about their rights and abilities while installing or using various electronic sources. The policy describes the rules of various websites which are to be fulfilled to avoid problems with further use. Online policy primer explains the points of the terms of use agreement.

Generally, online policy primer is created to explain the users their rights and the principle of system operation. However, firstly, it is necessary to explain the definition of the term and its importance. Thereby, Kingston (1993) says that “it is a policy primer – a fact that will be deeply appreciated by professionals and policymakers, as well as the average citizen.” (p. 9)

This definition is recognized to be an appropriate one in all the spheres where policy primer is a must. In accordance with the suggestions of Bloomfield (1982) the main purpose of policy primer is to save time. (p. 11) Thus, there are a lot of examples of policy primer in different Internet sources. The most vivid example to explain the term of policy primer is to tell about the so-called license agreement of one of the websites which is called Twitter. (Online Policy Primer, 2010)

For instance, if you want to use the website MySpace.com, you have to read its license agreement firstly. License agreement is a number of instructions which you are to read to become one of the users of the above-mentioned website.

MySpace is a popular social network and its policy primer was written to warn the user against the rules violation. The rules of MySpace.com must be read carefully; it is up to you whether you read the instructions or no, but if you press the button Agree, it means that you get familiar with terms of the use agreement.

Another important point of the website policy primer is that the only person who is responsible for the content of the messages and any other kind of information is a user.

There is also a point concerning the copyright. You have no right to use information written by third party only. If you ignore this point, it will entail serious consequences such as account blocking.

It should be mentioned that Google terms of services don’t differ much from various services of MySpace.com.

Let’s consider another example. Nowadays many people can earn money through the Internet. There are a lot of various online sources which can help you to understand the basic principles of earnings online.

Thus, one of the authors who writes books on how to earn money using the Internet, Mann (2000) states that “electronic commerce is changing the way businesses and consumers create, sell, and buy products, and the way they communicate and learn.” It is really true. Earning online differs from other ways of monthly or weekly earning. Thus, in this case the policy primer is the instructions on how to start career online.

Another example concerns Google terms of service (Online Policy Primer, Google Terms of Service, 2010). The retrieval system Google, defines a policy primer as the number of rules on how to use computer-aided retrieval system. The system provides you with an ability to use various services and for this reason you are to read them carefully to avoid the problems.

The peculiar feature of Google system consists in the fact that in a case you use only one service, you must agree with the policy primer. One can state that Google is eager to know everything about you.

Online policy primer is recognized to be a little bit strange. The points of the policy are very relative. For instance, even if you agree with the fundamentals of Google retrieval system, the points of the policy are not reduced to basic assumptions.

Unspoken rules tell that Google system hunts you everywhere, so, there is a question: is it so important to create and follow the rules? May be online policy primer should be restricted by some universal points? Thus, the contradictions could be minimized.

Some points of online policy primer must be changed as well as updated.

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