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Online Research and References Research Paper

Today, many people are doing almost all their researches through the internet. Whether it is school work, business research, strategic organization information search, education or social enlightenment, people are virtually searching for all kinds of information through the web (Lippincott 206).

Therefore, this means that one can search for virtually any kind of information using internet search tools such as Google and Yahoo search.

There are many great research and reference sites available online today. However, it is vital to exercise reservations on adopting most of these services. In most instances, people use these research and reference services when searching for academic data or business related information (Baker 12; Lippincott 206).

The reports that they create after doing their research require proper citation and references to acknowledge the sources of the information. As such, it is important to make sure that every research service you use also doubles up as a reference service. There are plenty of research services that can be used, especially when searching for information on the internet. They include:

Unisoft Datatech

This service is recommended for people who are in need of business data for purposes of coming up with a proper competitive strategy, product catalogues, pricing, and marketing lists. The services offered by Unisoft Datatech are not only deep, but broad and thus cover various business aspects (Poynter 45).

For many people using the internet today, this service has become like the preeminent supplier of all back office services such as internet research, data research, and web research. Unisoft Datatech’s services are also relatively affordable. Therefore, for researchers who need data processing, data entry and data conversion service, this is best bet.

The University Of Illinois Online Library

This is another great resource to adopt, especially when one is looking for scholarly research services. Since this is a university portal, it is best suited for student research purposes. Therefore, it is best suited for university students and anybody who want to do in-depth research in different subjects or contents (Dochartaigh 56).

Information Research Management Network (IRMN)

Information Research Management Network is among the top rated business related research and reference services that you would ever come across on the internet. It is basically a private intranet that was originally created for the customers related to system material handling company (Dochartaigh 56). The main aim of this service is to aid the process of ordering and provision of machine and automobile parts.

IRMN covers information related to over 100 makes and 20000 models of industrial equipment. It also comes with an online total source catalog featuring monthly specials. Specifications of different types of car parts are also encompassed in this database.

Mindspot Inc

This one is more than just a basic global research company. It mainly specializes in online research. Other services that are offered by Mindspot Inc. include; Quantitative research, qualitative research, research designs, marketing proposals, and marketing plans among others.

Mindspot is a company that one can count on at all times to deliver the best quality results. These experts been in business for quite some time and therefore you have all reason to count on their services (Gaiser and Schreiner 49). For people who want quality results faster and within the right timelines, this is one service that should not be overlooked.

Market Tools

For the best custom market research, this service often provides the best results. Therefore, for students who want fast delivery of cost effective results at their desk or computers, Market Tools are up to the task to offer what they need.

For the best services ranging from basic sampling and statistical analysis, the experts at Market Tools are truly up to the task and have always been dedicated to ensure that their clients get nothing rather than the best (Dochartaigh 57).

Wharton Research Data Services (WRDS)

This is essentially a web based business information research service created by the Wharton school in the University of Pennsylvania. Originally developed in 1993, this service has largely evolved to the level of becoming one of the most preferred research tools for well over 290 institutions worldwide (Dochartaigh 57; Poynter 46).

It is also worth noting that WRDS is the de-facto standard for business information and thus provides researchers all over the world with instant access to economic, financial and marketing data through a web based platform or interface. This same hosted data service has become like the hub for searching for quantitative data.


By and large, these are just some of the notable research and reference services that one can adopt in business and academic projects today. There are many more companies that can be added to the list. However, one needs to understand how each of these services enables him or her to find quality and quantity information.

This will also ensure that one ends with the right company that will provide him or her with the services that he/she is looking for.

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Brock Flores studied at the University of New Mexico, USA, with average GPA 3.48 out of 4.0.

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