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Social Media: Blogging for a Benefit Report


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The blog can focus on electronic books. This is a popular product in many countries, but there are still people who oppose the use of e-books (Rosenbloom, 2012). Therefore, it is necessary to reach these people, which may result in larger sales and positive effects on the environment. It has been acknowledged that every successful blog has to address a particular audience (Rich, 2014). The target audience is all those who have mixed feelings concerning the product as well as opponents of e-books. These can be people of different ages and socioeconomic backgrounds, ethnicities, and genders.

The major feature of the target audience can be people’s Internet access. Another feature that can make people more receptive is their attitude towards environmental issues. People should feel concerned about these issues and try to contribute to the development of effective solutions.

Successful blogs are also characterized by aiming at well-thought goals (Rowse & Garrett, 2012). This blog aims at informing certain groups of people about the major benefits of the use of electronic books. The author will try to persuade people to buy or, at least, try the product. The blog will be helpful as people will learn more about one of the popular products and their impact on the world. E-books can also help users to save their money since they will not have to pay so much for paper books that are becoming more expensive each day. The blog can influence the marketing strategy of the company.

The organization in question is Amazon. The company offers its Kindle e-books, but this is not its primary product. The company may consider paying more attention to environmental issues. For instance, its advertisements can convey the corresponding message. Amazon can also invest more in numerous environmental projects. It is also to remember that the company should be ready for the increase in demand and be able to meet the needs of its customers (Rosenbloom, 2012). Finally, the feedback provided can help the organization reveal some of the product’s features that are valued or not popular among its customers, some services customers find helpful or useless, and the like.

Another important feature to focus on when developing a blog is communication. Barker, Barker, Bormann, and Neher (2012) state that blogs facilitate the process of sharing ideas and communicating with customers who can provide their feedback at once. It is stressed that blogs make various messages reach different audiences, they create different topics for wider discussions, and they provide a platform for communication and feedback. The blog in question, as many other blogs, will have the necessary feature for receiving replies. The customers will be able to reveal their ideas by posting their messages on a message board.

However, a successful blog’s communication platform cannot be confined to the official website of the company (Kaufman & Horton, 2014). Social media can facilitate the discussion. The blog will have corresponding links. Moreover, the company’s accounts will also have some web links to the blog in question. These steps can help Amazon facilitate the so-called word-of-mouth marketing as the number of social media users is increasing at a considerable pace.

In conclusion, it is possible to note that the product in question is the e-book and the organization selling the product is Amazon. The blog aims at persuading opponents of e-books or those are still not certain. The blog can become the platform where the downsides and benefits of the product and associated services are discussed. The marketing strategy can be changed as the messages concerning environmental issues can become more common.


If You Want to Save the Planet and Your Money, You Can Consider Buying a Nice and Helpful Kindle E-Book

Still, reading paper books? Why or why?

Of course, we all like the image of a person sitting near a fireplace with a nice book of fairy tales and surrounded by a couple of curly-headed kids. You can also picture yourself leafing through a book somewhere on a beautiful beach. However, how many people have those old fireplaces, and what about sand making the book seem dirty? The new digital era has come and brought numerous convenient solutions to problems that made us crazy.


Some people still think that e-books are evil as they are too digital. There are no pages to leaf through and paper to smell. Well, e-books also smell good especially if you have a nice case. Besides, you can never cut your fingers when leafing over your e-book.

At that, the major benefit of the e-book is its contribution to saving the planet from human greed. Every device can be a home to hundreds of books. You can have a substantial library without destroying half of the forests in your country. Do you think your reading experience is more relevant than your kids’ breathing experience?

By the by, having an e-book is not solely an investment in your future, but it is also a way to address your present needs. You can get a library of your dream at a price of a couple of paper books. You can borrow an e-book from one of your friends (there is such a friend) to understand what it feels like to read this digital masterpiece. You should simply try it to love it!


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