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Business Essay Examples and Topics

Product Returns Processing

The last dramatic changes in the market and business world conditioned the increase in the importance of customer satisfaction and the quality of suggested products.

Closed Loop Supply Chain Process

The fundamental purpose of the paper is to discover the return process in the closed-loop supply chain process. As a matter of fact, it resulted in the creation of the closed loop supply chain management [...]

Trust Between Leaders and Stakeholders

To an outside observer with a passing acquaintance of the workings of the industry, it may seem that a novel idea or approach and a strong, charismatic leader would be the principal ingredients to setting [...]

Return Management Processes

The shift of priorities also conditioned the necessity to satisfy the customers needs and guarantee the constant improvement of the companys image.

Communication Issues in the Workplace

The direct style is associated with the expression of the true intentions of the person. In such cultures, preference is given to indirect and ambiguous communication that is dictated by the importance of respecting the [...]

Adidas Group: Company Analysis

The focus will be made on the reflections of the employees, managers, and customers regarding the performance of the company. The first stage will cover the speculations of the Adidas employees and managers on the [...]

Four Generations in the Workplace

In the proposed video entitled "Four Generations in the Workplace", the author reveals one's point of view by stating that the business employing four generations of workers is more effective than others that do not [...]

Leadership Styles in the Middle Eastern Companies

In order to find out how the leadership styles are employed by organizations in the region, the researcher had a face-to-face interview with G&M Middle East's manager and carried out secondary research with the help [...]

Business Communication in India

It is also important to pay attention to the hierarchy that exists in the Indian business sphere. Thus, it is advised to first build trust in a business meeting before getting down to the issue [...]

ING Asia/Pacific Company’s Problems

When Jacques Kemp took control of the firm as the region's chief executive officer, he realized that the firm was facing a number of problems that needed an immediate solution to ensure that the sustainable [...]

Personal Financial Planning: Insurance Case

Given the fact that the rent for the house is comparatively low, as well as the fact that there are valuable personal possessions, it will be reasonable to spend a significant number of the financial [...]

The Carrefour Department Store Operations in Abu Dhabi

The flexible service approach adopted by the Carrefour Department Store is comprehensive of the exploratory perspectives, for example, the specialized procedure of comprehension of the operations and legitimate utilization of measurable devices.

Using Rewards to Motivate Employees

As a result, it is considered critical to examine the mechanisms that underpin the interconnection between rewards and motivation, the approaches to the generation of reward policies, the main types of rewards, and other related [...]

Recalls Within the Last Years

For example, in case the manufacturer of the food for pets has sold the product that might consequently lead to the death of the animal, the company should make public announcements and ask the customers [...]

Tesla Motors Company’s Impact on Health

It is worth noting that the primary objective of Tesla Motors and fundamental concern is the fostering of the transition of the society towards eclectic cars and providing the customers with a choice.

Charity Instructional Guide

The purpose of this instructional guide is to provide the charity organization's board with the real-life examples of effective usage of Internet with the aim of achieving the objectives set by the members.

“Managing Your Boss” by John Gabarro and John Cotter

By reviewing the current situation in the working environment and exemplifying the most widespread types of misunderstandings between managers and their superiors, the authors offer a comprehensive analysis of reasons and suggest several solutions to [...]

Vertical and Horizontal Financial Analysis

Shedding light on both financial opportunities and the factors that inhibit a company's performance in a particular market, a financial analysis creates extensive opportunities for getting the priorities straight and using available assets to a [...]

E-Commerce Strategy and Action Plan

Access to technology and factors which allow customers to have a large array of options from the comfort of their home have led to the formation of an extremely profitable e-commerce market.

Services and Their Characteristics

Today people are living in the era of consumption that is associated with the desire of the representatives of the general public to buy the things they want to have.

Product Recalls in Automobile Industry

However, despite the stated above, the companies should recall the commodity in case any potential issues were found because the life of the purchaser is the highest priority and concern.

“Steve Jobs” by Walter Isaacson

The first thing outlined in the book is that Steve Jobs loved to do things in the right manner. As an entrepreneur, it will be necessary to focus on innovations and ideas that can transform [...]

Doner Deli Restaurant’s Services and Market

According to Dona Deli, the company "creates and maintains a funky urban restaurant that is comprehensive and exceptional, giving attention to every detail of operation to help its growing family improve the quality of life". [...]

Australian Business Leader’s Personality

Based on the evaluation of my strengths and weaknesses carried out above, I will have to set the goals that will help me become a better leader in the business environment. The development of innovative [...]

Best Buy Inc.’s Supply Strengths and Weaknesses

For instance, such parts of the company's value chain activities as the inbound and outbound logistics are rather strong; the company possesses quite an effective and efficient infrastructure which allows for quite precisely calculating the [...]

Al Khettar Restaurant’s Strategic Plan

Eventually, the founders developed a more holistic concept of adding value to the services by expanding the cultural and ethnic representation from the menu to the interior of the building and artistic pieces presented in [...]

Nvidia Corporation’s Finances and Governance

In the beginning of the twenty-first century, the popularity of the products sold by the company among the users began to increase rapidly, and its founders were able to buy some of the companies that [...]

Ideas Communication, Practicing, and Storytelling

One of the most important practices in the communication of new ideas to the organization is practicing those ideas. Whenever a new technology is introduced into the communication system, every member of the team has [...]

Utilizing Quality Concepts and Elements

At home, when one behaves ethically, maintains integrity with their relatives, and engages in appropriate and effective communication with them, this can lead to the development of trust and recognition, which is likely to result [...]

UTi Worldwide Company’s History

Feitzinger joined the company as a consultant in 2009, later becoming the Executive Vice President of the Contract Logistics and Distribution branch in 2010 and the Executive Vice President of the Global Operations branch in [...]

FedEx Corporation’ Market Performances

The company has created different business segments including, FedEx Express, FedEx Ground, FedEx Office, FedEx Freight, FedEx Custom Critical, FedEx Trade Networks, FedEx Cross Border, and FedEx Supply Chain.

KFC Business Review and Evaluation

The present paper is devoted to the overview and evaluation of KFC business processes. In other words, there is a serious drawback in the KFC service and product business process.

Employees Status and Rights

Since work is accounted for taking up a major part of a person's life, it is important to understand the norms and regulations regarding the rights of employees.

Automotive Sales Company and Hotel Collaboration

In order to develop a positive culture within them and ensure that the cases of misunderstanding are minimalized, it is vital for the personnel to be aware of their duties and responsibilities: General manager is [...]

Equity, Liabilities, and Assets in Accounting

However, to create a sustainable method of arranging and using the corporate resources, one must not only be able to identify the essential components of the accounting equation but also study the unique characteristics of [...]

The Coca-Cola Company and Subsidiaries in 2016

In the discussion "The Coca-Cola Company and subsidiaries", the author focuses on the description of an annual report of the Coca-Cola Company in 2016 and the evaluation of its parts and their importance in the [...]

Budgeting and Its Role in Corporate Environment

It is clear that budgeting can be defined as the process of coordinated planning of a company's operation and management made with the help of budgets and financial indicators, which make it possible to determine [...]

Sony Corporation’s Financial Losses and Rivalry

Sony Corporation, one of the largest manufacturers of electronic products in Japan and worldwide, anticipates losses for the 2011-2012 fiscal year at $ 1 billion against the backdrop of strong yen, floods in Thailand, and [...]

McDonald’s Company: How to Win Again?

Second, increased awareness of the adverse effects of unhealthy eating backed by the efforts of the Affordable Care Act and Patient Protection undermined the trust of the target audience and decreased the inflow of new [...]

Integrated Emergency Management

This phase ensures the readiness of the stakeholders to the occurrence of the event and includes allocating roles and assigning responsibilities. Therefore, it is important to acknowledge and address them as a part of the [...]