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Business Essay Examples and Topics

MarkaVIP Company’s Strategy Formulation

It provides the products from internationally famous and reputed brands to the customers who live in the countries of the Middle East including Saudi Arabia, the UAE, Jordan, Qatar, Kuwait, Lebanon, Bahrain, and Oman.

Toyota Company’s Building Services

Therefore, it is evident that building services, in this case, do not represent the principal focus of the company's activity, but serve to be a support service that the company provides.

IAMS Company Profile

The support of efficient web-advertisement contributes to the delivery of a company mission statement to the customers, which concerns the statement of healthy nutrition philosophy as well as for the placing of optimal offers for [...]

Company X: Description and SWOT Analysis

In the course of treatment, it turned out that it was forbidden to take any beverages offered in the market, and the owner decided to create an organic drink that would be delicious and would [...]

European Framework for Quality Management

It is also safe to say that the EFQM is characteristic of the majority of companies that are located in Europe and are looking forward to making the most out of the organizational excellence models.

Ergonomics: Engineering Ethics

This report looks at ergonomics in job design and workplace designs in the context of mass production to evaluate the benefits and tradeoffs that arise.

Volunteers Recruitment and Managment

Volunteers can be recruited using several methods, including making contacts to the local volunteer center, making use of existing volunteers in the organization, advertising the positions in the media, and announcing the vacancies in the [...]

Dubai Investments Company: Strategic Planning Factors

This report analyzes DI's strategic planning approach using the EFAS and IFAS matrices, examines the firm's strategic growth factors in the short-term and long-term, and discusses the strategic alternatives available to the company.

IKEA Stores: Multinational Teams’ Work

The focus on sustainability is typical of the modern world, and the IKEA leaders are expected to be among proponents of this philosophy to adapt to the observed changes in the market and succeed following [...]

Organizational Structure and Its Models

It should be mentioned that the divisional structure implies that a group of people with diverse skills can work on the creation of a certain product. This is one of the main aspects that can [...]

Coevolutionary Gaming in Business Organizations

When starting the game, it is important for the second group that will be developing strategies to counter the strategies developed by the first group to have a way of getting information about the strategies [...]

“The Greatness of Corporate Soul” by S.D. Jasso

Apart from providing the employees with the tools that will enhance their consistent communication process, the leaders of an organization must also make sure that the values and the corporate philosophy required to enhance the [...]

Travel Supreme Website’s Marketing Plan

To better understand the start-up costs, the landscape of the industry, competition, and other elements of the marketplace in which the organization will operate, it is necessary to apply logical and analytical methods to discover [...]

Nike Sportswear Company: Marketing Strategy

The company has the largest market share in the industry because of the effectiveness of its marketing strategy. Also, the marketing strategy is less diverse than that of the company's competitors.

XYZ Company’s Basic Learning Needs

On the functional level, the objective will be to enhance employees' understanding of their role in the organization and their contribution to the common goals; this is expected to improve perceived meaningfulness of employees' work, [...]

Choosing the Right People for Various Positions

The effectiveness and overall quality of the HR department are directly related to the degree to which the procedures of recruitment and selection are successful, and, as a result, to the overall success of the [...]

Corruption and Corporate and Personal Integrity

Bribery, embezzlement of funds and illegitimate procurement always impose extra and unjustified costs to the cost of acquiring public services and damages the credibility of those institutions that are involved in the vice.

Eliot Greeting Card Company

The Eliot Greeting Card Company has faced the problem of reduced profits due to the increased number of competitors within a segment that had been used as almost the only advantage; other segments of the [...]

Genetic Engineering in the Workplace

The main purpose of the paper is to evaluate and critically discuss the ethical concerns regarding the implementation of genetic testing in the workplace and to provide potential resolutions to the dilemmas.

Effective Use of Non-Incremental Innovations

Unless a company of the identified caliber fails to develop an innovative approach toward change management, it is doomed to fail in the global economy realm due to the inability to meet the target audience's [...]

What’s a Cross-Cultural Mediator to Do?

Discussing Asian negotiation styles in comparison with the American one, the researcher is willing to point out the main differences in them and provide a mediator with the recommendations that can be advantageous in practice. [...]

Travel Supreme Company’s Marketing Plan

Eventually, engaging people of a venerable age in a campaign would evoke sympathy and honorable attitude to the clip content from the major part of viewers and would hold those from skipping the video or [...]

Ethical Implications of the Organizations Mediatization

In their article, "Ethical Implications of the Mediatization of Organizations," Litschka and Karmasin address the topic of mediatization from the perspective of business ethics, arguing for new and improved methods of communication between organizations and [...]

Thermostat Company Strategic Management

The needs of the region are aligned with the product, and therefore the demand is expected to be reasonably high. A distinct feature set, unique visual design, and ease of use should be prioritized during [...]

Emotional Effect on a Group Dynamics

Moreover, the development of innovativeness among the group requires a perspective-taking norm that is advantageous in the triumphant incorporation of information as well as increased energy and attention of the members towards the operations of [...]

Budgeting, Employee Attitude and Involvement

Budgeting is one of the causes of resistance to change among employees. The consequences of such actions include reduced productivity, poor communication at the workplace, development of a negative organizational culture, and resentment of the [...]

Walmart Inc.’s Lean and Six-Sigma Programs

The company has established various strategies to promote sales and improve the welfare of the employees. Therefore, to improve the competitiveness of the company's products, the management should apply the lean and Six-Sigma programs.

Leader Traits, Issues and Experiences

As my personal experience has taught me, a true leader must have the skills of getting his/her point of view across, the ability to mobilize people and set goals and be able to hit them, [...]

Adaptive Leadership by Glover, Friedman, Jones

Arguably, the argument "modern knowledge of human organizations and leadership has evolved to a high level that it can now allow people to control and adapt it to be compatible with the dynamic business environment" [...]

Smoking Ban and UK’s Beer Industry

However, there is an intricate type of relationship between the UK beer sector, the smoking ban, and the authorities that one can only understand by going through the study in detail The history of smoking [...]

Leadership Input to the Community Development

Accepting the fact that the modern approach to leadership is different from the ancient one, it is vital to understand the background that promotes the alteration of the perception of a leader and the role [...]

HBOS Plc Company’s Ethical Dilemma

The ethical dilemma in the case is that the top management of the company used complex nature of the financial statements and the weaknesses in the accounting standards to manipulate the financial records with an [...]

Microsoft Corporation’s Decision-Making Strategy

Nowadays, it becomes increasingly clear for managers that the task of improving the organization's performance can no longer be addressed within the context of a conventional management-paradigm, which implies that the managerial decision-making process cannot [...]

ADT Security Company’s Strategic Management

To do so, the first section of this paper will concentrate on the background of ADT, products and services, the marketplace, customers, suppliers, mission, vision and values, and the key strategies of the company.

Reflection on Leadership in Management

In my reflection, I will integrate the aspects of the course that have had the greatest impact on me, and give an overall summary of the critical readings assigned for the cause as I interpreted [...]

The Attributes of Collaboration

It is common for a student to excel in certain subjects and fail in others hence when a group is being established the members of that group should consider the task ahead and observe their [...]

Mark Goulston on Micromanaging

The main purpose of the paper is to provide brief information regarding the biography of Goulston and the in-depth analysis of the article written by the professional on micromanagement.

Zara Fashion Retailer’s Organizational Change

Although this report has mentioned many areas within Zara's operational and human resource strategies that need redirection as a direct consequence of the ever-shifting business environment, it lays its focus on how the fashion retailer [...]