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Business Essay Examples and Topics

Ramsay Health Care’s Business Analysis

Ramsay HealthCare Ltd is the most profitable private health care provider in the region. RHC owns and operates several private health care facilities in Australia, Indonesia, France, and the UK.

Marketing Research Essentials

This article is a presentation on factors that usually influence a researcher's choice of statistical analysis method to apply in analyzing a set of data.

Boeing Company Challenges and Opportunities

Boeing also faced the challenge of deciding the best strategy to use to remain at the top of the competition. The Boeing Company invented this technology as a ladder to raise its competition level.

Ocean Beauty Center Marketing Program

In order to satisfy the customers, the firm will incorporate the concept of product diversification. The firm intends to achieve this objective by developing a high level of customer loyalty.

Non-Profit Organisations Management

Needless to say, strategic planning is of great importance to non-profit organisations bearing in mind that most of them may easily miss out the benefits of professional and effective management strategies.

Odd and Even Pricing Methods Comparison

The main objective of this review is to illustrate the differences between even pricing and odd pricing formats. In general, the odd pricing increases the purchase of a product more than even pricing.

EIAST Company’s Space Tourism Services

In this paper, the financial analysis of the venture is performed in relation to the opportunity identified. The institution has the technical and technological capabilities to achieve the objective.

Luxury Apartments Marketing Plan in the UAE

The apartments will be positioned as affordable, high-quality residential properties to attract the middle class and the affluent in various markets. The luxury apartments will be produced for the middle class in the UAE and [...]

Kao Corporation Strategic Management

Additionally, in cognisance of the fact that Kao has been successful in establishing internal processes that have influenced its employees in Japan to develop organisation and product-specific competencies, the company can deploy financial resources to [...]

Credibility as Leadership Quality

It is the ability to convince followers that the path taken by the leader is the right path that would yield the desired results. This helped in making this week's course a success despite the [...]

The Strategy of Toyota and H & R Tax Service

As such, the key to success as well as prolonged existence in the market calls for the organizations to establish a tradition that ensures the development of modern initiatives, training and the application of new [...]

Nike Company Management and Marketing

Applied research is heavily used here since it is a short term activity and it is less expensive and not characterized by heavy risks to the organization The management of this organization is in the [...]

Qantas Company Marketing Strategies

It is also easy to reach a larger target market internationally since the internet is not limited to distance as compared to other forms of marketing that are limited to the individual customer's preferences.

ARABTEC Company Successful Changes

The company ARABTEC is one of the leading construction companies in the Middle East and North Africa. Development of joint ventures with more experienced companies can ensure the proper functioning of the company and the [...]

Etisalat Company Global Perspectives

Remarkably, the company is among the leading operators of the telecommunication industry in the region and operates in about 15 countries in Africa, Asia, and the Middle East.

Emaar Company Development in Dubai

Going back to the case of the Dubai Model for growth and development, what must be understood is that the "hole" in economic fundamentals that it fails to address is the presence of a substantial [...]

Taobao and eBay Companies Differences

The Taobao has better knowledge of the Chinese market and disruptive technology than the eBay within the Chinese market. The strategy was meant to take advantage of the challenge of smallness to defeat the giant [...]

NBN Company’s Knowledge and Its Usage

On the other hand, factors define the role knowledge plays in the contribution and management of knowledge. This report investigates the knowledge held within NBN and its usage in successful completion of the task presented [...]

Dell Corporation Compensation Practice

The strategy that is referred to as activity based compensation practice was adopted due to its ability in ensuring that remuneration of employees are adequate and are proportional to each employees work.

Creative Intelligence and Leadership

In order for each of the members to influence innovation in one way or another, they must be endowed with certain qualities. For example, some of the team members whom I personally knew to be [...]

Dubai Airport Free Zone: Business Models

The aim of the paper is to analyze the business models applied by the organization. The business models applied by the organization are the differentiation of products, positioning, and Total Quality Management.

Brand Management: Labeling Kern County Almonds

The packaging of the almonds can be designed using an attractive phrase containing alluring words such as 'Kern County almonds, truly raw almonds, never pasteurized'; the phrase can make the product look more attractive and [...]

Amazon.com: E-Commerce Marketing Plan

Fetch stated that this company has ability to serve a diversified customer base from a one-stop shopping environment since it has strong logistics to deal with a broad product portfolio; in addition, it has efficient [...]

Procter & Gamble Company: Entrepreneurship and Innovation

The three main dimensions of entrepreneurship include: Innovativeness, or the tendency of an organization to engage in and encourage novel ideas, experimentation and creative processes, thus departing from traditional norms in favor of new practices [...]

EBay Company: Meg Whitman’s Case

In the presentation, she explained and appreciated how the company was doing and noted that the change leadership was an opportunity for the company to move forward.

IKEA Company: Customer Lifetime Value

IKEA was founded in 1943, and today the company operates all over the world while having the stores in 42 countries and opening a number of new stores in different countries annually.