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Business Essay Examples and Topics

WIPRO Company Strategic Priorities

Currency fluctuation can decrease the revenue of the company, as a currency has been unstable in the past several years. Thus, increased foreign exchange can lead to an increase or decrease in revenues of the [...]

Job Satisfaction and Motivation

The purpose of this paper is to analyze and compare Hofstede's dimensions, using examples of the United States, Germany, and China to determine a country with the highest level of job satisfaction.

Strategies to Reduce Expatriate Turnover

The high turnover of expatriates is a problem for our company, and I as HR manager can propose a strategy to reduce these rates, for example, to try to give these workers some social benefits [...]

Identifying Stakeholders of Bechtel Corporation

While these groups have only moderate-low amounts of authority within the organization due to the fact they have to follow the instruction of the contractors, their influence, interest, and impact values are high, as their [...]

Virtual and Traditional Teams Comparison

In traditional teams, the forming stage on the understanding of group goals and procedures for performing group tasks. In addition, members are required to solve the issue of leadership in the group.

Fishbone Diagram’s Understanding

FD helps project managers to understand the causes and effects of performance-related problems by providing a visualization of the processes involved in the project.

International Markets and Multibusiness Corporations

Because of variations in organizational structure and the impacts of globalization, an evaluation of international markets and multi-business corporations is crucial since it reveals techniques utilized in developing organizational strategies. Globalization enables multi-business organizations to [...]

Motivation Cases in a Pharmacy Department

Physiological subsistence is the most basic need of a person followed by needs in relation to social circles such that a person can pursue talent, thereby leading to self-actualization.

Netflix Company: Third-Party Oversight Program

Overall, the main objective of the new department is to oversee the third-party providers both in terms of the quality of goods and services they offer and in relation to the cost-effectiveness of their services [...]

XYZ Company’s Employee Training Process

In order to assess the effectiveness of the training program proposed in the previous parts of the assignment, it is necessary to take into consideration the identified goals of training.

Caterpillar Company’s Competition and Strategy

Caterpillar Inc.is the world's largest manufacturer of construction equipment and machinery. The company's retail statistics are a testament to the efficiency of its product strategies and show that global sales increased from 4 to 12 [...]

Sourcing Decisions in a Supply Chain

It is significant to draw the line between insourcing and outsourcing because understanding the nature and peculiarities of both strategies together with the accurate estimation of a company's resources determines the future of the business.

Mental Workload in Plumbers and Paramedics

It is mostly the difficulty of the job as weighed against the average capabilities of the worker, and it is the most important causative agent of the requirements from the worker in terms of effort.

Richard Branson’s Leadership Strategy

It should also be stressed that all ventures he guides are not large-scale; rather, Branson pays attention to creating small enterprises in which the major assets are employees' skills and creative ideas contributing to the [...]

Samsung Company’s Financial Performance

The purpose of this report is to present financial analysis of the performance of Samsung Electronics Co, Ltd. The current ratio for the fiscal year 2013 and 2014 presented shows that Samsung has a ratio [...]

ING Life Company’s Challenges and Risks

For example, during the process of data transferring, hackers can interfere and obtain the information that is received by the user. It is claimed to prevent unauthorized entrance to the system and stealing of the [...]

ADMA-OPCO Company’s IT Global Strategy

The paper aims to investigate whether the implementation of IT strategies positively affects the work of the ADMA-OPCO. The expansion of the company demands the improvement and innovations of the approaches that are used by [...]

World-Class Organizations: Operational Strategies

Nowadays, in a constantly changing competitive market, the application of technology has become of the most important elements of a company's operation plan since it reduces the costs of labor and material, improves the quality [...]

Apple Company’s Creativity and Innovation

With this in mind, this paper will critically analyze the concepts of creativity and innovation in Apple Inc, the impact of transformational leadership on creativity and innovation, and finally focus on how Apple's transformational leaders [...]

Kiwi Airlines Company’s Challenges

In the case of Kiwi Airlines, such specific target of their operation was the provision of airline services for the cities that were not connected via other rivals in the market.

Financial Management: Significant Factors

A funds flow is a financial statement that is prepared to explain why there are changes in the financial statements between two statements of financial positions. The first step when preparing a funds flow statement [...]

Dealing with Workplace Bullying

According to the report presented by the University of Louisville, workplace bullying is a repeated action of one employee or a group of employees towards another individual or group. Dealing with bullying in the workplace [...]

Nike Shoes’ Marketing and Segmentation Strategy

To make their athletic shoes comfortable for the consumers, Nike has affected the use of air technology in their manufacturing. Demographic factors that affect Nike's athletic shoes include gender and social class which determines the [...]

Contact with Former Employees and Its Benefits

Another group of former employees that employers can use is the retired employees. The retired group can also be used to mentor the new and inexperienced employees so that the performance of the company is [...]

Etisalat Company in the UAE Telecom Industry

The purpose of this paper is to analyze the business strategies of Etisalat Group; as a result, it conducts the industry and company analysis and assesses the strategic options, market shares, sales projections, and various [...]

Urban Plus Infrabuild Company’s Marketing

Urban Plus should consider how to improve trust and transparency to make the employees fair and encourage potential clients to believe the company. The company should be ready to provide documentation and information that interests [...]

Mercedes Company: Leadership and Management Essentials

The idea behind theoretical investigation is to obtain enough background information on leadership styles, which might be applied to analysing the performance of Mercedes Benz in the light of the theory's implications on the practice [...]

The Sourcing Shifts in Fashion Industry

The paper at hand is aimed at analyzing the impact that the innovations in the artificial intelligence field are likely to have on the fashion industry in general, and supply chain management, in particular.

Retail and Service Marketing Understanding

The signing of a deal between Amazon and Morrison, which is among the biggest supermarkets in the UK, has evidenced one of the sporadic efforts by supermarket chains in the western nations to engage in [...]

Strategic Brand and Communication Trends

Numerous start-ups can be regarded as frontiers of the technological development and major drivers of the market as they manage to understand the customer's needs and flexible enough to respond to them quickly.

Nordkalk Company’s Talent Management

The human resource management approach used by Nordkalk as the tool for enhancing employees' performance, however, leaves much to be desired, as it discourages the employees in the way it points to the impossibility of [...]

BlackBerry Company’s Change Management

The purpose of this paper is to draw attention to the importance of change management in the company. It is clear that most clients are no longer interested in the physical keyboard, and it is [...]