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Business Essay Examples and Topics

Host County Nationals and Its Help to Expatriates

Several studies have been carried out to examine the relationship between host country nationals and expatriates especially in areas such as the differences that exit between expatriates and the nationals of the host country, the [...]

Open Plan Office: Change Management

On the other end of the spectrum, resistance to change on the part of the employees can hinder the implementation of the plan and affect the overall performance of the company or employees' personal perceptions [...]

The Failure of Disney’s America

The presented case covers most of the missteps the company has done during the development of the project. According to a quote from Michael Eisner's book provided in the case, the company was blindsided by [...]

Gucci Luxury Fashion Brand

Bizzarri describes the reinvention of the brand as the renovation of its image in the effort to recapture "the spirit of innovation" and redefine the notion of luxury.

Horse Hill Project Financing Configurations

Despite the forecasted opportunities associated with the exploration of the oil site, UKOG had no resources to fund the project. From this point, project funding is another option that can be selected by companies and [...]

Management Research: Theoretical Frameworks

It is also should be mentioned that since the process of interpretation of the results of qualitative research hinges on assumptions about theoretical paradigms used for a project, these assumptions should be explicitly mentioned in [...]

E-Commerce Giant: Amazon Company

The paper argues that the business model of the online retailer hinges on long-term investment and the development of technology, which is recognized as one of the main advantages of the company.

McDonald’s Venture into the Indian Market

The case revolves around the main peculiarities of the McDonalds entry to the new Indian market. First, it added the new products in terms of its strategy that is aimed at the satisfaction of current [...]

Corporate Governance System and Structure

The effective governance system should be based on the two-tiered board structure, according to which the supervisory board is expected to be responsible for appointing the members of the management board.

Leaders and Followers Theories

According to the theory, the tasks of the leader are defining the goal of the organization, outlining the path of reaching the specified goal, and eliminating obstacles on the way.

Enterprise Systems in the Business Environment

In case a company operates as a pack of multiple sites, the process of coordinating the work of all elements of the entrepreneurship becomes a challenge. The use of cost-effective food machinery must be viewed [...]

Synergon Capital and Beauchamp Companies Merger

However, after the acquisition of Beauchamp, a British financial-services company, the situation is challenging. In case there is a shortage of time, I would choose to concentrate on the recent information about the company and [...]

Silicon Valley’s Entrepreneurship and Innovation

The third important feature is the environment that supports businesses taking risks despite failure because the majority of entrepreneurs fail in their first attempts to establish themselves, the business environment in the Silicon Valley does [...]

Elegant Mobile Salon: Marketing Plan

We intend to leverage innovation and personalized services as the primary competitive advantages of the salon. The salon will also offer manicure and pedicure services.

Pure Home Water Company: Business Model

The implementation of the business model will make a significant impact on a serious problem of the modern world. The business model is motivated by a very strong social aim, and it should make various [...]

The Blue Sky Software Consulting Firm: Strategy

The changes in the leadership style require the changes in a company, including the evaluation of the organizational performance, skills and knowledge of employees and leaders, and various external factors that may influence the activities [...]

Pure Home Water Company’s Environment

The purpose of this paper is to analyze the company's internal and external environment and its competencies. The purchasing power of buyers is rather low in this region, which is important due to the fact [...]

Concept of Group Observation

The following paper presents the observations of group behavior in a work setting and provides the analysis of the results based on the existing group development theories.

Porsche Brand’s Cultural Biography

This resulted in the creation of the Volkswagen Beetle, one of the iconic cars of the century. By the end of the 30s, the company has built three racing prototypes, but the progress in the [...]

Traditional vs. Digital Media Advertising

The biggest advantage of such a method is the opportunity of immediate getting to the audience. Before setting up an advertising campaign, it is necessary to evaluate the company's needs and possibilities.

Organizational Identification in Multinationals

In this instance, the author focuses on the particular sphere and attempts to discover whether the organizational identification has an effect on the attitudes of the employees in national and international units of the company.

Tools for the Evaluation of Strategy

The appropriateness of market entry strategies is contingent on the organization's objectives, external conditions, and internal benefits and weaknesses. The goals of the company may vary depending on the speed of entering the market and [...]

Strategy Execution: Building a Balanced Scorecard

In the present article, the author's purpose is to explain the latest techniques for designing an integrated strategy cascade tool the balanced scorecard or BSC that supports the realization of performance targets and indicators based [...]

Advanced Financial Management

The intrinsic value is a projected true value of an entity, while the market value is the value of the entity that is reflected by the price of its stock.

Dubai Port World Company

The essential thought process and a single way for ventures to accomplish sustainable advancement is sustained innovation. Thus, we seek to review the leadership imperative as a factor that creates conditions for sustainable innovation in [...]

Nature Cola Company’s Marketing Plan

Since the business plan for the Cola product is a product of research, the creators have identified the potential competitors and other market dynamics to make it practical to implement.

Time Management: Getting Things Done

At any time, the individual knows the task to complete and the manner in which it is to be completed. The GTD system can easily lead to a disconnect between the tasks to be completed, [...]

Amazon Company’s Strategic Audit

From the analysis, based on the weights assigned, it is apparent that the most important factors affecting Amazon's business growth and expansion include the growth of Internet usage, the expansion of the e-commerce industry, and [...]

Fraud Companies and Their Corporate Governance

In particular, he notes that the number of meetings affects the early detection of fraud along with the critical nature of its performance. As for the integration of CEO/COB positions, the greater proportion of fraud [...]

The Importance of Strategic Vision

A strategic vision is a concept that can define the company's motive to do business, provide a guideline of where the company is going, and answer questions about why the business is going to the [...]

The Just-in-Time Management Concept

The concept of Just-in-Time is a comparatively recent addition to the array of manufacturing strategies that are supposed to help reduce the waste levels in the organization, at the same time improving the product quality [...]

Sustainability Reporting: Cost and Benefits

By implication, the CSR report influences the decision-making process of stakeholders and investors. CSR is a component of reporting that combines the examination of budget and non-money related performance.