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Luxury Brand Beauty

It is considered that "beauty products appeal to the emotions and customers tend to choose based on the product image," yet luxury brands, such as Chanel, usually emphasize the quality of cosmetics and the technology [...]

Timeline of Management Theories Development

The latter believe that the study of theories is simply a waste of time, and that the majority of the ideas are old-fashioned, out-of-date and cannot meet the needs and expectations of the current world [...]

Emerging Leaders: Qualities and Approaches

Shedding a lot of light on the types of approaches to leadership, the attitude that a true leader must assume, and a range of other crucial pieces of information, the course served as the premises [...]

The Workplace Revolution and Its Effects

With the growing development of technology and globalization of companies, the information age is triggering a change in work with a necessity to acclimatize to the place and the way the teams work.

Sources Visions and Communication

A strategic vision of an employee is the main funder of the accomplishments of a company. As has been discussed above, there is a visible difference between the narcissistic and charismatic types of leadership.

Leadership in Management: Research Project

The author presents a literature review of the previous studies on this issue, conducts an experiment in order to reach a verdict concerning the correctness of separation of the notions of management and leadership, and [...]

H&M Company: Procurement and Supply

H&M has to devote substantial attention to the ability of a supplier to ensure the quality and compliance with H&M's social responsibility strategy and the Code of Conduct. Simultaneously, it is vital to assess the [...]

Identifying and Managing Project Risk

That is why the risks of this project are connected to the high variability of the project and the implementation of change that makes it difficult to evaluate the potential response of all the parties [...]

Post Foods Company: Ethical Dilemma Case

In this case, some experts believe that it is a vivid instance of the unethical business practices, as Post Foods's consumers do not expect to find any pesticides in the products that are overtly advertised [...]

Ethics Program Implementation

An appropriate example of rewards is a chairman award for taking measures to comply with the company's values and eradicate unethical behavior in the workplace. A special biennial survey was designed and completed in order [...]

Fitness Marketing Programs: Key Issues

First, the word "guaranteed" is prone to misinterpretation: while the results obviously depend on the human factor, such as the persistence of the customers, the wording of the advertisement will likely be ruled out as [...]

Developing Retail Packaging for a New Product

One of the crucial stages of packaging development is printing design, and the overall success of the product in the market may significantly depend on the quality of operations at this phase of package manufacturing.

Al-Futtaim Company’s Logistics

The last bit of the reported proposal outlines the timeline that will be required to complete the entire research Global exports as a percentage of GDP indicated a robust growth trend from the mid-1980s of [...]

Job Sharing: Advantages and Drawbacks

One of the means of reaching the said flexibility is the introduction of the job-sharing principle. The advocates of the approach suggest that the involvement of partners creates a more seamless working experience, contributes to [...]

ADCO Company’s Sourcing Plan

The first section sheds light on the role of procurement and supply in managing catering expenditures. Procurement and supply management entails multifaceted activities and aspects of essential sourcing materials, which form the foundation for organizations' [...]

The Valve Corporation’s Success

To be more precise, the company is looking to expand to the new niches of the gaming industry and add the gaming hardware and the supportive software to its line of products.

Business and Intercultural Communication

The ability to communicate in a business environment might be hindered by the following factors that are not typical for less formal communication: workforce diversity, the pervasiveness of technology, the complexity of the organizational structures, [...]

Vigorous Company’ Business Plan

The organization strives to meet the needs of employees, customers, partners, and the rest of the stakeholders. According to the income statement of Vigorous, the organization is experiencing a gradual growth.

The Mylan EpiPen Pricing Outrage

The EpiPen is the brand of autoinjectors that is now an unsurpassed leader at the market. Despite the evident dominance of the device in the pharmaceutical industry, the prices for it have been continuously rising [...]

Google Chromebooks Distribution Strategy

The distribution for the Chromebook computers should be based on the traditional channels. For instance, Google can make a deal with the Ingram Micro corporation, one of the leading distributors of computers and technologies in [...]

Leadership and Gender Prejudice

The world needs more examples of successful and inspiring women, and one of them is Jeanette Clough, the Chief Executive Officer and President of Mount Auburn Hospital, who managed to overcome the crisis in this [...]

Social Media Usage in Business Environment

An efficient use of social media in a business environment is crucial to the productivity and viability of an enterprise as social interactions influence purchasing behavior and the overall commercial intentions of buyers.

DP World: Corporate Entrepreneurship

The objective of the study is the analysis of the relationships between five factors of the internal organizational environment and their influence on the success or failure of CE processes in the selected company.

Enron Company’s Collapse

The organization's toxic corporate culture encouraged unethical decisions that led to the disintegration of the firm and the conviction of top executives.

Performance Measurement Criteria

As for the positive sides of the phenomenon, the use of heuristics involves the rule of thumb, and the latter is sometimes able to produce rather accurate results in cases without specific circumstances.

Management Theory Jungle’s Concept

Thus, revolving around the history of management and theories that were created to describe different peculiarities of this framework, Koontz admitted an increased number of various ideas and assumptions that complicated the understanding of the [...]

Personal-Best Leadership Project

The main advantage of the project approach is that it creates a system of operation and considers a wide range of factors that promote the success of an initiative.

Integrated communication Theory

This communication model is the evolution of integrated marketing communication and emphasizes the role of the consolidated outcome of corporate messages.

Task Performance Criteria

The majority of the working activities of the database assistant are related to data management and other repetitive tasks that do not require a creative approach and are mechanical in their nature.

The Valve Corporation Challenges

To be more precise, the company is looking to expand to the new niches of the gaming industry and add the gaming hardware and the supportive software to their line of products.

Chipotle Mexican Grill Company: Strategic Management

The use of fresh ingredients and the objective of eliminating unhealthy contents to produce affordable high-quality fast food have helped the Chipotle Mexican Grill to gain huge market share nationally and internationally. The company strives [...]

Telstra Company: Human Resource Development

Particularly, the theory sheds light on the need to use the internal factors as the tools for managing the employees' engagement rates, and so do the company's values that exist to support the staff members.

Marketing Channels: Issues and Control

The article under analysis is devoted to channels of marketing outside a country's borders, the processual issues pertaining to market control, and the role that is attributed to the head office subsidiary relations of a [...]

McCain Foods Company’s Financial Performance

At the same time, this company has a leading position in the market, and monitoring its performance can identify a direction for improvement and the desired financial outcomes. In this case, McCain Foods' revenues solely [...]

Tabreed Company’s Corporate Governance

Tabreed's Board of Directors is responsible for the management of the organizational processes and systems. According to the corporate governance report, the key function of the Board of Directors is to track Tabreed's performance against [...]

Corporate Entrepreneurship Analysis

Urbano and Turro recognize the role of corporate entrepreneurs in economic growth and the consequent interest of scholars and economists on the subject of corporate entrepreneurship.

Nintendo Wii U Console Failure

The mentioned problems pertained to the aspects of promotion and advertising, organizational aspects, and the issues with the product itself. Considering all the mentioned aspects that contributed to the failure of Nintendo Wii U, it [...]

Leadership and Management Skills

Along with the practice and observance of transformational leadership in our organisation is the study we regularly conduct about this kind of leadership.

Sponsorships, Sins and PR: What Are the Boundaries?

Considering the case of the University of Phoenix sponsoring Head Start, putting into consideration the PRSA's codes of conduct and arguing from the position of PR officer who works for the non-profit-making organization, the problem [...]

Etihad Airways Marketing Strategy

The main objective of the current literature review is to analyze the background of the carrier business, logically associate Etihad Airways with its competitors, and realize the limitations of the current strategy of the company [...]

Non-Profit and Public Administration Organizations

The following literature review explores the evidence of the relevance of the approach for non-profit and public administration organizations, reviews the current methods of assessment, looks into the role of IT as a factor, and [...]

Healthy Food Truck: Management Project

In light of this information, it is only safe to assume that an opportunity to sell healthy food near the University with a great number of vegans would be anchored in a unique service.

Tesla Company Analysis

To examine internal factors contributing to the development of the competitive advantage, it is necessary to employ the concept of the core competencies.

What Is Quality?

First, the authors reflect Crosby's definition that refers to the accordance of all the measured characteristics to the specified criteria. Furthermore, Shewhart's definition is based on the two components of quality that are as follows: [...]