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Phyto-Riker Pharmaceutical Problem Solution Problem Solution Essay

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Updated: Aug 12th, 2019

The case under analysis focuses on the provision of generic drugs to African countries suffering from AIDS pandemic. Despite the fact that the company has acquired the pharmaceutical plant in Ghana and reconstructed the facility to increase its capacity. However, despite the increase in financing the project, it still meets opposition and controversy on the part of certain organizations who take control of the health standards in the world.

There are a number of objections to the AIDS treatment due to several reasons. To begin with, the drug companies lack appropriate facilities that would promote adequate treatment. Further, the companies have problems with adherence to complicated medical procedures and standards.

Third, some of the drugs are too expensive to supply them to African countries. Finally, lack of commitment of political leaders to the project also poses threats to the program implementation. Although the project has a number of controversies, the prevention programs proposed by Phyto-Riker Pharmaceutical can significantly improve the situation in Ghana and in Africa.

While establishing compliance with the world accepted healthcare and drug standards, it is highly important for the company to estimate the economic and social context in which this regulation should be implemented. At this point, the laws should be reconsidered with regard to the AIDS crisis because some of the regions require immediate drug intervention to cease the high rates of pandemic.

The company’s U.S. roots are beneficial in this situation because CEO can attract investors, such as U.S. Export-Import Bank, that can take an active part in financing export of generic drugs and dealing with patent issues. Lowering prices is another beneficial strategy that can help the companies deal with the disease prevention.

In addition to economic strategies introduced by the U.S. based company, Phyto-Riker Pharmaceuticals have developed new herbal products in collaboration with Ghanaian researchers who are assisted by the leading American specialists. The deep and valid research provided by western physicians has been of great value to the scientific studies introduced by African professors.

Hence, the costs spent on delivery and supply could have been cut to promote further integration of medical intervention. Due to the fact that the United States is considered to be the leading producers of antiretroviral drugs, the company can also provide complications in terms of patent and licensing procedures.

As soon as these barriers are eliminated, the African countries can be provided with sufficient therapeutic intervention. Finally, the generic drugs produced by the company could also be applied for releasing pain or treating common bacterial infections. It can also contribute to defining systems and suspending the rise of opportunistic diseases for people with HIV.

In conclusion, although the provision of generic drugs produced by Phyto-Riker Pharmaceuticals imply a number of contradictions in terms of compliance with medical standards, their actions toward the prevention of AIDS ratio in African countries are justified. Specifically, the company has managed to introduce constant investment into the poorest regions in Ghana through funding proposed by U.S. Export-Import Bank.

Second, American physicians have managed to establish fruitful cooperation with Ghanaian researchers and develop new alternative solutions to the drug manufacturing. This is of particular concern to herbal products which could be developed through supply of local raw materials. As a result, the costs on delivery will be compensated and the companies can lower the prices for their products.

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