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Visiting Ghana, Africa Research Paper

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Updated: Aug 22nd, 2019

Visiting Ghana, Africa, people from the Western world as well as people from other parts of the world different from Africa should conduct a thorough research to get to know much about the country peculiarity.

Ghana, Africa is not a country with some differences it is absolutely different nation with other principles of living, customs, traditions and other peculiarities which are to be familiar for tourists not feel comfortable in another country on the one hand, and to remain safe there, what is more important aspect, on the other hand.

Family and other social relations in the country are important. Another aspect which is going to be discussed is customs and the related issues.

Ghana, Africa has many peculiarities in communication. Tourists should know some information about historic and political issues to make sure that they do not appear in a complicated situation due to ignorance.

Going to Ghana, it is important to understand family traditions in the country, the role of women and the role of the aged people. The place of women in African society in general and in Ghana in particular is rather difficult.

Women are politically, socially, and economically oppressed (Mason, 1990). Women in Ghana do not have access to the information which is available for men. Women are oppressed in the questions of education and leading position at the workplace.

One of the main reasons for such behavior is the absence of the female leader who is strong enough to confront to men and to become the encouraging and pushing factor for combating for equal rights of men and women.

Women have to work twice longer than men. It is important to mention that about 60% of agricultural products are made by women, however, none of them possess personal land (Mitter, & Rowbotham, 1995).

Elderly people in Ghana are mostly supported and never left alone. According to the research, 60% of elderly people are never lonely (hey either live with their children or grandchildren or with maids), 35.1% are partially lonely and only 5.8% of elderly people are extremely lonely.

The activities are rather encouraging. However, the tendency is noticed that elderly people in cities are more frequently visited by children than in villagers.

It is connected with the working hours. The role of elderly people in society, family, etc. is rather important (Karlberg, 2003).

African countries and Ghana as one of such countries have many interesting traditions which are different from Europeans one. The exotic country with tribal (sometimes even) ancient traditions seems attractive for tourists.

However, the knowledge of these traditions is important for tourists. Worship is an essential part of human life. Most of the processes connected with worship are sacred and tourists are not allowed to go here, however, there are some ceremonies where tourists are allowed to be present.

Silence and the repetition of all the movements of the native inhabitants are important for those who dare to be present at the worship ceremony of the Ghana people. The connection to land is important, therefore, Ghana peoples like to grow different plants.

It is important to know the food peculiarities. Going to Ghana, people should remember that this is another continent were most of the countries are poor. Therefore, the conditions in this developing county are not at the highest level.

First of all, one should drink bottled water as it is the one tourists got used to. Their organisms will not have enough time to get used to the local water. The same is about food.

If tourists want to try national Ghanaian food, they should do it slowly, every day trying something new. Eating much traditional Ghanaian food during the first day of being in the country may cause stomach problems.

If tourists appear in a house of a native inhabitant, it is very important to take everything Ghanaians offer. The first what they will offer is water. Being only several days in the country tourists should refuse.

However, they should also remember that refusing, they are to remain polite. Being rather friendly and gentle nation, there are a lot of pickpockets at the streets, therefore, tourists should be attentive (Brown, 1994).

One of the main attractions of Ghana is its festivals. Many world music fests are held in this country, and a great majority of African ones are also held there. All the festivals are conducted in a form of a rite or a ritual.

There are always the time for worship as well as the special places and gatherings where only special people can be present. Some traditional festivals are devoted to religion and Gods, to roots of Ghanaians, to the traditional activities, etc.

It has already been mentioned about the spirituality of people of this country (Salm, & Falola, 2002). Much attention is paid to traditional African music, however, during specific festivals all kinds of music is greeted.

None of the music festivals remains without dancing. Having special traditional styles of dancing, Ghanaian dancing is varied with some particular rhythm and movements.

Gestures and the peculiarities of the nonverbal communication should be known by each of the newcomers. Ghanaians do everything with their right hand. Shaking hands, waving of performing other movements with the left hand is considered a rude action (Uzukwu, 1997).

Moreover, when one appears in the place where many people are gathered, greeting should start with the right corner and move to the left. Right side is considered as important and the left one as offensive for people from this country.

Never ask people in Ghana whether they are crazy or mad. Being a joke in European countries, this phrase may deeply insult a person who might never forgive this. Refusing something, it is very important to remain graceful and polite. Never turn up your nose, refusing, one should be thankful. American thumb up is an obscene gesture which must be avoided.

Dwelling upon some specific political and cultural issues, tourists should know that Ghana was a British colony for a long period of time, therefore, some of the cultural aspects may be either new of borrowed from other African cultures.

Even though Ghanaian people always tried to conserve their traditions, it was rather difficult under the pressure and supervision of a powerful empire (Gocking, 2005).

Therefore, it should be concluded that Ghana is a developing country with specific traditions which have been conserved during the period of the country colonization. Having specific culture and peculiar customs and traditions, Ghana attracts more and more people every year.

Festivals are the most attractive events in the country. Coming to the country people should be aware of the gestures which may assault Ghanaians and the actions which may also be negatively accepted by the native citizens.

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